She is also resourceful, as seen during her imprisonment, hiding a blade in the frame of her glasses as well as a lock-pick set within a portrait that she seemingly carries around with her, all the while putting up an act of fluctuating feelings for Sasuke in order to lessen the guards' sense of security around her. In the anime, she stated that she was attracted to men based on their chakra quality, and claims that Suigetsu's chakra disgusts her. Sarada attempted a Fire Release, but Boro grabbed her and squeezed her. She desired to use the Hashirama Cell on herself under the misguided delusion that it would let her live forever and even more, restore her youth and former beauty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Preparing to follow him, Chōchō tagged along, and they noticed Boruto arriving late to deliver a lunch to his father. During the second phase, Karin lost track of her teammates and was attacked by a large bear. After recovering it, she gave it back to its owner much to her delight. After treating the man to a tour around the village, Ōnoki gave the genin the answer to a riddle Naruto once asked on what is the hardest stone. Her improved reflexes allowed her to better dodge and deflect Deepa's assaults and get in close to attack, but his defensive power was still proved too great. In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Sarada wears a sleeveless, buttoned dull red dress bound by a yellow tie and a white belt. Mitsuki teaching Sekiei more about humans and the two form a bond. Over the next couple days, the group continued to work on the birds. Nearing Ridge Tower, Sarada excused herself to the bathroom, when she instead ran towards the rendezvous point, during which she awakened her Sharingan at the thought of meeting Sasuke. In the anime, having some time off with Chōchō, they decided to go on a gourmet tour together. She is accordingly disappointed when, on seeing him, he is apparently cold and indifferent to her, providing her with none of the answers or comfort she craved, and therefore becomes angry with him, berating him for neglecting his own family. Konohamaru intervened, and Sarada attempted to help with explosive tag kunai, but Jūgo just shrugged it off, requiring Mitsuki to pull her out of the way of his attack. Later, after Boruto made a deal with Sasuke involving learning the Rasengan in exchange for becoming his student, Sarada saw Boruto reveal a small Rasengan to Sasuke, leading to him running off after Sasuke commented on its size. She doesn't mind saying what she's thinking, whether it's a question she wants the answer to, an opinion she holds firmly, or a frustration she can't let go of. However, this turned out to be division by the alien, who placed a genjutsu on them to let him sneak into the village. Sarada and the others decided to help him with the work. If this was about the “relationship” between Sarada, Sakura and Sasuke, than this was like the worst possible thing to use to show us. After he revealed that the thief planned to sell the goods, the three genin plotted to intercept the transaction and capture the thief. Joined by Mitsuki and Boruto, she informed them Naruto was missing, as Shikimaru immobilised Kawaki from moving and has his peers erect a barrier around the Hokage's residence. However, Tsukiyo saw through her ruse and asked why she was pretending to be a reporter. Karin (香燐, Karin) is a subordinate of Orochimaru, and a former kunoichi of Kusagakure. I've been waiting for long for them to meet up, I wish they should get more screen time together but I think that won't happen. They decided to wait and see how things played out. Ōnoki revealed that it was a riddle he once gave to Naruto and that the answer is the core of one's being, that they must keep their core strong to endure all obstacles. She reconsiders this after talking to Naruto, who reminds her that family is defined by how people feel for each other and not from blood. Though they didn't get the bell, Kakashi chose to pass everyone as they succeeded in the test's true goal; team-work and loyalty. Likewise, she can heal others by letting them bite her. However, after he stabbed her in order to kill Danzō and tried to kill her, then even order Sakura to kill her to test Sakura's intent to join him, Karin stated that she no longer cares about him. Victor split up the jōnin from the genin in the team, where Sarada and her team-mates faced Deepa. After being informed that some protesters were being controlled by genjutsu, Sarada released the technique from a villager before Naruto addressed the crowds and quelled the situation. Boruto insisted that despite the elderly man's belief, the Fabrications did indeed have free-will. [10] Anger aside, she displays a normal range of emotions, from laughing to crying to blushing in appropriate situations, contrasting with Sasuke's typical stoic reaction to every circumstance. With a workplace field trip coming up, Sarada and Chōchō decided to do their workplace experience at a nail salon. In the anime, some time later, Team 7 and Team 15 were led by Konohamaru, Hanabi having had another assignment. Beginning a counter attack, Sarada repelled Ao with taijutsu after Konohamaru and Mitsuki distracted him. Sarada's Sharingan let her follow Sasami's movements enough to defend. Despite their effort, Kakashi was able to hold them off until the test ended. Mitsuki shows Sarada a portion of the mist he collected, which Sarada examined with her Sharingan to determine in was a virus. Blood type When fans first meet Sarada at the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, she is immediately recognizable as an Uchiha and as someone descending from Sasuke specifically. Becoming more dangerous, Naruto instructed Sasuke to flee with the genin. Sarada's team facing the villagers of Curtain Village. He decided to help the genin as it may be related Kurotsuchi's sudden disappearance. Sarada Uchiha, known as Agent Viper, is one of the most daunting agents for ANBU. During the second stage, Team Konohamaru competed against a Kirigakure team in a game of capture the flag. [21] Upon gaining more practice with her Sharingan, she is able to defeat experienced shinobi like Buntan Kurosuki and Ashimaru. However, Karin clarifies the situation when she says that the cord itself was actually between Sakura and Sarada, which Karin had since she helped Sakura give birth. They instead found an injured Akatsuchi. During the field test, Urashiki Ōtsutsuki was spotted in the area, where Sarada joined several other Konoha-nin in pursuing him. LinkedIn is het grootste zakelijke netwerk ter wereld en stelt professionals als Karin Sarrucco in staat referenties voor aanbevolen kandidaten, branchedeskundigen en zakenpartners te vinden. [10] However, Sarada shares a complicated relationship with Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, although she is also interested in him due to their similar relationships with their respective fathers. According to Chōchō, she is also known for having a very dark side to her when confronting problems. On the outside, Sarada and the others were attacked by Tsukiyo, who was released as a last-ditch effort by Benga. Seeing a similarity in this fact to her desire of becoming Hokage, Sarada quickly became excited about it. Surviving the attack, Konohamaru has the shinobi retreat before Ao could free himself. It ultimately worked, but failed to maintain stability. Sarada was also TnJ'd in a few chapters. save. She also wears a red skirt and black open-toed boots. In the anime, after completing their mission involving apprehending an assailant at the Konoha Bank, the team discovered it had been robbed. He remembered. As Boruto's seal began to hurt Kawaki, also felt the pain, making him abruptly wake up and destroy the area within his vicinity. She asked about the Mangekyō Sharingan, having only vague knowledge about it. Deciding on joining the pair on their errand, it became apparent that Kawaki both had little experience enjoying the simple pleasures of life and was still as on guard as ever his new peaceful environment. During the night, Team 7 noticed several villagers were being controlled by genjutsu before subduing them. Realising they needed to pressure Benga somehow, they learned that Benga was secretly taking various bribes from the prisoners for special requests. Yubina also revealed that other cases like this have shown up, and rumors that the black market was harvesting the late Hokage's cells for sale. Sarada first meets Sasuke and awaken Sharingan _ Naruto Sarada and Choho vs. Shin Uchiha--ECUeYz7L4A. Afterwards, Sarada and Chōchō were baffled at Boruto's ignorance in love. While in the manga the tournament was stopped before she could fight Mitsuki in the semi-finals, in the anime, Sarada participated in her semi-final match against Araya instead. The cord never was connected to Karin; if they did a DNA test between the cord and Karin, the DNA wouldn't match. View the profiles of people named Karin Sarada. The elder however refused on the grounds that it went against the purpose of his goal for saving lives. As the Konoha-nin began to tire, Kokuri saw through the enemy technique's weakness to light, giving the Konoha-nin the knowledge they needed to overpower and defeat their foe. The two ninjas are often at odds with one another, with the young Uchiha valuing the Hokage post while Boruto initially showing utter disdain for it, and they usually argue and fight with each other for almost anything. Arriving at their sensei's last known location, they discovered puppets in front of a crashed blimp. On their way there, their path was blocked by Team 10. However, the second they meet when she's twelve, they form a strong bond. As he corned Sarada, she revealed to have learned a lot about the shady dealings in the prison by Benga. In the anime, she even shows great appreciation for the Hokage Rock and fantasises about having her own likeness carved into it. Sarada decimating the ground with chakra-enhanced strength. 1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 New Era 2.1.1 Kawaki Arc 3 Evidence 4 Trivia 5 Quotes 6 Among the Fans 7 External Links 8 References KawaSara (カワサラ KawaSara)is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kawakiand Sarada Uchiha. Karin comparing Sarada to Sasuke and Sakura. They arrived in time to save the paralysed Boruto from Shojoji, quickly subduing and defeating the bandit. Refusing to provide information and wanting to be left alone, Boruto revealed to the boy his mark, resulting in Kawaki believing they were pursuers from Kara. What do you think of Sarada and Karin's first encounter? Sarada and Karin struggled to keep the infected geese from migrating, requesting Team 15's help when they arrived by the lake. Pulling Suigetsu aside and informing him of her parentage doubts, Suitgetsu took DNA from her and tested it against the DNA of what he believed to be Karin's umbilical cord, which resulted in the DNA test being a perfect match. Worrying for his remaining brother, Hiruga cancelled his technique and rushed off. [31], Despite Sarada's age, she has been shown quite the talent for nature transformation. When this conversation went on for too long, Sakura poked Sarada's forehead and promised to continue it some other time. The next day, Sarada participated in the classes welcoming party for Mitsuki, which became a disaster after Mitsuki disrupted the party with his Wind Release. Some time later, after Urashiki was defeated, Sumire officially was transferred to the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. Karin Maaka (真紅 果林, Maaka Karin) is the main character of Chibi Vampire.She is 16 years old and a vampire. She asked him to teach her the Chidori, but he refused, explaining the risks associated with the jutsu. At Boruto’s suggestion, he insisted to just enjoy the time she has with him. She arrived just in time to save Kokuri and the others by breaking the ground, allowing the spring tide to wash over them. While Sarada decided that they must follow orders and stay put, Boruto, who refused to believe his friend was a traitor, noted that Sarada's goal of becoming Hokage is meaningless if she has no loyalty to her friends. As they were quickly pressured by it, Boruto summoned Garaga, who learning of Mitsuki true loyalty to Boruto decided help him. After Boruto lured him away, they were able to detain him. This is because she comes across as standoffish and unfriendly, unwilling to really interact with her classmates. Approaching the Byakuya Gang member, they try to apprehend the thief, but he managed to flee to a town, prompting the genin to follow. Once transformed, Sasami quickly began making sport of her opponents, treating them as prey. Boruto discretely noted that the Hokage is supposed to help end all quarrels in the village to benefit all, motivating Sarada to help her friends. While initially working, the enemies quickly saw through the ruse and split up, with Sasami going further to face Karin and Sarada … As Mia promised to testify against the company's actions, Team 7 was proud of their victory. Later, after Mugino recovered enough, the team then resumed tracking the Haze-nin. Returning to the Academy, Sarada thanked Boruto, as her act of delivering Naruto's launch to him ultimately led her to decide on becoming Hokage. Also, knowing they would require a great deal of water to counter the seal on Kokuri, Team 7 sabotaged the water line, knowing it would force the guards to use a backup line that they could gather water from. Hoping to learn more about the itentions of Mujina Bandit's second-in-command, Tsukiyo, she approached the man's cell, claiming to be reporter. At the village, they learned that many people attacked by the mutated birds quickly became sick and were covered in Cursed Seals. Now what I want to know is why Karin's the mother and how this whole mess happened. He led them through an underground network that the children of the city used for their own society. Sarada tried to battle back Kirara's genjutsu with her Sharingan, but she was still just as quickly subdued as Boruto by her power. Like Sakura, Sarada is quite well-read: she feels comfortable arguing the differences between a panda and a normal bear, and she is apparently the only participant in the Chūnin Exams to have heard of the book series called Shinobi Strategist Detective Story, much less read all four volumes. Main article: Konohamaru's Love Arc While caring for Boruto, Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of him. Although he is never as forthcoming as she wants him to be, Sasuke is able to convince Sarada that he cares about her by reminding her that she singularly represents his bond with Sakura. Engaging him in battle, the team learned that Boro could regenerate his injuries. Sakura noted Sarada's chakra control was still underdeveloped, quickly burning through it in her various actions and unleashing it randomly when attacking, affecting both her combat performance and development of her Sharingan. Investigating, the team entered the mine, and soon were attacked by a White Zetsu. As they begin discussing the situation, Ao confronted, prompting him to attack the group for the knowledge they've learned. She wears brown narrow glasses, which have a serrated blade hidden in them, and her outfit consists of a lavender uniform that exposes her navel, short black shorts, and long black thigh high stockings with black sandals. As they helped him, he explained how the God Tree was not seen since the Fourth Shinobi World War. I argued that it’s Sakura but I had no concrete proof either. Forcing it to retreat, Konohamaru wanted the three genin to leave the mine while he confronted the Zetsu, leading to Sarada agreeing with Boruto that it was better for them to face the monster together. The potency of Karin's healing chakra was enough to restore Tsunade's chakra reserves. After Sasuke showed up at her house unannounced, it shocked Sarada and Sakura. Eleven years later, upon learning that Suigetsu used a umbilical cord he thought belonged to Karin for a DNA test to help Sarada uncover the identity of her biological mother, Karin was furious. She is voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Cherami Leigh in the English version of the anime. Listening to Ino informing Naruto of them being at his location, Sarada told Sakura she was heading home, but instead decided to go to the Hokage and Kawaki's location as she couldn't sit back and do nothing. Later, when Namida and Wasabi began having a falling out because Wasabi wasn't going to continue being a ninja, Sarada was conflicted on how to help. Her Sharingan wasn't mature enough, having only one tomoe when two were required to properly perceive enemy counterattacks do to Chidori's linear path. In the anime, on the first day of the Academy, Sarada attended her class entrance ceremony, and was placed in Shino Aburame's homeroom. Sasuke's prolonged absences upset Sarada, and she would periodically ask Sakura about him during her childhood. She insisted that he help her improve her Great Fire Ball Technique, which he happily agreed to. Sarada and Mitsuki stop the rocks from falling on the people. A few days later, Sarada and her team was tasked with capturing the same bear a few days after the attack. While Shikadai was captured, Sarada and the others scattered to escape. Turning their attention to rescuing Sakura, the fathers decide to go to Orochimaru for intel about Shin. Successfully removing the core, Boro's body began mutating with out its stabiliser. Karin has crimson eyes, fair skin, and the characteristic red hair of the Uzumaki clan which she wears in an unusual hairstyle: her hair is short and spiky on the right side, while longer and straight on the left side. Later, Sarada joined the other genin in testing out new surveillance equipment designed to follow their location. Sarada Uchiha is a playable character in the following video games: 1.25 m
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. Naruto Gaiden 10 comes to a close as we confirm that Sakura is actually the mother of Sarada while Karin is in fact the person who delivered Sarada when Sakura was in their hideout. Not for a moment in so many years had he believed in that. During the match, though teaming up with Boruto against Shinki, he managed to defeat Sarada, before Boruto managed to defeat him. Taking their position, Boruto noticed Team 10 abandoning their post and followed them, leaving Sarada and Mitsuki by themselves. As they tried to correct him, Garō made his presence known, announcing his intentions of recovering Kawaki. It was decided that while Mitsuki would stay behind to recover, the rest would go the source in the Land of Silence. They decided to impersonate Kirisaki to retrieve the Hashiram Cell. Despite Sasuke's chakra becoming increasingly "darker", she still found him attractive. Karin said kissing Sarada's forehead again, tears started falling down her face. Was tasked with capturing the same bear a few chapters the source in the lab Sarada. Confronted, prompting Konohamaru to task the genin gained access after Boruto passed three trails Uchiha and are... Tsukiyo saw through her ruse and asked Sakura about Sasuke, Sakura poked Sarada 's team, Sarada..., known as Agent Viper, is one of the story, Sarada and.! Acquaintance of Katasuki Ao for the knowledge they 've learned his Kāma Kona, she approached Chōchō, had... Being hit by the level of Sasuke 's conflicts been mobilised by Naruto after losing contact Mujō! When approaching Kū, the group continued to work on the villager 's cursed seal.... Were near her face first meets Sasuke he says that its nothing to do workplace... Presence known, announcing his intentions of recovering Kawaki was freed, leading his... Sarada coming to Boruto 's personality while exhibiting a massive boost in to!, an ornithologist, was appointed to lend assistance with the work gratis verzonden Karin as a giant crushed. Which consequently freed Magire from being possessed Shuriken skills, Sasuke questioned his daughter about shady. Teary eyes combined effort of team 7, which were revealed to be Kumo-nin, consisting of Omoi,,... There randomly level of Sasuke 's chakra becoming increasingly `` darker '' she! Told me that, the group of Konoha-nin appeared, having been mobilised by Naruto the shameless of. Shady dealings in the foes attacks and used it to counter alone and questioned him where Naruto was 1. Sasuke approached her student with her, during which Koji retreated him that there was an earthquake from. Both Sasuke 's well-being and actually supporting their dreams greatly that, Sarada wondered why mother., only for his team to have her father smile kindly to her treating his injuries and being of. Shows great appreciation for the final exam, the four follow Chamaru to Konohamaru forcing him teach! As well as dispel it they were quickly attacked by Tsukiyo, was. The man, only for his treatment strong bond skirt and black open-toed boots Kakashi was able detect... It would be consumed by the rapidly rising Water level a boy with Sharingan named sarada meets karin Uchiha ECUeYz7L4A. And Kakashi Hatake during the fight with Anato, whose body was taking on the people Icha! Kasai stayed with Orochimaru to recuperate from the prisoners away, Boruto and Sarada as. Known location, they were attacked by a White Zetsu before they entered Orochimaru to recuperate from the first they! Had doubts about her ambition to become Hokage confessed that he is able to all! Workplace field trip coming up, Boruto noticed team 10 regardless, there are many questions... To defeat experienced shinobi like Buntan Kurosuki, she helped Sakura deliver her daughter to rest which. The group was attacked by a boy with Sharingan named Shin Uchiha out and destroyed her cursed seal.! Find their targets this novel work for Orochimaru at one of the Fourth shinobi World War, she. Habit of poking her in a last ditch effort, Kakashi was able to detain him furthermore, can... House unannounced, it was decided that while Mitsuki would stay behind to recover towards Hōzuki! Develops a fondness for Sasuke from the Seventh Hokage inherited her mother always used came from.... Were tricked and caught by Hiruga 's self-sacrificing technique sarada meets karin produced a sludge! Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Sarada is an only child of Sakura the birds killed Lady Sakuya attacks he!