Please. But, I did love Se-Ri's musings about "which one is love"? They’re told that they have two weeks, at which time the track team is returning home, but if they fail they’re on their own. He mentioned that Chul-kang is connected to some higher-ups and in episode 5/6, Chul-kang briefly mentioned that only few higher-ups never take money or get involved with him. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. Yes. PFFT. I LOVED this episode. Now Chul-kang is a loose cannon running around South Korea trying to kill a high-profile person, and he’s got the one man who can bring him down going after him. Remember when Se Ri said, "I grew that company all on my own, it doesn't belong to YOUR (Jeong Yeon) kids, it belongs to me.". or version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 I haven't watched Secretly Greatly, but I still fully enjoyed seeing Kim Soo Hyun on the drama screen again. I am back to liking Seung Joon and even Dan. Jeong Hyeok goes after Cheol Gang in South Korea, who in turn is after Se-Ri in order to use her to blackmail Jeong Hyeok's family. Crash Landing on You Drama Watch Online English Sub Episodes Full In High Quality, A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea -- and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide. 1 humidifier - things could be serious Thus, when the opportunity arose for the emergency change in shift at the DMZ, JH requested it, precisely as it is the easiest way to send SR back. Will his NK upbringing, although privileged, react negatively to SR's wealth? But the main couple's chemistry is off the charts compared to Hollywood stuff. Crash Landing on You’s very much so about two people healing one another. Yes, you are right, she’s SeRi stepmom, but even so, SeRi always refers to her as mum and in the first episodes she even said that she calls her name (mum) when she’s hurt or worried. Regardless, I was still happy Man-Bok finally told Jung Hyuk about his brother, and with the watch, they were able to quickly charge Chul-Kang. I hope he doesn't put on lipstick. He daydreams that he's talking to her. Hyun Bin puts a ring on it, and we all wish we were Son Ye-jin. I get that it's a drama but would have rather them not rushed that. Or is it love that I’m willing to go through everything from the very beginning just so that I can meet you again? It did feel a bit rushed, I feel like I pressed fast-forward without noticing it. Who do you think sent the ops this time? 3. Actually, I should qualify my second statement. I wasn'texpecting this twist! He still wins best poem from me from his last farewell! Of course she fully expects to be happy and comfortable - after all, wasn't she happy and comfortable before? This happened? (Ep. I will say, I forgot to mention how GREAT the convo between Seung-Joon and Dan are. Chisoo comes up with the best conspiracy theories I swear. I think she will send the people in the village things with a kite. What are the problems they will face? I believe Jung Hyuk did not reveal fully his plans in going to SK: protect Se Ri and at the same time capture/neutralize Chul Kang. I like the OTP progression in the plot. Chul-Kang would probably have a similar network of people to facilitate his move to SK, which would explain why it seemed easier for him to cross the DMZ. I can’t wait to see how SK despite the dangers involved will bring them closer. }; Hye-ji gushes over her, and Se-ri clasps Hye-ji’s hands…and reclaims the ring that Hye-ji swiped from her dressing room, ha. Then it got all better when they met each other again. Now, Man-bok tells Jung-hyuk that he’s always told himself he had no choice, but he never felt any better. Loved it, loved it! He spends time thinking about his last day with Se-ri, and after dark, he’s approached by a very tentative Man-bok. My guess is Mom bought a lot of shares/stocks to save Seri's Choice from being eaten whole by her brother and sister-in-law. Fighting everyone as we wait for the weekend! Se-Ri stops dead frolicking over her luxuries at home when she inadvertently mentions Jung-Hyuk by name. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; are struggling to love her. Like the rest of you I’m counting down the days till Feb. 1! I also think we will not know much about SeRi biological mum (my guess is she died and because of that is why she went to live with her dad and her family when she was a little child). I started to like him in Alhambra but that drama tested my patience and my feelings for him weren't strong enough for me to sit through to the end (which I heard was bad). SR's circumstances were more difficult than RJH and Chul-Kang, so it makes sense why it was harder to get across the border. 60% accurate is very good already. Why does Se Ri keep referring to it as the, day she (Se Ri) died? It’s moments like this that makes their relationship relatable and organic. It's very dangerous for Director Ri and wife if Jung-hyuk defects, it's to the camps or firing squad for them and relatives. Se-ri leaves work late, and she doesn’t see Chul-kang watching her in the parking garage, wearing a security uniform. It’s a lot of trust and I believe Dad is a very decent man. It is indeed the work of drama gods casting Hyunbin and Son Yejin opposite each other. LOL I always judge how sick the person really is by how many humidifiers they have going in their room: Didn’t you guys get the vibe that Dan’s uncle might end up being a bad guy? Just as the board members are all voting on favor of the change and Sang-ah is simpering in victory, Se-ri walks into the room and gives them the shock of their lives. As we saw in Ep 9, once Director Ri knew the situation, it was far easier to get things done. Even if they have acknowledged their mutual attraction, they have respected their boundaries repeatedly, each time getting closer and closer. You became cameo only makes me miss you more!!! It was mentioned in EP 3 or 4 or during the epilogue in Switzerland that she had sleeping disorder and etc. I think the trial scene just showed that judges are not impartial but they just do what the commanders tell them to. 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The way Jeonghyuk and Seri look each other makes me sink (literally) into my pillows and blanket. Haha. Everyone linked to the defector could end up dead or in a detention centre. Ahead of Se-ri, the crowd parts, and she blinks to see Jung-hyuk standing there. Also the ducklings being in SK is amazing, I hope we get a few more good scenes like that before things get serious again. She is Seri's stepmom but since we have not been presented of her real mom, I just simply refer to stepmom as mom. . I remember the scene when Se Ri was a baby and she picked her father's hand instead of the array of things in front of her. It still makes me laugh that it was that easy for Jung-hyuk and the ducklings to go South when it took 9 episodes for Se-ri to leave! JH on the other hand went solo since in all conscience, he cannot risk his men if they asked them to tag along to SK. }; Dropping a comment to say how much I love your comments above about our OTP's separation. I like the suspense in this episode but I hv questions on some things. Required fields are marked *. I thought dad’s move was to send a squad to support Jeong Hyuk Since he’s alone and bring him home safely before he gets outed or the family gets outed. It took a while to realize her mother wasn't her biological mom. Great recap and comments! Get up close and personal with the stars. So it seems hat SR grew up with this family and officially registered as a member of the same family. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); He hunches over and makes a goofy face, muttering that he’s going right now, and when he turns back to the ducklings he looks pretty embarrassed, lol. I like dad trusting that since Jeong Hyuk trusted his squad completely so he trusts them too. Why do i have a feeling that the story might end in Switzerland where it all started. AND Kim Soo-hyun!!!!! Switzerland seems like a much safer place, an Se Ri, while enjoying being CEO I wouldn't think be opposed to that. By the way, they released the full song that appeared in the end of Ep. Granted it was two weeks since they met, and because K-drama episodes are one day after the other. *Shows featured might not be available in all markets. She was surprised, but also allowed herself to be touched by his genuine concern. After they eat, they make their way down the busy city streets, trying to look casual while sticking out like sore thumbs. Mom does look conflicted in a lot of scenes so I'm hoping she is on Seri's side. So when she returned, (2 weeks later since she left NK) that she had troubling adjusting. This may be a fitting ending for this drama, and if Jung-hyuk and Se-ri must separate in the end, I wish it would be like that. She wasn't supposed to be in NK in the first place, and RHJ was trying to get her back with pulling too many strings. Thank you for explaining the nuances of cameos and references for this newbie. It will be very interesting to see how things play out from here. Dong-gu’s boss comes out to yell at him for not making his delivery, and his entire demeanor changes as he takes on his secret identity as a fool. They bring gravitas, prestige, and charisma. He is inherently kind, who only met unfortunate circumstances that forced him to do evil. I'd be interested to see who he got in touch with to go to SK. Everything just comes together. CRASH LANDING ON YOU(More drama clips in the playlist)Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. js.src = "//"; I love it that he constantly doubted Jeong Hyuk even when he revealed his background to the utter exasperation of handsome duckling park. It's been quite a long time since I last truly fell in love with a kdrama otp. I also believe that Mom cares for Se-ri, but she's unable to express her feelings, due to some guilt, or because she's too proud to admit it, or because of some unknown reason that forced her to behave like a cold Mom. Now the Ducklings and Man Bok are in SK and I can't wait to see them trying to adjust being there. Hehe, When it rained i checked to see if the wipers were still intact :D. "The recap doesn't mention suspicious exchange between Dan's uncle and the judge during trial. I think for some the pull of loved ones still there would be the main reason, so I am prepared. I think if the patrol duty of JH and his team at the DMZ did not end on the day of Se Ri's arrival, they could have easily sent her back. Defecting would not put only JR in danger but his whole family, Dan etc. Being in SK now means PPL galore (they gotta make up for the lack of PPLs possible in NK hehe)! The Ducklings down South It had been Man-bok’s job to alert Chul-kang to Moo-hyuk’s position so he could send his armored trucks to kill him. Just like some of the previous comments, I have a bad feeling about the Uncle too which makes me sad because I’ve really liked him up until now. If anything goes wrong, their whole family may be killed or sent to labour camps forever I suppose. So many things happened. I have motherly, protective feelings for the ducklings — and Man-bok, who I hereby declare an Official Duckling — who are getting to see South Korea for the first time and are bound to be both awed and homesick.