The unique feature of this program at IIIT-Lucknow is that this program will feature flexible end objective model. The Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning equips you with the most in-demand high end technical skills in Data Science and Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning. About the course. Module Completed Module In Progress Module Locked Context Module Sub Header. The 12-month online PG Diploma in Data Science, co-developed by IIIT Bangalore and powered by upGrad, covers the depth and breadth of the subject in the form of interactive lectures, live sessions and hands-on industry projects. Course Objective. Post Graduate Diploma in Predictive Analytics (Data Analytics) It is evident that Analytics is an upcoming domain which has been recognised as an important and obligatory practice to be adopted by almost all business organizations irrespective of their size and line of activities. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science Details: Post Graduate Program in Data science is a nine-month part-time course that aims to equip graduates for a career as a data scientist in the business world for entrepreneurship, public policy or even academia. Students will develop a strong knowledge foundation of specific disciplines as well as direction in technology, concentrating on the practical application of data research in the real world. The global acclaim of the University of Chicago Graham School, the training credentials of Jigsaw Academy will make you a high-demand priority resource for any … PG Diploma in Data Science is a comprehensive program that covers all the latest tools and techniques. Ronnie Screwvala Co-founder & Chairman upGrad upGrad is an online education platform to help individuals develop their professional potential in the most engaging learning environment. IMS Proschool offers a comprehensive and yet affordable program in Data Science. The Graduate Diploma in Data Science (1-year), with all academic direction from the London School of Economics, aims to prepare graduates for a career as a data scientist, in the corporate sector, for entrepreneurship, public policy or even academia. 4 weeks of online courses and assignments to be completed. The Data Science MSc was created in collaboration with a number of high profile industry leaders to address the skills shortage in data analytics. For this program, no prior coding experience is required. Note: The “Graduate” Diploma in Data Science is a “postgraduate” qualification in data science and only students who have completed an undergraduate degree are eligible to enrol in it. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science Offered by Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow. The programme is designed to fully equip tomorrow’s data professionals, offering different entry points into the world of data science – across the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities. It can also prepare you for future postgraduate study in the field. Degree holders become alumni of IIT Madras. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science. High Performance Computing with Data Science (Online Learning) MSc, Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert, Postgraduate Diploma - PgDip, Professional Development Diploma Course Modules. Yes. The Graduate Diploma will give you the foundational data science skills that the industry demands, plus crucial decision-making techniques and the essentials of good data storytelling. Apply Now. The MSc Data Science will provide you with the technical and practical skills to analyse the big data that is the key to success in future business, digital media and science. Last date to apply is 20/09/2020. This Data Science Course by Upgrad is a rigorous 12 months online program with recommended 12-15 hours per week. With big data movement becoming mainstream, demand for data scientists is growing and redefining the competitive landscape of industries. PG Program in Data Science - Demo. Post Diploma in Information Technology. Online education is a fundamental disruption that will have a far-reaching impact. This is a unique programs launched by IIIT-B. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science by Upgrad . Developed by LSE, it will enable you to become a competent and confident data modeller and interpreter, assisting management to make data-driven decisions. Apart from a postgraduate master's degree in data science in Canada, international students can also plan on pursuing a PG diploma or certificate program in data science. About Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science. Data Science A postgraduate certificate is an academic program that provides an in-depth and focused education to students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science is designed to help participants master data science, from the critical foundations of statistics and probability to working hands-on with machine learning models using Python, the world's most popular programming language. Post Graduate Program in Data science is an interdisciplinary field that strives to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms and employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research, information science, and computer science. Collapse All. The PG Diploma program is an engaging and rigorous, 11-month online program designed specifically for working professionals to develop practical knowledge and skills, establish a professional network and accelerate entry into data science careers. PG Diploma in Data Science. The Diploma in Data Science and Analytics with a Specialization in Business Analytics will give you the skills and expertise that you need to support data-driven business decision making. Data Science Colleges in Canada: Graduate Certificate Programs. Completing this program may help students qualify for job promotions and greater responsibilities in the workplace. The program is evaluated and revised annually to keep it current and in line with industry requirements. PG Diploma in Data Science at Amity University, Dubai, UAE. Graduates in any discipline with Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics or MBA/PGDM Marketing as Post-Graduation with excellent relevant analysis skills are preferred for the job. IITM senate approves and offers the Diploma(s) and Degree. Top PG Diploma Data Science Courses. By Upgrad . The PG Diploma in Data Science is a 12-months, 2-semester course that takes students through the intricacies of Data Analytics. Studying for a PG Diploma in Data Science at Lancaster will provide you with the perfect environment to develop an expertise in the discipline. Opportunities also exist for further academic study towards a doctorate degree and a career in research. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science Learn in-demand tools and technologies with commonly acknowledged and appreciated Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science by AptusLearn and IIIT Bhubaneswar. The learners receive a PG Diploma in Data Analytics from IIIT-B post successful completion. The program has an employment-oriented approach and is based on detailed research of companies’ requirements. Key features. Data science is a new profession emerging along with the exponential growth in size, and availability of 'big data'. This diploma prepares graduates for a quantitative career in data science. The other programs that IIITB offers are full time, offline programs providing degrees such as M. Tech and PhD. Post graduate diploma in Data Science covers broad range of … You get access to videos for anytime learning and practice with several case studies to hone your skills. You’ll learn these core skills in online courses such as Strategic Decision Making, Statistical Inference, Data Visualisation and Communication, Multivariate Analysis and Big Data Management. This 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada helps students understand constructional science and understand how to develop their building design skills. This is an essential skillset in a world where everything from education to commerce, communication to transport, involves large-scale data collection and digitalisation. The preference for graduates in Computer Science or Information Technology is higher and even their wages are high as compared to commerce or other non-technical graduates. What is the Qualifier Process? The following table shows some of the common PG Diploma courses for data science. The Data Science course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the field of data science, while also applying learned skills to projects. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science. A data scientist provides insight into future trends from looking at past and current data. The program offers a right blend of statistics, technical and business knowledge. Contact Us; Blogs; Contact : / +91 96069 81953 / +91 96069 81951 , … MSc, Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert, Postgraduate Diploma - PgDip, Professional Development Diploma. Big Data . Diploma in Data Science BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science Are these official Diplomas and Degree of IIT Madras? It offers the potential for huge societal and economic benefits. Post Graduate Program in Data Science Ranked #1 Data Science program by Economic Times. Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon have built large businesses around data and are finding new ways to expand their customer base. Accelerate your career with this acclaimed Post Graduate Program in Data Science, in partnership with Purdue University, & in collaboration with IBM - that features the perfect mix of theory, case studies, & extensive hands-on practicum. Data Science is revolutionising every area of science, engineering and commerce. Sample Module Sample Module Sample Module . PG Diploma in Data Science Interview (Online):28 Sept. 2020. Course Highlights: Mode of learning: Online; Course Duration: 12 Months; Program Recognition: Offers an option to choose from 5 specializations as per your … The PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics is the course that introduces students to decision making that is driven by big data and analytics. It prepares Students for roles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Data Scientist and is available in full time and part time modes. According to IBM, globally, we currently produce over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. The rate at which we are able to create data is rapidly accelerating. Our graduates leave with sought-after skills for business intelligence and data mining roles within any field of data science. Data Science, Technology and Innovation. Head start your career as a Data Scientist. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science is a specialized program that focuses on getting aspirants trained on leading analytical tools such as R, Python, SAS, Hive, Spark and Tableau. This course too requires an IELTS score band of 6.5.