The book identifies and addresses the core elements and potential of smart cities, best practice methods and tools to be implemented, as well as how diverse stakeholders might be effectively integrated. VAT Number GB305117545. the ‘Livability’ of Cities and Communities Introduction As microcosms of the Internet of Everything (IoE), cities stand to benefit the most from connecting people, process, data, and things. Basic needs such as health, education, public transportation, so that city residents feel the safety, comfort and happiness of living in their city must be fulfilled by city managers [4], The Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium is a robust global Smart Cities research community that focuses on innovations in technology, management and policy that change t. Drawing on empirical research in London, this paper examines how public spaces in the contemporary city are shaped. The paper concludes that the cultural transformation required for the development of smart cities needs to facilitate the ability to integrate, create and reconfigure both internal and external competences to manage knowledge that originates from within and beyond projects boundaries. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. As a result, homicides and shootings were reduced by 40% in Chicago’s deadliest … We also discuss inevitable risks from innovation, strategies to innovate while avoiding risks, and contexts underlying innovation and risks. In order to harness this unused, and often tacit, knowledge and make it explicit and available, the ICING (Innovative Cities for the Next Generation) project developed software and services to link citizens to their cities, using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Many cities are exploring ways to upgrade infrastructure with smart technologies, but paying for these projects presents a significant challenge: Introducing smart technologies on a wide-scale basis. Smart city concept. However, city ecosystems widely struggle to start, manage and execute the transformation. If you are interested in purchasing the full report, please contact Navigant Research at Data-driven public safety: The police department in Chicago, IL deployed real-time crime centers that leverage gunshot detection data from ShotSpotter and surveillance cameras to help officers pinpoint dangers more quickly. Access the world's largest library of smart cities resources - clear, independent and relevant. Recent studies on smart cities have dealt with expanded concepts with more diverse contexts and significance [43] (pp. The method used in this study involved three stages: planning the review, conducting the review, and reporting and disseminating the results. Therefore, it is concluded that the East Seram Regency as one of the disadvantaged region in Indonesia whose Local Government is 'Not Ready' to implement an e-government system as mandated by Presidential Regulation No. information systems development in the public sector. Available at,, Information Management Office. In order to efficiently provide the key infrastructure and services of cities, cities with technologies [44], modern cities implemented by information and communication technologies [45], and more efficient, sustainable, proper, and lively cities, the Natural Resources Defense Council [3,46] has stressed the roles of technologies for smartization as a tool to solve the problems that cities are facing [10,14,38,43,[47][48]. University at Albany, The State University of New York, The Institutional Change from E-Government toward Smarter City; Comparative Analysis between Royal Borough of Greenwich, UK, and Seongdong-gu, South Korea, Exploring Data Driven Initiatives for Smart City Development: Empirical Evidence from Techno-Stakeholders’ Perspective, La smartness e la competitività della città resiliente. In particolare, il coinvolgimento di molteplici soluzioni tecnologiche e differenti componenti urbane può comportare il verificarsi di nuovi fenomeni che posso generare anche ulteriori situazioni di criticità (Jennings, 2010; ... Numerosi studi evidenziano come la crescita della popolazione urbana, oltre ad offrire opportunità di sviluppo e di crescita per le città, è responsabile anche di alcune esternalità negative che possono essere sia di natura fisica come ad esempio l'inquinamento atmosferico, il consumo di suolo, la scarsità di risorse e lo smaltimento dei rifiuti, che di natura funzionale come ad esempio l'inefficienza dei servizi urbani, la congestione da traffico veicolare e l'organizzazione dell'apparato amministrativo (Batty, 1995;Makse, 1995;Bettencourt et al., 2007 (Washburn et al., 2009; ... Smart cities also provide the right environment to enable innovation and positive economic development. From short articles, guidance notes and instructional videos, to frameworks, in-depth handbooks and fact sheets. In the first part of the paper the nature and scope of corporate governance is presented. eGovernment for innovative cities of the next generation: of transformation: e-Cities and the rule of law. © 2015-2021 - All rights reserved. Files: — EPS (vector file for Adobe Illustrator or import into Photoshop) — High Resolution JPG Introduction This paper, which forms part of the Information Economy theme of the Industrial Strategy, considers the challenges which cities face, the role which Smart City concepts play, the opportunities for business and the role of Government in … La messa a punto e l’implementazione d’interventi orientati a rendere le città resilienti non possono prescindere dall’impiego di soluzioni, fisiche e funzionali, di tipo smart che ormai costituiscono un supporto essenziale nel migliorare la capacità di risposta che le città e le sue componenti sono in grado di offrire al verificarsi di sollecitazioni interne ed esterne. Washburn, D., Sindhu, U., Balaouras, S., Din, Weber, E. P., & Khademian, A. M. (2008). Giffinger, R., Fertner, C., Kramar, H., Kalasek, R., P, Giffinger, R., Kramar, H., & Haindl, G. (2008. With this opportunity, public sector e-services are given tools to engage their own employees in an atmosphere that not only fosters new ideas, but provides a framework for managing prototypes and pilot projects that encourage experimentation. They Environment, organization and performance. We conclude, however, that policy-makers can increase the chance that innovation in cities emerges by giving chance a helping hand and by branding the city in the outside world. Illustration of smart city isometry web banner. The cities of the future will be able to respond to high pollution levels and use energy more effectively by using data and technology. European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities The European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), established in 2012 as an initi-ative from the European Commission, has strived to build a broad community of cities, industries, SMEs, banks, knowledge institutes, citizens, NGO’s, and other smart city actors. Services Integration” research team for their support. We apply the Six Facets Model of technology management to the process innovation challenges faced by the printing industry. The main aim of this article is to present the role supervisor board plays in the strategic management of the companies with the participation of local government units. Management, Performance, Human Factors, Theory, and better livability. This study used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods and data collection technique was also carried out by using a questionnaire for 76 respondents, in-depth interviews for 7 informants, and documentation. 12 October 2020 Smart cities to benefit from new international standards task force 32 will be in Asia Pacific, 31 in Europe and 25 in Americas. Technology in Government, University at Albany, State,, “need to know” to “need to share”: Tangled pro, for Technology in Government. Cyberinfrastructures and “smart” world cities: Physical, governance: Perspectives on a new urban pol, information technology initiatives: Implications for programs. Organizational culture is widely held to be a major barrier to creating and leveraging knowledge. We identify a smart city as one with a comprehensive commitment, neglecting considerations of the policy and managerial side of, where a smart city initiative is developed. In the process, cities can become a catalyst for a broader techno-economic transformation combining the potential of digital and green technologies. The connotation of a smart city represents city innovation in management and policy as well as technology. By comparing the key success factors of e-government with the smart city through a prior study, some intersections were found, but the success factors of the e-government and smart city were different. Urban digital innovation office future city virtual town road smart skyscraper 3d isometric landing vector page. Mapping digiplace: The research questions of the current study include: “Is it beneficial for countries, local governments, and autonomous districts with a high level of e-government to become smarter cities with the electronic, digital, and smart introduction of information and communications technology (ICT) technologies?” “Do cities with well-developed e-governments have a similar process from e-government to smarter cities?”, and “Do cities with similar levels of e-government or smarter cities go through different development processes in terms of their socio-cultural attributes?” This study focuses on the fact that e-government and smart cities, whose academic roots arose differently over time, are evolving to address governance, including next-generation e-government, urban e-government, and civic engagement, which has expanded to digital government and platform government concepts. The proposed framework consists of five main processes: (1) web scraping-based extraction of announcements of four smart cities – Boston, Helsinki, Seoul, and Taipei, (2) text data preprocessing, (3) latent Dirichlet allocation-based modeling of strategic topics, (4) quantification of inter-topic similarities using Hellinger distance, and (5) comparison of top-down communication trends with real-world levels of urban performance. SMART CITY -INTRODUCTION • The European Union (EU);‘Europe’s Digital Agenda’ strategies • 21 smart cities and projected to increase to 88 by 2025. requires prior specific permission and/or a fee. Smart Cities: Introducing Digital Innovation to Cities offers answers, with clarifying examples, to questions that have remained unanswered for many cities. 95 of 2018. The smart city infrastructure is highly context specific and the chapter discusses some key differences between the nature of smart infrastructure in developed and developing country context. Internet in schools . The purpose of this study was to analyze and determine the readiness of the East Seram Regency in implementing the e-government system in Indonesia. in diffusion of innovation: A meta-narrative approach t. Kalagnanam, J., Paraszczak, J., & Williams, P. (2010). To situate this, the paper begins with a brief examination of urban design as a subject for investigation. Although, findings from the literature suggest that smart cities research are more aligned to technological aspects, while issues related to governance policy have not been fully explored (Praharaj, Han, and Hawken 2018). However, only little research discusses innovation in management and policy while the literature of technology innovation is abundant. Non-car mobility. Centre for Regional Research and Innovation, information technology projects in the pu, government approach to public sector reform. Queste previsioni sottolineano ancor di più la necessità d’intervenire in maniera prioritaria nelle città al fine di ridurre gli effetti delle possibili minacce che possono verificarsi a seguito di eventi critici improvvisi di natura antropica e naturale. Table 1. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. We offer savings of up to 96% off the RRP on design elements from thousands of independent designers. Drawing from the, personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are. This paper sees a smart city not as a status of how smart a city is but as a city's effort to make itself smart., developments in EU cities: Reshaping government's, the transformation of public administrations in, knowledge-based economy: Challenges for different city. The Administration’s Smart Cities Initiative will begin with a focus on key strategies: 2 Le numerose e complesse sfide economiche, sociali e ambientali che dovranno essere affrontare nei prossimi decenni nell’ambito del governo delle trasformazioni urbane e territoriali richiederanno l’impiego di nuovi approcci in grado di orientare lo sviluppo dei contesti territoriali verso una sostenibilità sociale, economica e ambientale. The East Seram Regency is a disadvantaged region in Indonesia with many sub-districts that do not have access to internet and electricity. The remaining options for sub-districts was hindered because it is limited by wilderness and free oceans and the APBD (Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget) in this regency is also limited. There is a need for an assessment framework, customized for the local context. Paper_The impacts of open data initiatives on smart cities: A framework for evaluation and monitoring. This knowledge is a valuable resource from which city administrations and other urban stakeholders would benefit if they were able to access it. Broad definitions. In China, smart cities are more focused on the technological issues, and pay less attention on the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, en-acted by smart people. Illustration of smart city isometry web banner, — EPS (vector file for Adobe Illustrator or import into Photoshop). Creating the smart cities of the future In PwC’s view, the relationship between these two principal stakeholders is evolving along a three- tier continuum – a journey that’s reshaping how smart city digital infrastructure will be developed, financed and delivered worldwide in the years and decades to come. Urban. Unsuccessful, Yovanof, G. S., & Hazapis, G. N. (2009). Case studies of three innovative hot spots - Austin (Texas), Oresund (Denmark/Sweden) and Manchester (UK) - suggest that local governments cannot plan urban innovativeness from scratch. Available at,, improvement-and-delivery/business-process-interoperability-,,, IBM Global Business Services. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management. 5.1 RELATION BETWEEN SMART CITY PROJECTS AND SMART CITIES . World Cities Day celebrates the vital role that strong communities play in facing the challenges of today and the future. Nell’ambito del governo delle trasformazioni urbane uno degli approcci più utilizzati per migliorare la capacità di risposta dei sistemi urbani al verificarsi di sollecitazioni esterne fa riferimento al paradigma della resilienza intesa come la capacità di un sistema, di una comunità o di una società esposta a pericoli di resistere, assorbire, adattarsi e riprendersi dagli impatti di un evento calamitoso in modo tempestivo ed efficiente, anche attraverso la conservazione e il ripristino delle sue strutture e funzioni di base essenziali. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. However, that’s only partly, time and space is misleading, because the physical context of, connecting between both the material and di. The methodological approach for this study is a systematic review, covering publications on smart cities, KM, and organizational culture. Moreover, ICT can also enhance the access to and exchange of knowledge between institutions and individuals. 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