13 years ago If you need to remove sap from your clothes, place the item in the freezer for a few minutes to harden the sap, then scrape it away with a blunt butter knife. I use large ice cubes to water my indoor plants. Use a bowl to contain the ice and garment if you can't stack the ice - see below. Here are several different ways to try to get the gum out, depending on how bad the gum is stuck: 1. Silk. You have waited long enough. Wash the fabric in the hottest water temperature recommended on the garment's care label. Dose: Use the cap to ensure you use the right amountof Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid detergent, and pour it into the detergent dispenser if you have an HE machine, or directly into the drum before loading the clothes if you have a non-HE machine. Next, tuck the folded clothing into a plastic baggie, seal it tightly, and put the baggie in your freezer for several hours. It can also save you a ton of dry cleaner expenses. Use cleaning spray and spray on the spot where the gum is. It will collect the gum on clothes. The oils and acids in the mayonnaise will help break down and loosen the gum, and it should peel away much more easily. Work a healthy dab of mayo into the gum. ... start to scrub the gum stain area. Put a piece of clean cardboard on a flat surface or ironing board. I used 2″ strips of transparent tape to help pull up some of the stuff inside the embroidery and to help remove some of the stickum once it was heated up. Answer Save. Whichever the case, hardened gum is actually easier to remove from fabric than soft. Gum in your hair or on clothes is definitely not a pleasant experience. You can remove the sticky goo by using an adhesive remover, like peanut butter or dish soap, or by heating or freezing the garment. Accidents happen. Remove excess: Gently remove loose gum and repeat step 1 until the gum has been completely removed. To remove chewing gum from fabric rub ice on gum until it hardens, peel off as much gum as possible then wash as usual. You will need: Some ice cubes; A ziploc bag; A spoon or blunt knife; Fill a small ziploc bag with some ice cubes. One simple method of removal is to rub the gum with ice first until it has completely hardened. Place the garment in a zip-close bag, with the gum stain facing out. Gum in your hair or on clothes is definitely not a pleasant experience. While it's possible to remove chewing gum from your shirt, gum's sticky consistency makes removing it a time-consuming and unpleasant task. — Jeanna Jones, Sibley, IA. Set the iron to medium (too hot and it will melt the gum into a sticky mess, too low and it won’t be hot enough) and iron the garment on the back. Removing chewing gum from clothes: the final touch Once you’ve successfully prised the gum off your little one’s jeans or even worse, your favourite party dress, wash them as usual, by hand or by machine, as per their washing instructions with your favourite OMO detergent to remove any remaining residue. on Introduction, once i bought a clothing and it came with gum in it, 13 years ago It was a big blob of gum. My recommendation would be smear the peanut butter on the gum spot, wait 3-5 minutes & then scrape it off. Soak the garment in hot vinegar, then brush or scrape the gum off gently with a blunt tool to avoid damaging the fabric. Wait about 30 minutes or until the gum is very cold. Remove as much of the chewing gum substance from your shirt using the dull side of a table knife or butter knife. I bought it at Ace Hardware. If you've gotten gum on your favorite blouse or sweater, carefully fold the clothing so the gum is facing the outside. Relevance. Put your shirt in the freezer, and when the gum gets hard, scrape it off with a butterknife, your fingernail, or a credit card. Reply How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes with Your Iron. It is almost miraculous to watch. Best way to remove chewing gum from cotton 'T' shirts and sheets. Wipe away. You could conceivably skip using the bag, but it helps prevent unwanted stains and having the cotton (or gum, for that matter) stick to a frosty surface in the freezer. You’ll need: Rubbing alcohol; Some earbuds/Qtips; Duct tape; Rub the gum with a cotton ear bud dipped in rubbing alcohol. Learn more... Have you ever come out of the movie theater and found that you had been sitting on someone’s discarded chewing gum? 3. Place the garment on a flat surface. Today my daughter got gum on her favorite adidas pants while in school. However, that is only half of the trick. A blunt knife or wedge can also do the trick to remove the gum. You need to stow clothes so that the sticky substance was at the top and the whole item could fit a plastic bag. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Lay the gummed up spot of the garment, gum side down, on top of an ice cube. Balance the second ice cube carefully on the gum, directly over the first ice cube. You should be able to pull it up pretty easily. Scrape off the frozen gum with the non-serrated edge of the knife. Wash with soap and water. "My housemate is most fastidious in his appearance and asked me to try to get pressed-in gum from a shirt. I hope you have found the answer to the Burning Question, "How do I get this gum off my pants!"-kqrpnb. Rub the ice over the gum area on the carpet to freeze it hard. 6 years ago Whether chewing gum, glue, stickers, or tape, sticky substances can be a pain to get out of fabric. ", "The tip of using duct tape was very helpful.". Take the ice cubes off the fabric and find a flat surface. My husband washed and dried a dress shirt that had a stick of gum in the shirt pocket, which then stuck to itself. Heating works by making the chewing gum soft and pliable so that it can be easily scraped off. Vinegar. Take your time, because the more you remove now, the easier the final cleaning will be. A freezer is said to be the most effective and reliable way which allows cleaning the clothes from chewing gum. Wait for at least 30 minutes. Launder the de-gummed garment as normal, following the recommendations on the tag. Share it with us! Keep repeating the process until its all gone then add Dawn dishwashing soap to the spot, rub it in & wash it out. Didn't work. Favorite Answer. Anonymous. how to remove bubble gum stain from cotton shirt? Step 1. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. This will freeze and harden the gum so you can pop or scrape it off with a credit card, dull knife, or paint scraper. Set the dryer on a medium or low setting, and wave it back and forth so no one spot overheats. Now put them in the washing machine and wash them normally. Then take a square of duct tape and put it over the gum and whip it off! First, fold the article of clothing, so the gum … You can remove the chewing gum by using a few simple techniques. This is a very simple & effective method for removing chewing gum from clothes. How To Remove Gum From Clothes In The Freezer. Gum is surprisingly easy to remove by freezing. Keep going until the gum appears to be on the verge of melting. 1 decade ago. Put it in the freezer and wait for an hour or more. Wool. Remove excess: Gently remove loose gum and repeat step 1 until the gum has been completely removed. Repeat until the stain is gone. Just apply an ice cube directly to the gum, and as it hardens, it will crack and you can scrape it away. Put gloves on (because the gum may be very hot in spots), and peel the gum away. It wasn’t a 100% but enough that I can still wear the shirt which is what I wanted. Thankfully, there are several simple methods for effectively removing chewing gum from cotton and similar clothing. Dabbing the gum starts to break down the polymers. After a, "I like the fact that it gave me different options which work. Soak the garment in lemon juice. If you don't treat smeared gum on laundry properly, you can actually make the stain worse. If it remains, treat again with the soap and vinegar mixture and rewash. on Introduction. Anonymous. Simply trying to peel or wash sticky gum off clothing may only further mash it into the fabric. Then just scrape the chewing gum off. Rinse away the remaining juice or vinegar, then spot-clean (if necessary) and launder the garment as usual. Work the blade in between the gum and fabric, without stabbing or digging into the cotton. Remove gum with ice. There should be as little material as possible between the ice and the gum. Check your progress occasionally. There are 3 methods recommended for removing gum from carpet – ice, WD40 or a hairdryer. Readers – have you experienced problems with gum on your clothing? Wash immediately afterwards to remove any remaining lemon juice from your clothes. The high heat of the dryer can fuse the sap or pitch with the fibers and make it even more difficult to remove. There is not one drop of gum left on her pants after I tried this. Remove the ice cubes. If you don't treat smeared gum on laundry properly, you can actually make the stain worse. Wait for the ice to melt. It should come right off in one big chunk. Answer Save. The first option for soaking is lemon juice, either fresh-squeezed or bottled pure lemon juice. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. I found this tread, I have to say, I am very please with the peanut butter solution. Dip a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol to dab all over the surface of the gum, which will break down the polymers in the chewing gum that make it so sticky in the first place. Removing gum from corduroy pants and cotton t-shirt? Place the garment in a zip-close bag, with the gum stain facing out. Removing chewing gum from clothes is simple with this cheap method. Let the steam work its wonders for about a minute before using a toothbrush to scrape off the gum. Just a Girl. Favorite Answer. Relevance. 1 decade ago. The Ice Method to Remove Gum From Carpets. The Rubbing Alcohol Method to Remove Gum From Clothes. When chewing gum is accidentally transferred to clothing items, you can have a sticky, stubborn mess on your hands. Place a dab of petroleum jelly on your finger or a cotton swab and work it into the fabric at the base of the gum wad. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Thanks everyone, Reply Check the stain before tossing it in the dryer. Thanks! By this time, the gum should be sufficiently hardened. How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes When it comes to stain removal, most mums are well aware of the fact that chewing gum is one of the worst culprits to be faced with. Gum will often not come out with a normal wash in the washing machine, and it leaves sheets sticky and dirty-looking. Rub it on. Take out two ice cubes. If the gu… How to remove gum from clothes using some cold methods: 3 methods. 4 Answers. You put a greasy piece of clothing in with the rest of the load, or a fabric softener left a greasy streak, and now you’ve got a basket of ruined clothes. Leave the clothing in the freezer until the gum hardens. Just did the can of computer air duster, as instructed by skruddgemire below. Kids will be kids! {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/www.wikihow. Gum can also be used to remove gum. You need to stow clothes so that the sticky substance was at the top and the whole item could fit a plastic bag. Wait about 30 minutes or until the gum is very cold. A fool-proof way in which to remove chewing gum from a garment is to place the affected area over the spout of a kettle whilst it boils, allowing the steam to penetrate deeply. Last Updated: March 29, 2019 Pour a little rubbing alcohol on a towel or cotton ball, and rub the alcohol gently into the stain and blot the area with a damp towel. Peanut butter can actually help you remove the chewing gum from your clothes. I know peanut butter also helps get gum off of things but it will just make things worse on a shirt lol so yeah if I were you id stick to ice and spray-n-wash :) I dont know for sure but it seems like hot water would help loosen it out of the fibers of the shirt. I was able to remove most of the stickum from a cotton shirt with black embroidery. Place the garment on a flat surface. For oddly shaped ice: If you're using weirdly shaped ice cubes, place the ice cubes inside the garment and then press it down into a small bowl and put more ice on top. now we need a how-to remove gum from hair! Add detergent as the washer fills with water, and then add clothes. 3 years ago, my son (24 yrs old) got gum on his jeans. Once it is firm the gum should be easy to prise off. now use a an old toothbrush you don't need any more, dip it in the warm vinegar start to scrub the gum stain area. At some point or another, something sticky will stain your clothes. Iron Removing the Gum. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. It was all over it. How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes. Use a good slather of your favorite breakfast treat and remove chewing gum from clothes like cake walk. Relevance. Some people resort to cutting out the chunk of the hair that the gum has attached itself to, or disposing the afflicted garment instead of taking the time to remove the gum. If the gum was in anything else you can use an oil, but that would not work with the fabric base. Lay a strip over the gum, smooth it over, then pull it off purposefully (somewhere between gently peeling and ripping it away). % of people told us that this article helped them. Situate the gum spot in the center of the cube, and carefully balance the second cube on top. There should be as little material as possible between the ice and the gum. Apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel or cotton ball, then dab the stain to remove the residual sap. it will harden the gum and make it easier to peel off in a chunk. Lemon juice is great for getting rid of chewing gum from clothes and not just because it is extremely cheap and unlikely to damage your fabric. Yes, you heard it right. Put one in a cloth to save your fingers from freezing and rub it vigorously on the gum. Use your fingernails to scrape any remaining gum from the fabric. To create this article, 9 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The following solutions will help you remove gum from different materials without damaging your clothes.