This Category page lists down the episode articles for the first season of the Shakugan no Shana anime series. Yoshida witnesses the carnage around her and finally accepts to use the Giralda to summon Pheles and prepared to sacrifice herself, although instead she survived. While fighting within the Seirei-den, a spell is cast which drains their power of existence for a time, however, Margery Daw comes back and destroys the spell. Shana plans to ambush the suspicious man. An organization of Denizens called Bal Masqué discovers that Yuji possesses the Reiji Maigo and attempt to use the Treasure Tool on two separate occasions. Hecate feels that Shana is a threat to them and should be killed, and proceeds to attack her. The second semester has just begun, but Yuji is having a bad case of déjà vu—the whole day seems to be a repeat of events from last semester! Afterwards Shana and Kazumi again wait for Yuji to choose between them at their respective locations at the square. Yuji's school goes on a field trip to a hot spring where Makate Ogata tries to do something about her feelings towards Eita Tanaka. At the last moment, Fecor protects it and dies from the power of the spell. Flame Hazes: The few surviving Flame Hazes: Shana, Margery, Khamsin, Wilhelmina, Rebecca, Chiara, Sale, and Sophie arrives at an airport to decide whether to continue the fight or not. Kazumi promised to never forget him. Shakugan No Shana season 3 episode guide on A mysterious man appears near Yuji's home, and is spotted by Shana when he is following her and Kazumi. [11] Viz Media licensed the novels for English distribution in North America, but they only released two volumes in 2007. In addition, Yuji is a Mystes (ミステス, Misutesu), a special kind of Torch who contains a Treasure Tool (宝具, Hōgu), a magical object created by Denizens that can provide special abilities or even Powers of Unrestraint; additionally, Mystes can move within Seals. Shakugan no Shana Tokubetsu Hen Koi to Onsen no Kōgai Gakushū! Between 2005 and 2012, the series was adapted by J.C.Staff into three 24-episode anime television series, a four-episode original video animation (OVA) series, an animated film and an additional stand alone OVA episode. [4][5] A Blu-ray Disc (BD) box set was released in June 2011. [33] Another short was released with the Shakugan no Shana SP OVA, and one featuring Wilhelmina was shown in Japanese theaters with the film. Yuji also asks Ike what he thinks of Kazumi. Meanwhile, Margery Daw finally leaves Misaki City without saying goodbye to either Eita or Keisaku. Shakugan no Shana (Japanese: 灼眼のシャナ, lit. Just as they kill the Denizen, a new flame appears in the recesses of the ruins induced in the fight. [78][79] The original soundtrack for the first anime series was released in January 2006. Shakugan No Shana… Viz Media licensed the novels and the first manga series for release in North America, but stopped publishing both prematurely. Shana and the others enter the culture festival. Shana refuses to agree with Yuji's intentions to leave her behind in astonishment and starts fighting him, while Margery goes full force against Sydonay. While the two stalk Shana around town trying to find out what scheme she's cooking up, Yuji manages to warm up … It’s easy to call Shakugan no Shana fairly derivative in that many of its included ideas are in no way new to a viewer of anime or even modern nerd-oriented television. [67][68] Funimation later re-licensed the first series and re-released it in a BD/DVD combo pack on August 21, 2012. Lamis starts to operate the plan with Yoshida. Shakugan no Shana (Japanese: 灼眼のシャナ, lit. In the new world, no one will be able to devour humans to gain their power of existence. As time goes on, Shana and Yuji encounter several more Flame Haze, such as Margery Daw and Wilhelmina Carmel, and Denizens in Misaki City. [41] Produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Takashi Watanabe, the screenplay was written by Yasuko Kobayashi, and chief animator Mai Otsuka based the character design used in the anime on Noizi Ito's original designs. Various critical scenes from the first anime series are portrayed with Shana being very tiny. Back in the Gate, Shana and Yuji are fighting. [110] During the turn-based battle sequences, the player assumes the role of Shana. In the end, they both survive and return to Misaki City. Yuji's training is not going well, so Shana wants to raise the stakes by creating a Seal one day after school. Later at the bonfire which burned many of the decorations from the festival, a spell is activated. The three Gods fight alongside Shana whilst the mad scientist Dantalion prepares to finish ceremony for the creation of Xanadu. One of them, Anabel, lures her into a trap where Sydonay manages to inflict a fatal wound on her. Yuji has the chance to undo Shana's changes to his new world, but decides to let it stand, as the Denizens tell him they are willing to give up eating humans if they no longer need to. Unfazed by his apparent death, Yuji befriends the girl and names her "Shana" after her sword. Suddenly, the two sibling Denizens, Sorath and Tiriel, show themselves and Shana rushes into battle while Yuji tries to be useful. Ike helps Kazumi get close to Yuji, though Shana begins to feel jealous. Various scenes from the anime involving Hecate are shown except now both Shana and Hecate are very tiny. Ike lets Yuji know to be considerate of those around him. Only Shana, Yuji, Sydonay, Margery and Kazumi stay behind when the spell on Misaki City is lifted and the city starts moving again. "Burning-Eyed Shana"), also known simply as Shana (シャナ), is a Japanese light novel series written by Yashichiro Takahashi with illustrations by Noizi Ito. Success or failure in these minigames influence which endings are viewed. Later that night, Shana notices Yuji's torch suddenly restore itself at the stroke of midnight. Meanwhile, Lammy meets Shana again and the Trinity seem to have a secret plan. The first opening theme "Hishoku no Sora" (緋色の空, The Crimson Sky) by Mami Kawada was released in November 2005, and the second opening theme "Being" by Kotoko was released in March 2006. To the leader of Bal Masque's fear however, she manages to fire multiple Chorde into the egg of the New World, possibly damaging it. The beginning contains an advertisement for the, Various memorable scenes taken from the film, Various scenes relating the opening scenes between episodes one and three of, "Shakugan no Shana-tan & Yoshida: Fumina Konoe Strikes Back", Various scenes between the Fumina Konoe arc until the end in. Towards the middle of the field trip, Ogata starts to get the idea that Satou and Tanaka are lovers upon hearing about a charm when climbing a stairs to a shrine. C $107.55; Buy It Now +C $20.80 shipping; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. When the Snake of the Festival emerges, it merges its consciousness with Yuji's, assuming command over Bal Masqué, and together they formulate an elaborate plan to create a parallel world called Xanadu, which will serve as a paradise for Denizens with unlimited Power of Existence. The Crimson Realm is populated by Crimson Denizens (紅世の徒, Guze no Tomogara) who are able to manipulate the Power of Existence (存在の力, Sonzai no Chikara), a fundamental power within any biological entity and functions as "fuel" for one's existence. Shana is knocked down, but Margery Daw comes at the last minute. shakugan no shana -> shakugan no shana 2nd -> shakugan no shana s (it incredibly is the place we at the instant are) -> shakugan no shana season 3 regrettably we do not know while's the displaying date for season 3, yet. Ike suggested to visit the amusement park as a welcome for Konoe, but the carefully planned outing turns out all wrong when he miscalculated certain events. The player uses a combination of fire, powers of unrestraint, and treasure tools to battle Crimson Denizens; and Shana is also able to use a special attack and defend. Shana leaves them and meets Snake of the Festival, who has awakened his true form, and promises him to fight him, make him the person he used to be and to live in a perfect world along with him. He awoke to see Shana destroying the Denizen, Mare, calling it "weak". They later discover that the Treasure Tool within Yuji is the Reiji Maigo (零時迷子, Midnight Lost Child), which restores his Power of Existence every night at midnight. With its heart destroyed, the Statue of Pride collapses, and Bal Masqué retreats. SPONSORED. She is a Flame Haze, usually referred to by her title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", or as "The Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana" by other Flame Haze, after the name of her sword. However, she meets an ancient Flame Haze. A PlayStation 2 video game was released in March 2006, and it was ported to the Nintendo DS in March 2007. Shakugan no Shana is an anime series including three television series, original video animation (OVA) episodes, and bonus shorts.The episodes are based on the light novel series of the same name written … They are successful in severing his energy reserves while Wilhelmina distracts him, and without Power of Existence to draw on, Sabrac loses two more swords and finally falls to Nietono no Shana. [81][82] The film's original soundtrack was released in September 2007. The story shifts back to Margery's past, where she attempts to take down two Denizens. [88][89] The song "Portamento" by Kawada was used as an insert song in episode 4, and was released on Savia.[86]. Outlaw does not give any information or help to either Eita about Satou or Wilhelmina about Shana. [113][114] Shana appears in the 2014 fighting game Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax, which features various Dengeki Bunko characters. Yuji intends to go to Xanadu alone and make sure humans and Denizens can eventually learn to coexist, but Shana refuses to be left behind. Meanwhile in the Divine Gate, Sabrac stands to delay Shana's progress. [2] As such, the initial premise of Shakugan no Shana was to write a boy meets girl story in a school setting, though initially love was not one of the themes included. Nandemo Shitsumon-bako! While Yuji and Shana rummage through Friagne's old pile of Treasure Tools during a hot summer's day, Yuji finds and uses a telescope-like object, causing him and Shana to switch bodies. Then later everyone goes home with a complicated relationship. In an early draft of what would later become Shakugan no Shana, Yashichiro Takahashi set the story in a different dimension and described the main character as having the initial personality of Shana, but the appearance of an older woman similar to Margery Daw. [35][36] Five volumes were released between January 27, 2009 and September 27, 2012. After seeing the fallen kingdom reside with Shiro, Wilhelmina and Shana part ways and leave on their journey as Flame Hazes. Shana's hiding something from Wilhelmina and Yuji, so they band together to investigate. Together they defeat him, and Yuji takes Friagne's anti-flame ring. While avoiding the missiles, Sale grab and threw an explosive robot at the control room leading Dantalion to his death. However, it was not its true form. [104] The scenario was an original side-story written by Takahashi, and takes place between the first and second light novel volumes. Yuuji names her Shana after her sword. the link under is the exhibiting date for each episodes in shana s [15][16][17] The 24-episode second season, titled Shakugan no Shana Second (灼眼のシャナⅡ), aired between October 5, 2007 and March 28, 2008 on MBS, and aired at later dates than MBS on CBC, TBS, Bandai Channel, and Animax. While Shana-tan discusses and scolds the class, Keisaku and Eita imagine themselves as thugs of justice during the old days. Outside the Gate, in a blizzard, the war is getting extremely intense—more and more Denizen troops are coming but they are losing against the Flame Hazes. Shakugan no Shana was one of several titles involved in the deal. [75], For the first Shakugan no Shana anime series, four theme song singles were released for two opening and two ending themes. Yuji is ambushed by Zarovee. Yuji follows Shana in her battle against Friagne and gets captured. Yuji Sakai said that the Seirei-Den will head to Northwest, towards Misaki City where he will start the creation of Xanadu. Inside of the Divine Gate, Sabrac falls, gazing at the greatness and sheer enormity of the Snake of the Festival in his true form. Johan awakens and have a brief conversation with Yuji, and in the end Pheles is finally reunited with Johan. [117] Theron Martin from Anime News Network reviewed the manga and called it "inferior" to the anime, and notes the anime develops characters better than the manga. Legend of Crimson,, Mainichi Broadcasting System original programming, Films with screenplays by Yasuko Kobayashi, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 16:28. Alastor tells the two that the object Yuji has just used is called the Reshuffle. III, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Summer Special, Food Wars! [7][8][9][10] A short story was later published in the September 2017 issue of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko Magazine. Worried over her well-being, Yuji and Wilhelmina decide to follow her from the shadows after school one day. Track Shakugan no Shana season 1 episodes. ", "Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Anime to Air This Fall", "「灼眼のシャナⅢ-FINAL- 第Ⅰ巻」Blu-ray & DVD 初回限定版", "FUNimation Entertainment and Geneon Entertainment Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement for North America", "Shakugan No Shana Box Set (Viridian Collection)", "Shakugan no Shana DVD/Blu-ray Season 1 (Hyb)", "Funimation Calendar Monday, September 10, 2012", "New York Comic-Con 2011 - FUNimation Panel", "灼眼のシャナ | ニンテンドーDSソフト『電撃学園RPG CROSS of VENUS』 Official Web Site", "アスキー・メディアワークス、電撃文庫の人気作品の世界を舞台にしたRPG DS「電撃学園RPG Cross of Venus」", "Kadokawa / ASCII Media Works News Release", The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons, The Familiar of Zero: Rondo of Princesses. The Statue of Pride is about to come fully awake. The first opening theme "Joint" by Kawada was released in October 2007, and the second opening theme "Blaze" by Kotoko was released in March 2008.