When Revan and Malak found out, they attempted to stop him. To the people of the Eternal Empire over which he ruled in his later life, he was His Glorious Majesty, Slayer of Izax, Immortal Master and Protector of Zakuul—their Immort… Darth Bane is the Star Wars expanded universe's version of a Founding Father when it comes to the Dark Side of the Force. ... Surik did this as vitiate was unaware. However, after the Sith Empire was defeated by the Republic and the Jedi, he emerged from his isolation to call a council of all the remaining Sith Lords, inviting them to his palace where they would participate in a ritual to unlock the power of the Dark Side, unleashing power beyond anything they had ever witnessed or imagined. Even though Vitiate was so powerful that he rarely needed a lightsaber to defend himself, he demonstrated proficiency in its use in a confrontation with Hero of Tython and Lana Beniko while possessing Kira Carsen and Jedi Master Surro respectively. Afterwards, Nathema ceased to be a world, but was a lifeless husk sucked dry of even the Force itself, while Vitiate became immortal. 9 Nomi Sunrider Alias(es) Sith Empress Holder(s) Vitiate †Darth Acina Purpose(s) Granted to an individual who is the ruler of the Sith Empire Faction(s) Sith Empire Status Active The Sith Emperor (feminine Sith Empress) is the undisputed ruler of the Sith Empire. Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Dooku. Afterwards, he forced the other villagers to b… He soon gained an immense knowledge of Sith sorcery, becoming one of the most powerful practitioners of both Sith magic and alchemy, and devised complex rituals to warp life itself. He has a red and black head with horns and the first double-ended lightsaber we had ever seen. Along with Palpatine, they set out to uncover the secrets of immortality. The Knight and the Padawan escaped. When they tried to battle him, he broke their wills and dominated their minds, turning them into puppets. Vitiate curb-stomped a very powerful Sith Lord Dramath in a confrontation at the age of 10 without formal training (advanced Force powers such as Sever Force and Telepathy came to him naturally). Tenebrae fed on the father's anger and hate to call upon the dark side, and telekinetically broke his neck with a mere thought. Emperor Vitiate (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Though no longer canon, Lord Vitiate (more commonly known as simply the “Sith Emperor”) was an incredibly powerful figure. However, in post BBY lore, Sidious is also made much more powerful than he was depicted as being, but still not more powerful than Vitiate. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Vitiate was immensely proficient in the use of telekinesis, able to perform most telekinetic actions without the use of hand gestures unlike most Force-users. However, the Sith Lords weren't the only victims, the ritual also destroyed all life on Nathema; all the people, animals, plants; every living being touched by the Force, their life force consumed by Vitiate. Marka Ragnos then recognized him as the ruler of Medriaas and renamed him as Lord Vitiate. The Sith Emperor led his people through the war with meticulous cunning, creating widespread fear and panic that turned the Republic against itself and allowing his followers to systematically exterminate their age-old Jedi adversaries. He slaughtered thousands in his rise to power, with many of them tortured for days in public executions to feed his insatiable appetite for suffering, savoring their agonies. Darth Nihilus had the power to consume entire planets and was basically the ethereal embodiment of the Dark Side. It’s a Sith Legend. Eventually, Vitiate passed away, and thousands of years later, Darth Plagueis–himself obsessed with achieving immortality–mused that Vitiate was the only Sith Lord in existence who had come close to achieving the secret. Vitiate soon gained a reputation as a scholar, spending much of the next century studying the secrets of the dark side and Sith sorcery, becoming one of the most powerful practitioners of both Sith magic and alchemy throughout history, inventing the technique of Force fire and devising complex rituals to warp reality and life itself. Having found out about the Sith's involvement in the War, Revan and his friend Malak came to the frozen world of Rekkiad to find out more, there they discovered Dramath's tomb where they found his sarcophagus, and inside it a datacron which had information about Dramath's life and history. Even at a young age, he proved to have immense potential in the use of the dark side and acquired many Force abilities without formal training such as telekinetic powers, telepathic powers, and also the ability to strip a being's connection with the Force. Lord Vitiate returned to his home world, which he renamed Nathema, and proceeded to rule and study the Dark Side. Most of Darth Revan’s canon is now removed from the official Star Wars universe, but he still remains a strong, imposing figure. When he was six years old, he began manifesting signs of being strong in the Force. From Darth Revan to Darth Vader: The Top 7 Most Powerful Sith. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, https://swtor.fandom.com/wiki/Vitiate?oldid=118863. They disguised themselves as mercenaries, and spent months finding out everything they were able to about the Emperor and his people. There, he began building Sith Empire, vowing to return and defeat the Republic. The plan implemented by Jedi Masters Master Tol Braga, Warren Sedoru and Leeha Narezz was to take the Emperor on Tython and turn him to the light side. After receiving severe injuries in battle, Malgus hides his scars and has support breathing using a specialist mask. Lord Vitiate declared himself as Sith Emperor and promised his people vengeance. Replacing Darth Maul as Darth Sidious’ apprentice, Darth Tyrannus proved himself to be a powerful Sith Lord, who had been trained as a powerful Jedi before changing his allegiance. He was highly intelligent, and a master tactician. The two Jedi then traveled into the Unknown Regions to try to investigate, which led them to first Nathema, and then Dromund Kaas. He is officially recognized as the most powerful Sith lord of all time and this is stated plainly in multiple G-canon reference guides and SW encyclopedias, which are at the top of the hierarchy as far as (Legends) canonical material. We know palpatine is deeply afraid of Vader turning on him, meaning palpatine doesn’t think he can win in single combat. Graush was also the user of Graush’s helm, a secret and powerful Sith Artifact that empowered the Sith Sword Ieldis. Tenebrae was so angry that he killed his father for abusing his mother and battered his mother for months until she died at his hands. Nonetheless, he did survive the conflict. A peace treaty was settled between the two factions and the Emperor became the ruler of half the Galaxy. He was a Dark Lord of the Sith who reconstituted the Sith Empire after the Great Hyperspace War and went on to rule it for more than a millennium. Lord Ragnos was impressed by the youth's power and ambition, and recognized him as the ruler of Medriaas, bestowing on him the name of Lord Vitiate. Darth Zannah. Afterward, the Emperor imprisoned Revan in a state between life and death, feeding on him while trying to learn vital information regarding both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Even though he was eventually killed, it doesn’t really suggest weakness, seeing as Palpatine carried out the act while Plagueis was sleeping. I would personally consider Vitiate the superior Sith by a wide margin, and I would consider post BBY lore much less canon than OR. Now, I know many people will make these two arguments, they will say Darth Sion and Darth Sidious have accomplished this same goal. His power took on many different forms, from being the only Sith to survive the Jedi-Sith war (an impressive feat) to single-handedly establishing the rule of two in order to rise up and destroy the Jedi in secret (which also worked quite well). Later, however, an Emperor's Hand member confirmed the Emperor was still alive. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Greatest Moments In Revenge Of The Sith, Ranked. Mind control and increased agility are two abilities that he often used within his skirmishes. No, Darth Revan was extremely powerful but as already mentioned by another answer, the Sith Emperor Vitiate was superior during his Era. Despite this he does care for his people. With more power than you can imagine for the first true Sith ever. Around 303 BTC a few Dark Council members started to plot against him, knowing his goal to destroy the Galaxy. The Knight ultimately won the duel, badly injuring him. She turned to bounty hunting eventually, but her background as one of the Night Sisters meant that she was more powerful in the force than many realised. ... Darth Vitiate, or … Technically, there are only seven Sith Lords who have been explored in detail in the Star Wars canon, so it still remains to be seen the extent to which a few of the entries in this list will end up having a mainstream impact. Her power blinded her from seeing that her own apprentice was planning to betray her, which she did on Malachor V. 14 Darth Zannah I also find the fact you think vitiate is somehow powerful enough to end this fight before sidious can use a lightsaber laughable. Her travels first brought her to Nathema, and then Dromund Kaas where she found Revan a prisoner of Darth Nyriss, a member of the Emperor's Dark Council. In Episode 9, it was even revealed that Palpatine had mastered death, and was able to resurrect himself and live in the depths of a secretive planet with legions of followers.