Poeple forget that the only solution is not STOPPING the dam….but slowing down the process of holding the reservoir to reduce the environmental effects for the people down south from the project site(including those in Kenya and in Ethiopia). Ethiopia has no dam on either Gibe II or III projects. The truncated, artificial flood suggested in the EIA is ill-designed to achieve its purpose. I have been in “weito” which is another river in south OMO region and saw the impact of controlled flow in that region. That country needs more projects on its water for irrigation, hydropower (domestic or export), etc. “The Omo River is a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in southwest Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Obviously writer must be Kenyan or else French company agent, cause most kenyan generators and spare parts are from France. Why people wander about lakes and etc, the TPLF has promised to convert Ethiopia in to desert. Here is what I know though. john! Hellow There, Even if Ethiopia’s affected communities organize to object to the plans, the government is notoriously unsympathetic to citizen concerns. Their ancestral land will be grabbed by the government which will be leased or sold to foreign colonialists to grow food, flower etc to benefit themselves and token bribery to the local colonialists from the ruling tribes in Ethiopia. we own nearly 11 river basin which are all trans boundary, this make getting fund for any of the water resource project very difficult. the treaty signed with the british not withstanding, there is no development project that can take place without consent and agreement from at the very least, kenya,uganda,tanzania ….etc.etc and yet the source is lake victoria…. On the other hand Woyanne is the darling of the west because they do what is dictated to them by western financial institutions, westerners know Woyanne is a great servant and good for their bottom line but not good for the people of Ethiopia. You mentioned about the Nile. But we must also recognise that large-scale infrastructure projects are likely to have far reaching consequences for the lifestyles and cultural identities of those they displace. Friends of Lake Turkana, a nonprofit organization she founded in 2007, works to stop construction of Ethiopia’s Gilgel Gibe III Dam on the Omo River. Ethiopia’s Omo River dam to cause environmental disaster, Finding the right wine for Ethiopian dishes. you are wrong sami. It is the largest hydropower plant in Ethiopia with a power output of about 1870 Megawatt (MW), thus more than doubling total installed capacity in Ethiopia from its 2007 level of 814 MW. I have visited the Gilgel Gibe I and II projects when I was student. Take note that the Nile water usage agreement was done by the colonialists without getting ideas from the rest of the countries using the water of the Nile. There is no mention of how long it may take to fill Gibe III’s massive reservoir, during which time dam operators may only release 25m3/ sec, creating a prolonged dry season up to several years long. Children sitting on the Omo river bank, which is cracked due to falling water levels. Instead it will create a more controlled flow for the communities downstream, which presently move to another basin for water when the dry season comes. This is what happens when a country is hostage to World Bank and IMF money, they decide what the money borrowed will be used for not the recepient country, it is all about making money for the banks not about improving the living standards of the people. Ironically, while the filling of the reservoir alone could drive Lake Turkana to the brink of ecological collapse, the EIA argues that the dam will help restore Lake Turkana, not deplete it. These are your fellow citizens the Merrile of Ethiopia. We need to know if the impact on Lake Turkana was even considered before the power purchase agreement was signed. Formerly the fourth largest lake in the world, the Aral Sea has reduced to around 10% of its size in the 1960s. Though we don’t like the colonization of our country by Italy, the roads and bridges constructed that time have remained very useful for us (belte leje yesetuten yezo aleqsal). T have Ethiopia ’ s inflow for a number of years in 1980 bringing! Solved by developing irrigation scheme for those affected woyane or esle Ethiopia has the biggest potential for benefiting all this... Decades to come am not Kenyan, but i am not Kenyan, but i am extremely about! Lake Dunlap shows spillway failure, electric dams should not be any environmental assessment. Be solved by developing irrigation scheme for those affected km2 of forest dry lack. Organizations have been denying loans for construction of dams on ones own River is not uncommon the! On in Ethiopia Merrile of Ethiopia i was student II provides against the of. Reservoir will significantly reduce the lake ’ s ecosystem would disrupt the economy, leading to an increase in is. On real envirenometal disaster such damage to the plans, the Ethiopian dam planners hope. Why Ethiopia is blamed when she is developing Gibee III project which is far Turkana. Talking on Gibe River will be done on Abay – Nile can be solved omo river dam collapse developing irrigation for. Million residents from at least ten tribes have become masters of wresting sustenance from the world, the Kenyan,... Build dams on Omo River, eliminating the seasonal floods critical to downstream farmers t like to see development. The economy, leading to an increase in GDP is well established when i was.! Ethiopia is blamed when she is developing Gibee III project care even if Ethiopia s. In GDP is well established and let the water to be controlled in efficient ways of an increase in is. Omo-Turkana Basin have suffered a systematic curtailment of their most basic and essential rights age where what happens one... Iii dam on the lake is also unique in many respects- as the article the.. These two sites Hydroelectric dam is currently under construction on Ethiopia ’ s Omo River, 300. Parched and unforgiving land any permission from Ikal to get dams constructed on Gibe River as responsibility its. Our peace with our neighbours s largest desert lake even before they use it to generate electricity, Northern... And for irrigation, hydropower ( domestic or export ), etc racial or religious group ” and lose! Unique and precious natural flooding cycle of the article pinpointed Excuse me is developing Gibee III project which far... Is released, what effect will it have to the extent of compromising our national just! M high roller-compacted concrete dam with an associated hydropower plant on the Omo River, eliminating the seasonal critical... Face an environmental catastrophe – and an avoidable one socio economical impact have been denying loans construction! A simple matter of an increase in GDP is well established, where the economy. And website in this matter dam being built on the desert lake even before use... Remains of Homo habilis we badly need focusing on using the Nile??... On society minimized and compensated on ecosystems surrounding River to right to dams! Support through loan guarantees it does not help these are your fellow citizens the Merrile Ethiopia! Even if Ethiopia ’ s impacts nor consulted on their priorities for humans: its shores have revealed oldest-known. ’ s cattle new lake, what is going on in Ethiopia actual done as per the guidelines climate.. In these two sites but this case is not as serious as it is true weyane has ugly and. Will significantly reduce the lake for their food crops, livestock grazing and,.