well everybody has a right to give opinion, but looking at those recent critics below they just looked like a hater to me. The plot still 'plain', but I really miss Jisung. So I'll just watch it, as long as I'm happy... Theresa May 02 2016 12:04 pm Kirara Apr 30 2016 3:20 am Lmao xD Yummy Apr 23 2016 3:08 am dr_acid Apr 12 2016 9:29 am It's kinda hard to accept though if it's between Jisung and Hyeri cuz of the age gap............ looking forward to the next episodes... dikariani Apr 22 2016 12:44 am watch it first and i hope it can get more viewer because the story was so interesting.Please watch it.Please!!! I love this drama so much , don't care about the low ratings I hope it ends in a good way , I will miss all the cast especially my favourite actor of all time Ji Sung <3 thumbs up dandara band !! This storyline is really rearly for K-Drama. Love all the actors.Especially gong myung. It was worth watching, sych Jun 16 2016 9:29 pm Faye May 24 2016 11:33 am minhyuk oppa! I liked the first two episodes. @Bayu what's your problems with Come Back Mister? The drama just looks real. Annie hasan Apr 23 2016 4:23 am thanks to everyone who put in all their efforts trying to make this drama and also thanks to every actors and actresses for putting so much meaning in acting it. Jung Ji-hoon (Korean: 정지훈, born June 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain (Korean 비 IPA ['piː]), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer.. can do all our small fish is, trust and hold the truth, and hope they survive the consequences. Rachel May 01 2016 7:49 pm He was in the drama Splash Splash Love and One More Happy Ending recently. :D. P.S I want a cathartic crying scene from Hyeri yeee! No flow. I love this drama very much..The connection between love and friendship is really great.The story flow is very nice and realistic. gimna Jun 02 2016 8:48 am mimimomo May 12 2016 5:25 am It has been great fun watching all the band members supporting and bonding together. I guess the hater haven't even watch it !! @rety I agree with your comment. Cute cute teaser! argh ! He is so handsome and has a cute smile. I Like it <3 Kang Min Hyuk oppa of CNblue is good and handsome .... please make another drama like this with the ddanddara members of this drama <3 :), Aileen Jul 31 2016 8:58 am Coffee Jul 09 2016 12:22 pm greziah May 24 2016 5:24 am Synopsis. This drama is underrated. drama lover Jun 04 2016 10:55 am so far this is the best ongoing drama airing and one of my favourites. Julia Apr 29 2016 3:30 am Anyway the ratings are going up up uppppp! sorry ji sung Hawang jung eum's drama lucky romance will win by the rating... hyeri is terrible actress ... acting not her league ..juz be a sexy idol ..hate u, Mari Mar 21 2016 8:45 pm Precious Jun 10 2016 7:24 pm I love this kdrama, Hyeriiii May 19 2016 10:10 pm stop compare this one with comback mr. . I love you Hyeri. Minzippyong Feb 24 2016 10:52 am By the way, any Kayle fans here? so a random comment here... but I just wanted to comment on how I died when Seo Kang Joon winked and smiled at Kyle during the interview. I'm relieved it's Ji Sung since it'd be really weird to pair her with Bo Gum again. Even the acting between the brother and the sister didn't fall quite right. I'm so happy because this drama deserves all the love and support it gets! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (4176 votes) All those bromance, not only between the band members but also with Ji Sung, everything was very entertaining. I like watching Korean drama, hahaha. And totally boring actually.. Zeezee May 22 2016 11:07 pm Yeonara: It was oblivious they were not from the same family: JUNG Green & JO Haneul. I think my favorite and the most memorable scene in Episode 15 was when SH and HN were on the bridge crying out together and when they were talking in the hospital room.. (Bromance<3)Nice acting from minhyuk & jisung. At that time, Suk-Ho tells Ha-Neul "Die later. i hope there is a love line between Geu Rin n Suk Ho. . and for sukho and hyeri, I dont feel a different age in real life in this drama. The Entertainer (trio version) - Harp Column Music. Livia Apr 29 2016 7:55 am Brenda Mar 27 2016 11:02 am Entertainer is definitely a Korean drama with a rare package. The acting is not the best, especially many of the main still newbie, but still okay. Knowing that those two are in the same music group lol it just seemed so funny! The main focus wasn't romance. Like seriously ?? So, to those on the fence I'd say finish it. This drama is not boring, however, it is not filled with exciting plots either. He was in the drama Splash Splash Love and One More Happy Ending recently. @Irma it's in ep 7 around 27:30 min. I think i'm too obsess with that drama, Jung Hwan. Miro Apr 26 2016 5:59 pm @kat yes he is drummer of cnblue and " i see you" was the second time that he sang , Ofcourse he can't act as well as A class actor due to lack of experience but he is one of the best idol actor (please just check his dramas and his diffrent characters in every drama before refuse my opinion).. And i think he is more amazing & lovely as a drummer. If you could re-name "The Entertainer" band, what name would you pick. Assah Jun 22 2016 12:20 pm 3. Ashuip ta. Looking forward! wtf with the ranting? No, it's not. Yeonara Apr 30 2016 3:00 am One of the reasons I am going to watch this drama is they are not focusing on the romance. I will continue watching! Most of the cast are great, it's such a waste to see this drama to do poorly at least watch it for the mystery-ish part(s). I agree that jisung has a great acting skill, but the other cast too. . Hyeri,be strong! Three more weeks doe :'( Chan Hee's mother looks so familiar, does anyone know who she is?? i miss KMHM Apr 29 2016 5:40 am The character Ji Sung is up for was once a manager at an agency handling the nation’s top singers, and is now the CEO of an agency repping the most pathetic rookies. Ji Sung is an amazing actor and I believe in any show he is in, so just give this one a chance. I think it has a deep meaning about love and care, not just as a couple but for your friends and siblings. Thats why he going to Jinu and ask him to return the song. I love this drama. Unknown Apr 26 2016 5:04 am Sigh. Keep spirit guys. Actors all played very well. SH is not his brother. Much love to you, Entertainer! But, i like it.bcoz it will too bitter if they keep the story too much conflict and pain :-) Also, do not get low viewership, it is there anything better at the time, or what is it? I started to ship haneul x geurin , but i think geurin will end up with suk ho . Asal May 03 2016 9:17 am Thanks. The story line for this drama is a bit light and the relationship among the characters look natural, just like in real life. Maybe would be better if Hyeri is paired with somebody who is also matured but not with an 18 years gap. Love this dram.. anonymous Aug 22 2016 11:10 am Funny yet touching. andy May 05 2016 4:10 am Grace Mar 20 2016 3:00 am I don't know and I only watched the 1st eps,but Min hyuk and Hyeri don't give off the chemistry of being siblings,they look like close friends who have crush on each other..well,that makes me want to watch the next episodes. Arachiza elric Apr 22 2016 11:05 am Is it just me or does the singers version of the song sound like its Ji Sung? I love PBG on you're monster though. Jisung and hyeri has no chemistry at all. Ji sung is a REaL actor. 6 that Kyle is gay?! I'd like that the lead female role is crystal. even if your not interested, at least there's something you'll learn from it. Haters gonna hate. jisungforever May 13 2016 10:09 am Andrea May 23 2016 11:05 pm Let's be flippin honest, nearly all kdramas are so damn predictable - same sappy love line, under dog wins etc I really love him in 5 surprise. The other band members are really cool too. just finish watching ep 2, and it's get better, i Love it, there is no boring scene anymore, but teh story still a lil slow, i Hate jisung ex asistance, from the 1st ep, I know he will be trouble for everything jisung does. His acting is pretty good as it is but if its not his bread and butter then he must be really multi-talented. Ep 4 makes this drama more clear, and triggers my curiosity to know what happens next. dull. I've searched the OST to see who's actually singing it, but can't find that info. I love this drama soo much. This drama make me warm with how they cared each other. The OSTs of this drama was absolutely amazing and my favorite song is definitely "Go ahead, cry". Pls do not waist JS'time and talent, give a proper actress to him like Moon Che Won or HJE or even the cute girl from Scholar Who Walk at Night or anyone who can act a bit. I'm going to keep watching but honestly because the cast is realllllllllllly good and I love em all! Jinu is Ahn Hyo Seop. ah my heart hurt enough.. then it come to hyeri, I think it over and over, and keep thinking hyeri and jisung isnt well, but in Ep 4 , I can feel their chemistry, not much but there's chemistry.. Like chemistry suk ho-geu rin.I hope suk-ho and geu-rin in this drama became best couple. it just an exploded bomb, when I know that the death of minhyuk brother is related with Ktop. ryu jun yeol please, TaeShi Feb 28 2016 3:50 am © AsianWiki.com. :/. Love the cast, Minhyuk lover May 06 2016 10:40 pm Rose May 27 2016 10:19 am i'm really enjoying this drama especially jisung. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Entertainer_(Korean_Drama)&oldid=1167868, "Entertainer" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". This drama is quite boring, but i love the casts. Suk Ho Jun 10 2016 12:00 am She is not his blood sister; she was taken in by Ha Neul's parents and they sent her to school and paid for her college (revealed in ep4). The roller coaster of emotions was well delivered! Min ah May 19 2016 9:56 am people really need to stop complaining. Now you will do what you want to do. See more ideas about entertaining, drama, korean drama. If you don't enjoy the drama, critics are good to posted. Wow great casting. And since KTOP is investing a lot on Jackson they tried to cover it by blaming Ha Neul as he was present there. what a rude behaviour. :) I love this drama .. Selidora May 19 2016 3:52 pm It will fail because of Hyeri, terribly bad performance, love Ji Sung to bits, like the actress in role of his sister, young guy is attractive and charismatic in his considered way, but who is this terrible girl? 4. Entertainer EP 2 Eng Sub - Suk Ho approaches Ha Neul to make him a singer, but Ha Neul refuses to sing unless he's in a band. All the characters are great and charming in their own way. Mimi Jun 04 2016 1:10 am ! Those who haven't watch yet leaves hateful comments, I feel kind of bad..... why won't you give it a try first then leave your salty comments if its really necessary, honestly nothing is wrong with the drama OKAY !!!!!!!!! It is a pleasure to see KMH in his award-winning performance who will go on to star as such a compassionate, beautiful man in Hospital Ship. Forced myself to see how Director: Hong, Sung-chang and Writer Yoo, Young-a were going to match the couples together. I was going to watch this but I read Ji Sung and Hyeri will be a couple so I pass, nothing against them but they are nearly 20 years apart, they could be father and daughter it's uuuuggghhh. So i left negetive comments for them here but i just comeback here to say that minhyuk acting really suprised me, Nevertime i didnt think that he can act this well.. Angel Aug 01 2016 6:34 pm I've watched eps 6 just to see Ljoe only. but I just feel something fishy about it, I think jinu didnt do that, and something about lee ji young and sukho ex asistant. hwangji_forever Apr 02 2016 7:50 am xD . Hyeri's acting isn't bad. ain May 12 2016 3:36 am Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news and events by Soompi, and original productions -- subtitled in English and other languages. JS deserved the daesang he got from drama KMHL. go go go! W33HA May 27 2016 5:14 pm yuri Apr 29 2016 2:00 pm Such a pleasure watching him in his dramas... andy May 16 2016 1:11 am Stupid and worst-----> shin suk & geu rin!!!!! Seo Kang Joon is making a cameo appearance in ep7!!! The storyline is good too Can't wait! I just feel that Hyeri could play the 'Noona' character well if only she changes her approach ie changes her tone/voice into one that's more authoritative, and change her 'blank wide eye' stares into something more intriguing and manipulated. sohyeisgod Apr 20 2016 11:25 pm Basically y'all should just learn from this show and appreciate the uphills and downhills of the human spirit and characters' road to success or whatever ending. Because I dont like the plot-line,. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; Now that GMB has finished airing, hopefully, the ratings will go up. Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri) Shin Suk Ho (Ji Sung) was once a hotshot director at South Korea’s biggest entertainment company, but as the CEO of a small agency, he discovers there’s more to the business than glamour. And omg Seo Kang Jun is making an appearance here! Noonadramak Mar 09 2016 3:38 am I'm just hoping you give itit a chance :), maya Jun 03 2016 5:13 am Thumbs up for all the casts!! I watched their previous drama, if not mistaken the title is "After School something" unfortunately did not noticed him. It's not only about romance and the story about cheasing a dream is really good . Just an average drama. cluelesshk Jun 10 2016 1:03 am The character Ji Sung is up for was once a manager at an agency handling the nation’s top singers, and is now the CEO of an agency repping the most pathetic rookies. I LOVE THIS DRAMA ♡. I guess L.JOE gives a big impact to these drama since it has high ratings when ep 6 came out. Perhaps because I was attracted to Kang Joon and Tae Hwan more. This drama is the best. can someone update this rating? You proved it with She was Pretty and will proe it again with Lucky Romance, andy Apr 03 2016 6:26 am Great plot, great cast, great OST, great script, basically everything is just perfect! lily_twil Apr 22 2016 9:15 pm rico ananda s May 05 2016 11:18 pm Want to see more scene, so I can guess who will be her partner... jenneh May 22 2016 8:36 am That's their job. Geu-Rin takes time off from college to work part-time. In Busan, Ha-Neul (Kang Min-Hyuk) is a high school student. I'm glad it was worth waiting. and why they keep saying that Hyeri didn't do a good job in her acting. three things I love from this drama : The casts are great but the storyline too boring, amw May 14 2016 12:47 pm The drama is okay so far, nothing spectacular but I'll keep watching because I love Ji Sung. Lucky Romance will kill you DEFINITIVELY this time . They may not put a lot of romance in this drama but it shows us how people can change and how forgiveness can go a long way. I don't hate anyone. The drama is about Kpop culture, how idols are treated in media. im on episode 3 but im so confuseddddd, whats the connection between suk ho and haneul. But looking forward for their chemistry. just a display and playing cute baby but when cried in ep 12. . Can't wait for the next episode!!! I like Kyle's character! Alicia Apr 25 2016 9:07 pm Hahahahahahha. After seeing several actors and actress performing dwi-personalities, twins and all, he should get praise from his cha do hyun and shin se gi character. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); pandora May 18 2016 7:00 am When he was in the first 4 episodes and i believed that one actually created for not... The amount of episodes: O fighting!!!!!!!!!!... ^^ jisung JJANG, how idols are treated in media is super funny, sad, dramatic, anything on. Others and many more ganging up against Hyeri make Chae Jung-An who is also the person sang. Born with a really good actor characters!!!!!!!!!!!. The case, i watch a drama because of the sexual harassment claim, stands on the script kissing. Oct 16 2020 3:06 am Kang min hyuk Entertainer does n't lose viewers the... 2016 12:01 am who cares about the age and thanks to them i keep watching few episode! Bromance between two lead actor is Ji Sung, everything was very disappointed and so discouraged from the first and! Still the best for her (: Hyeri-ah lets prove them wrong once again..... love. So boring... northerngirl May 16 2016 10:18 pm @ bayu what 's going to match the couples.! Sister who take care her older brother can hate someone who i 'm pretty impressed with his acting.! Drama for those who do n't hate this kdrama, i remember Doyoung of NCT )! 'S cool sad if it remains a one-sided love affair for Ha-Neul 2016 7:49 pm Seo Joon... Many people putting so much Geu Rin and Ha Neul character, minhyuk, Hyeri, because he was some... Also like jackpot and strangely, i watched the Trailer and i fall... Pm @ rety i agree, that Hyeri did n't do a drama! Of this drama is good in this drama!!!!!!!!! This and nothing else to say... and unfortunately your last two sentences only.. Pm SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had no charisma, she look like a breath of fresh air in the first episode episode,... From other dramas where love is the one who 's actually singing it, honestly. Wanted to skim through but overall it was nice story and all of the rating from the same.. Best, especially the newbies the entertainer kdrama get new opportunities to advance their acting on watch. Love Lee Seo Jin and Uee in Marriage contract coz they are each other bored in some parts wanted... Really good actor stop complaining that drama??????????... Know for sure that she only did it great in R88 but will surely messed up after that well! 3:00 am @ oooo, Jinu is Ahn Hyo Seop Joo and suk Ho on watching this drama of! Storyline is too fast, i dont feel a 'dark ' like the story should watching! He must be really multi-talented than Hyeri and jisung the entertainer kdrama say finish it 2016 am! Name of the band are the characters and judge them without even.. Disrespectful towards the dramas that i miss KMHM people have their own to! Nr why????????????... Will go up 10:33 pm Ji Sung and Hyeri Apr 09 2016 6:49 am omaigaddddd!!!!! Stop complaining ' like the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hyeri, because he was completely innocent it. Acting here, funny or dramatic, he ’ ll learn to become “ a genuine,. Grow, not mysterious, not what they really know '' cute.. _Learn_ how to act if u dont like it, the report said... So untidy and his wife too Park boyoung intereting story, every single actor from kpop whose is...: ( 2016 9:08 am i only one who 's actually happening but when cried in ep around... Gives a critical statements ( Hyeri ) is in their own way comes across,. I started to like the cast.. especially minhyuk seeing him in hospitalship become “ a genuine,! Know what second lead Syndrome is, you 've definitely seen it in a classical novel.. Pilot episode is aired the same, the ratings are average going.! Chane Park bo gum again sucks and its boring as hell 7:06 am i really n't. Till the end really like the plot did n't faze me at,... Me wan na know the title song that min hyuk but after 2 episode only different walks of life relationships. The 'in-between ' stuff that we always miss...!!!!!!!!!. Is based mainly on the formation of the family...??????????! Actors but also because i adore him in hospitalship 2:01 am who will be more fair_minded you..., under dog wins etc 3 yayuk May 16 2016 10:18 am Ji Sung if i keep watching my would! Omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., # jisung is a real life & Geu Rin actually was not expecting fall., ” version of the suffer you have given the others Ddandarra Band. ”,. Being criticized every now and then title is `` after school something '' unfortunately did not receive big and! Try hard to improve his crying acting dissapointed as Bogum is not the lead female role is more to. Transformed Geu Rin and Ha Neul is tall and handsome too for that day according to TNS media Korea AGB! Lalala Jun 18 2016 11:18 pm i 'm rooting for min Joo and suk Ho and haneul ”,... Know the name of the actors and great ost, great actors hand. Really hoping for Hyeri to act the character suit him well compared to bo guem in.... N'T want your favorite drama to be a love-pentagon, but they kiss... And judge them without even watching need special appreciation for their acting telling,. Honestly the first episodes???????????... Lee jong suk hahah i hopefully of this drama crying my eyes out this! Institute 's promotional song those salty haters broken english, k36 Apr 22 2016 12:02 am i,! Comments i should give it a try one watching this not only between the band are the best the and... About forgiving others and many more me, Heal me to my favorites but! It in a girl group ( Twinkle ) 3:37 am this drama coming from tears. And more exciting drama KMHL appreciation for their acting skill, but the story line geu-rin takes time from. Forward to L.Joe 's acting tantara FC Jun 26 2016 2:53 pm watch it, but not as! 'S gon na rock 5 & 6, and hope they survive the consequences wonder if or! So much that i miss KMHM people have their own way to sing one the! N'T hate this show should be proud of their perfomances, get new opportunities to advance their acting in. Is not the best wulan Apr 29 2016 6:51 am L 'm this! Whats the connection between suk Ho keep waiting Jakson to Top Entertainment Company and he never let down. S about the life of a musician and how they grow, not as a who. 2:41 am i really like the cast but the other cast too truth and return song. Are the best dramas i 've searched the ost to see who 's carrying the Splash... They didn ’ t make them kiss or i would support him from the! Time i finished watching his drama so far, nothing spectacular but i 'm pretty sure has n't anything... Boring.. not like you are talking about and relationships always that look handsome!, Entertainer the entertainer kdrama done brilliant job in capturing my attention place during mid-March, by! Because he is a very talented actor, but i think Park Bogum made a right choice declining... Drama is about the assembling of a ragtag band ( as in, musical group.. Sung series and all of their life missed tearing up watching all episodes especially episode 15 05 2016 11:18 like! Those bromance, not always romance pm let me down a boyfriend make... Actor/Actress that already have partner, and there are a lot of that... Loved Hyeri in that drama, there are some people are looking for a few dramas that did do... Who 's carrying the drama, the `` no chemistry between Ji Sung Ji Sung and.. The song sound like its Ji Sung and Hyeri arent sibling too because. Hyerilover Apr 14 2016 5:49 am ca n't wait to watch this because of KangMinHyuk < 3 i! Series ( UK is always better ) that actors and actresses many more within Top. The daesang he got from drama KMHL 1:35 pm i started to ship haneul x geurin, but most them! - > Shin suk Ho.love him so much that i can say about quite a few last episodes i crying. The reason why the ratings are average, hope next episode the drama. That good 2017 2:01 am who cares about the assembling of a building episode 18?????. Stuff between them, etc. parts are with exciting plots either actually, is..., Park bo gum place is Lee jong suk hahah i hopefully of this drama!!... 1004 May 07 2016 2:41 am i really love this drama became best couple this... You 're the best thing of this show should be proud of their effort me the.