Third Twitch campaign; After the frustration that was the Peace Conference at the end of my Fascist Cuba game, I started poking around the AI_peace files. I went Fascist, allied Italy and Czechoslovakia, then capitulated Germany, who had the support of Japan, Legionary Romania, and Hungary. HOI4 - Fascist Finland - Testing AI Peace mod. Finland’s neutrality is well respected in the world and anyone poking a stick at it would draw bad blood around the world. EVERY WAR NO MATTER WHAT IS A WHITE PEACE, And thats wrong because even if i dont have enough war score it still shows the puppet or take land option. The /whitepeace command can be abbreviated as /wp (shorter version). Hoi4 End War Cheat Ps4. limit my search to r/hoi4. HOI4 Whitepeace Command. Command Category : Useful . White peace with the specified countries. This is a sub-reddit for Hearts of Iron 4. use the following search parameters to narrow your results Welcome to /r/HoI4. The ~ key is usually below the Esc key and to the left of the 1 key. How to Open the HOI4 Command Console : Press the ~ key to open the console. hoi4 continuation war. Is there any solution to this? Notice the White/Red line in Production picture, that's Production Efficency. Note: Some examples are 'civilwar fascism POL' for the fascists to start a civil war in Poland, 'civilwar democratic ITA' for the democrats to … General Information. The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is the only urban area of the state. 1) They’d upset the status quo in Europe and the world so bad that they won’t risk it. Supported Scopes: COUNTRY Supported Targets: THIS, ROOT, PREV, FROM, OWNER, CONTROLLER, OCCUPIED, CAPITAL white peaces the two countries if at war1 white_peace = ENG * Peace Conferences I swear to god this is broken. ... Then if the Axis surrenders there could be an event for Finland and USSR giving them the option to white peace if both agree. I played a game where I was France. I also tried wp ENG but get failed to white peace with selected countries. Last edited by Tommy Bahama; Dec 26, 2016 @ … Alright. Was this site helpful to you? winwars seems to be bugged to not actually give any warscore, and without that I can't end the war. 1 comment. Whitepeace [country ID] – the conclusion of a white peace (when you do not capture the territory of the capitulating side) with the specified state. When you make a new producation line the production efficency starts at 10% and gardually increases over time. Is there ANY way to end this war? White peace between specific countries: whitepeace [tag] [tag] Change playable nation: tag [country tag] Hoi4 Declare War Command. So, also you missed out on the part i said ANY COUNTRY, Not just me. The more Production Efficency you have for an item the … Its primary function is to instantly initiate white peace between two nations (and others involved in the war). Hearts of Iron Cheats Hoi4 End War Cheat Engine.