“Color blind” our ass. The 1999 animated series Batman Beyond gave audiences a new and interesting premise: Bruce Wayne, now too old to act as Batman, had passed the mantle onto … “Color blind” our ass. Here, Complex counts down the 25 Best Non-White Sidekicks in Movies and TV. Villains who tag along with or assist detectives are not sidekicks, which rules out, say, Alice Morgan from Luther, and absolutely Hannibal Lecter.And of course, victims or traumatized witnesses who accompany the detectives are also not included, which rules out Hooch, the dog from Turner & Hooch. As fighters, these sidekicks also act as their back-up in case the hero is pinned to a corner. In contrast with … A good sidekick can elevate a series, a bad one is an annoying distraction. Robin was an excellent sidekick to Batman, and Bruce Wayne was a good sidekick as well! (Previously published on November 30, 2011.) He is the yin to Kirk’s yang, the black to his white, the, uh, thing to his opposite thing. Whether real-life or animated, from a comedy or drama, a good television sidekick has the ability to make a show better. So yes, a sidekick is not just there for decoration or for extra fun. It’s hard to imagine some of the biggest TV hosts carrying on without their beloved sidekicks. I’m sure Spock could find an appropriate and cool way to end that sentence and that’s why he’s the best sidekick in TV history and that’s why he’s number one on this list. (On another note, that is the most upsetting movie I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.) Sidekick to: Tom Sawyer Backstory: Tom and Huck are best buds, young teens running around St. Petersburg, Mississippi in the 1870s. the partner, the best friend, the second banana) is a crucial job, and a tough one. Here's our ranking of the top 25 memorable all-time TV sidekicks. 40 Famous Dogs From Movies and TV Shows Who Stole Our Hearts. Dynamic duos! The sidekick (a.k.a. The sidekick to the Scarlet Speedster was also one of the original members of the supergroup known as the Teen Titans, which is a super team that consists of sidekicks and young heroes. 5 Falcon He may not be the original sidekick to Captain America, but the Falcon is … And for lighthearted moments or moments of self-doubt, the hero needs to have a few laughs or listen to words of encouragement from their number one cheerleader -- their sidekick. This got me thinking about some of my favorite sidekicks from across the varied landscape of 1980s kids’ cartoons, which, naturally, resulted in a ranking list post. These sweet pups are irresistibly cute. Whenever you talk about a sidekick in movies and television, the favorites tend to be guys, but these women are our favorite sassy sidekicks. THESE ARE MY OWN PERSONAL VIEWS. RELATED: Green Label - The Funniest TV Sidekicks When Snoopy is … It's also the first time his sidekick Woodstock is introduced. 1) Kato, The Green Hornet Let’s begin with the sidekick who best epitomizes this list, Kato.