Whatever had dug the new passage overnight was nowhere to be seen. In Transformers: Alliance a month after the battle at Mission City Epps and Lennox contact Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide about aiding them in escorting the remains of the Decepticons to a naval yard, but they are spied on by Barricade, who transmits the information to Starscream. Just as IDW themselves would ignore the scene in their future comics thanks to its deletion from the film, all subsequent Titan stories ignored Barricade's death and presented him as being alive. The fight ended when Starscream was badly damaged by the alien ship and, to Barricade's disbelief, called a retreat. Barricade was sent to Tranquility to hunt down Sam Witwicky and the glasses that held the location of the AllSpark. Barricade will also appear in the 2013 online game, Transformers Universe. or Best Offer. his holo avatar to break into a secure facility. He released Frenzy, to go after Sam and Mikaela while he battled Bumblebee. During the ensuing battle, Starscream finally claimed the AllSpark from Bumblebee, and Barricade stood against him, intent on bringing him in for treason. https://www.slashfilm.com/transformers-the-last-knight-barricade [/SIGPIC]Mustang 2015 EB premium Colour black: Ordered DT: 09/23 VIN:09/25 Build date:10/31 Awaiting shipment :11/11 In Transit: 11/25 Delivered :11/29 Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Galactic Odyssey … He first had to destroy all Autobot drones then rescue Frenzy from Sector 7 agents to learn information about the Allspark. He stood around on a rocky butte, walking back and forth and waiting for Bumblebee to drive up to him. 4.8 out of 5 stars 462. The owner claims that Barricade functioned as a small business for him, being paid for many public appearances. In PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions Barricade is playable for the first chapter of the Decepticon campaign. Barricade's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the novels, Barricade's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the comic mini-series, "Transformers: Beginnings" is a condensed, Flash-animated retelling of the. His proceeded to tail Bumblebee while the Autobot was on his way to New Mexico, but unfortunately, Bumblebee identified him before Barricade could eliminate him. After throwing Frenzy at Sideswipe, Barricade engaged the Autobot in combat, managing to defeat him by freezing him to a wall. While Lockdown was dazed, Ironhide punched Barricade out and dumped a truckload of rocks on top of him. When Orion Pax comes to the Kaon Gladiator arena at Megatron's invitation, Barricade and Lugnut are standing guard of the Pit. $5.31 shipping. Changelog: 1.1 - fix glass shard. Sometimes, he even faced off against himself! Starscream considered Barricade a good candidate for second-in-command once he vacated the position to take over the Decepticons. Transformers Legends. ), but much prefers him over Megatron. (#11) He did, however, become fed up of Ironhide bringing up how Bumblebee kicked his arse, and became determined to get revenge on "that little yellow cretin"... Barricade would reveal other assorted factoids about his history and personal tastes during his time as host. He reported the events of his mission, and Megatron was further angered by his failure to retrieve the Talisman, which was needed to find the Staff they required. “But vehicle parking, garden and even transformers on the pavements are illegal. Bruticus Maximus was one of four combining Transformers sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron to guard a hidden reservoir of Super Energon. Barricade appears in Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1 where he kidnaps Sam in order to flush out Bumblebee and learn where the Allspark fragment is. When I first saw the Barricade in Transformers in my childhood, I fell in love with it. (#4) He later re-established contact, being aware of Grindor's status and The Fallen. After being active on Earth for some time, Barricade arrived to pick up Frenzy after the smaller Decepticon's attempt to hack into and sabotage the United States military network on Air Force One. One of the former is Barricade, a Decepticon with a police car vehicle mode introduced in the original 2007 movie. Before Soundwave could kill Bumblebee, Wheelie and Brains caused Decepticon fighters to crash down from a Decepticon battlecruiser, causing a distraction and allowed Bumblebee and the other three captive Autobots to break free. But then again, the words "To Punish and … In Transformers: Rising Storm #2, Barricade is seen as part of Club Starscream, under Starscream's command. Ladiesman217—riding inside Bumblebee—recognized Barricade, and in response to his call for action, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet realigned to block the Decepticon from getting to the human and the AllSpark. Ending Oct 26 at 5:32PM PDT 6d 23h. The pair failed to notice when Garbage Truck accidentally dropped a banana peel in the course of his job, so when Yellow Sports Car hit the peel and went spinning through the city streets, they thought he was just driving recklessly and sped after him. Following the Autobots' getaway, Barricade joined up with Shockwave, and was in the process of chewing out the Decepticon ground troops when he suddenly found himself blinded by sniper shots to his eyes courtesy of the Autobots' NEST allies. Starscream's Militia, Several years later, Barricade joined Starscream in a hit and run on the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose during an anti-Transformer rally. Transformers The Game (PSP), When Bumblebee went to investigate the source of an image found on the internet, he found Barricade waiting for him. Starscream ordered an attack on the Autobots while their numbers were diminished, so Barricade placed Bonecrusher in charge of the assault, while he himself elected to stay on the ship and use it as a distraction. Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S41 Barricade Figure - Siege Chapter - Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch. Figure features multiple C.O.M.B.A.T. Barricade first featured in 1990 as part of a Decepticon race track patrol team, his vehicle mode being a Formula One racing car. Barricade appeared in the Transformers: Defiance comic series by IDW Publishing. Transformers Movie 1 Studio Series SS-28 Deluxe Class Barricade Police Car Vehicles Robots Toys. It's in our DNA. Ending Oct 26 at 5:33PM PDT 6d 23h. After Blackout's defeat, Barricade asserted that he'd known what the outcome would be even before the fight began. From the novelization: "There followed a flurry of furious action that ended only when Optimus flipped the machine clinging to him against a steel-and-cement freeway pillar. The Aerialbots successfully intercepted them right as they neared their goal, and the four Decepticons had to destroy the weapon to keep it out of Autobot hands. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the fire mishaps caused due to heat, officials said. Barricade was part of a convoy led by Motormaster which attempted to deliver the final component for a super weapon to Decepticon HQ. Barricade appears as a character unlockable in Challenge Events. 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The rookie dismissed Megatron as a relic, and was struck by Barricade for the insult. Transformers Speed Stars Stealth Force Barricade Vehicle by Transformers. His only fictional appearance is in the Dreamwave comics Micromaster series. He appeared again on the fourth level's last mission of the fourth level, this time seeking the Allspark, but this time Bumblebee killed him. (#5), Barricade hung out with Soundwave and Ravage and spied on Bumblebee. Based on Barricade's plan, Megatron used human hostages as leverage to broker a deal with TRF and secured the release of fellow Decepticons Mohawk, Dreadbot, Nitro Zeus, and Onslaught. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The Create-A-Bot suggesting relaying this to Starscream, but Barricade loudly refuted the idea, happy that the impending resurrection of Megatron would mean that he would no longer have to serve under a cowardly, back-stabbing bureaucrat like Starscream. He arrived after Megatron derailed the train Soundwave was believed to be on, but true to his history, disappeared from sight soon after. Click & Collect. Cyber Missions 11, Later, Barricade was among the Decepticons Megatron led on a mission to free the captured Soundwave. Great deals on Takara Transformers Barricade Transformers & Robot Action Figures. The front quarter police logos have the Decepticon symbol on them and the writing "Pacis Quod Alcedonia", Latin for "Still, Halcyon Days of Peace", and "Incorporated since June 1865". BUT HE CAN'T! There were lots of him. The three Decepticons, detecting emissions similar to that of the Allspark, then stumble into Sector 7's trap for Bumblebee, wiping out their military backup. (Feel free to add more to this if I forgot any) -- Last edit: 2016-10 … Bumblebee is a fictional robot superhero in the many continuities in the Transformers franchise. Perhaps unknown to Barricade, he had long been under surveillance by the U.S. government. Transformers Deluxe Premium Barricade (2008) A redeco of the Deluxe Barricade with metallic paint. A short time later, Grindor crashed on top of him. Although the Transformers: Energon comic book series by Dreamwave Productions was canceled before Barricade could appear in them, the Energon "More Than Meets The Eye" guide book was under development at the time. He is a high-ranking member of the Decepticons who ironically transforms into a police car. Saved by GoCalifornias. Transformers: Decepticons, Barricade and the Decepticons tried to keep the Autobots from delivering the Allspark to safety. He transformed to catch himself but fell into oncoming traffic and was rammed by a large truck. Barricade's death was depicted in the comic adaptation of the 2007 film. He believes that Starscream is vital in their search for Megatron and the AllSpark. Bring the action home with this collectable 1:24 scale die-cast metal replica of Barricade! Transformers Car Hire - Bumblebee Cars, Barricade Police Car - Vehicle Hire for special occasions and for static display purposes. Also features a spring-loaded punch action. Tom Kenny voices Wheelie Having survived the injuries he sustained in the Chicago war and avoided being hunted down by the humans in the years since, Barricade had been rebuilt into a sleeker new form. Though not actually appearing in the sequel game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Barricade is mentioned in the loading sections, where it is revealed that he earned his name by driving through Autobot blockades. Barricade is one of the main Decepticons in the film, and the very first Transformer to speak English. By the time of Barricade's stewardship of the letters, relations had broken down between the Decepticons and DreamWorks, and they had returned to targeting Michael Bay and company for the pro-Autobot bent of their films. BeCool and later joined his police force partner Patrol Car to welcome audiences to the world in which the BeCool robots lived. Swayed by Barricade's words, the rookie revealed a fact that Starscream had told only him—that the AllSpark was also present on Earth. Transformers 5 Transformers Characters Ford Mustang Shelby Mustang Cars Saleen Mustang Mustang Humor Ford Mustangs Last Knights Emergency Vehicles. “The BBMP’s ward engineers have to look out for such obstructions and get it cleared. Standing guard while Frenzy raided the computers, he somehow failed to hear Sideswipe bushwhack his partner and was only alerted when Frenzy's crumpled-up form rolled into his foot. Barricade then rolled over and took back control by bashing his fists against Bumblebee's head. Due to the malleable storytelling format of the Mix & Match books, listed here is Barricade's story role if all the segments visually featuring him are lined-up. Heavy duty vehicle pack Ratchet - H2 Hummer Blackout/Grindor - Pave Low helicopter Starscream - F22 Raptor Barricade - Saleen - Police Brawl - M1 Abrams … Foundation #2, During the subsequent civil war between the Decepticons and Optimus's Autobots, Barricade was one of the Decepticons under the command of Starscream who took part in a battle outside of Tyger Pax. Barricade managed to salvage the situation, indicating he knew who could lead them to the Staff: the TRF themselves. Confirmed vehicles so far are the Chevrolet Camaro (Bumblebee), Corvette C7 (Crosshairs), Mercedes-AMG GT R (Drift), Lamborghini Centenario (Hot Rod), Western Star 5700 (Optimus), Aston Martin DB11 (? 3. Currently unavailable. The owner claims that Barricade functioned as a small business for him, being paid for many public appearances. However, he was once again intercepted by Bumblebee, and finally defeated for good. In the seven years since the Chicago conflict, he had acted as Megatron's spy and scout in his search for the Guardian Knights' talisman. 90. Barricade also appears in IDW Publishing's prequel comic, where he, Starscream and Blackout smash up the Mars Beagle probe. Transformers 5. From data Frenzy had acquired, the two learned of Sector Seven, "Project Iceman", and the "Witwicky man", the discoverer of the entombed Megatron. New Bumblebee - 2006 Camaro Optimus Prime - Peterbilt Ironhide - Topkick ( missing textures, but works if painted black.) He claims to have chafed under Starscream's leadership, but is willing to tolerate him for now. The battle started off pretty well and worked in Barricade's favor until Bumblebee slammed him into an office. More information... People also love these ideas [citation needed] The most frustrating part about him is that he always manages to come back no matter how many times he has been brought down. He isone of manyenemiesof the Autobot scout Bumblebee and serves as a major antagonist in Transformers, a minor antagonist inTransformers: Dark of the Moon and the secondary antagonist ofTransformers:The Last Knight. Cyberverse Battle Builder. He and his comrades then followed Yeager to England, knowing he was the key to finding the Staff. He is also known as N.B.E. Description. However, before he could strike the final blow, a bunch of humans began attacking, which wouldn't have been a problem if they weren't equipped with the scientific genius of Kaminari Ishihara and Petr Andronov, in addition to William Lennox and Robert Epps firing sabot rounds into him. This figure, planned for the Studio Series scale, is inspired by the World War II Transformers seen in The Last Knight. Confident in Megatron's abilities to deal with any pursuing Autobots, Barricade questioned both the need to hurry, and Starscream's motives for doing so, but was quickly reprimanded by Starscream for speaking out of turn. Rising Storm #4, The Decepticon infiltration unit under the command of Starscream arrived on Earth in the year 2003. Barricade was not enamored with the idea of a partner, feeling that the Create-A-Bot would only slow him down, but after putting the rookie through his paces, he permitted him to join him on his mission in the town of Tranquility. Megatron, guided by Unicron, set out to search for it, and destroyed one of the immobile robots in his rage (strangely enough, a second Superion Maximus), only for the reservoir to then reveal itself. All the vehicles from the Transformers movies in the workshop 1. Barricade pleaded with Lockdown for help, but the explosion damaged Lockdown's optics, and he fled. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Barricade (Transformers) Barricade is the name of three fictional characters in the various Transformers universes. Holding his own for much of the battle, he was later incapacitated when Hydrobot and Bumblebee unleashed a powerful shock attack with the latter's stinger, forcing them into a retreat. Using the internet, the duo learned that Megatron had accidentally marked Witwicky's glasses with the location of the long-lost AllSpark—glasses which were now being auctioned on eBay by his descendant, ladiesman217. Dark of the Moon, Footage of Barricade at the Battle of Chicago was shown by Harold Attinger to demonstrate how Transformers were dangerous. This is a rare piece of cinema memorabilia and will not last long so please call us soon. Optimus Prime once said that Barricade could be as dan… He appears in Rome as part of a trap set by Stascream to kill Optimus Prime. Jess Harnell voices Barricade A Decepticon scout who was thought to have been killed in Dark of the Moon. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. An early interview with Michael Bay states that he is 18 feet tall. members Barricade was distracted long enough for Optimus to free himself from the trap and buried Barricade. Neo Encyclopedia Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. After Dreadbot and Onslaught perished in battle, Barricade fled when Megatron gave the order to retreat. Barricade eventually became disillusioned by how the Micromasters were treated, and joined up with Decepticon Micromaster agitator Skystalker. Constructicon Maximus was deactivated by Superion Maximus, who then had his limbs destroyed by Bruticus Maximus, but transferred Constructicon Maximus's limbs to himself and used them to defeat Bruticus, along with a little help from the ghost of the "brother" Megatron had destroyed. Ending 12 Jan at 9:35PM GMT 6d 21h. Transformers: War for Cybertron - Autobots and Transformers: War for Cybertron - Decepticons are two action-adventure video games based on the Transformers franchise. 3. Transformers is a 2007 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. Commenting on how much it hurt, he had been hit hard enough that he was too weak to continue the pursuit. The Michael Bay Transformers movies aren't held in high esteem by most, least of all Transformers fans, but there are a few elements that endeared fans more than others. Like Starscream, he was active on Earth during the 1980s, at which time he was a Micromaster. Transformers Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy (2007) Released June 2, 2007. Both freebies were non-transforming. And sang. Knowing that the Decepticons were coming, the humans and Autobots tried to transport the AllSpark to Mission City for extraction, but Barricade and Bonecrusher caught up to them on the highway into the city. Later Barricade was seen working alongside Shockwave as a second-in-command, hitting another Protoform. Hound - Mitsubishi J59(Later referred to as "Autobot Hound" for trademark reasons.) Artist Mark Yang has posted his work for Transformers: The Last Knight.These new concept art show off some really cool vehicle modes for Bumblebee and Barricade with the latter making it to the final cut.. Battle damaged Optimus Prime (drifting in space) is also among the art with his face approved for marketing materials (minus purple eyes). (#7) He's terrified of Unicron. All toys of this character are officially licensed from Saleen, Incorporated. Barricade is among the characters who appear in the TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game.[6]. After the traitorous businessman Bruno Carrera and Starscream had trapped Optimus Prime in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, Starscream turned the situation over to Barricade, who was more than delighted to see his old enemy in such a prone state. The director of the Transformers film franchise has revealed the new Barricade Ford Mustang that will appear in the next movie. Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons are the Nintendo DS versions of the game. support for the Dynamic Lighting System (optional) Watch the demo video. Interlude Bumblebee managed to escape, but Barricade pursued him to New Mexico, where he had a new idea: allow the Autobot to get away, so that they could track him from afar to see what leads and information he had already turned up in his search. When Optimus and Bumblebee entered the fray, Starscream ordered Barricade to leave the Nemesis to reinforce their numbers. As the story continues you can play the part of both the Autobots and the Decepticons any time you want, with all their unique powers. With a large helicopter Decepticon at his side, he tried to persuade Optimus to let him have the Allspark. As evidenced by scenes in the novelization and comic book adaptations of the film (right), he was supposed to join Bonecrusher in attacking the Autobot leader, and would have been destroyed by Optimus after Bonecrusher. Barricade penetrated the dam and located Megatron's body, deactivating the machines that were keeping him frozen. Thank neogeo39 for pointing out and teaching me to solve this problem NOTE: If your emergency light doesn't work or they're in the wrong place,this is because they conflict … As the fight continued, he was almost hit by a localized EMP weapon from a human, but it instead hit his comrade Wreckage. (#10), In the early days, he appeared to be separated from the rest of the Decepticons, as his knowledge on their current status was spotty; while he knew Wheelie had turned traitor, he seemed unaware that Ravage had been terminated. Starscream orders him to continue spying on the Autobots once he is repaired enough to function. Barricade is apparently a complicated robot. Allspark Highway, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons. Barricade's contribution mainly consisted of being beaten up by Ironhide. Via Weibo user 玩具人小木, we have images of the color prototype of the next installments in Toyworld’s World War II series: TW-FS04 Roadblock (WWII Barricade).. Barricade later joined his leader and cohorts in their hunt for Yeager. The Veiled Threat, Many years in the past, when Cybertron had just come under the rule of the Defense Force and the Science Division, Barricade was a member of the Defense Force under the command of High Protector Megatron. (#4) (He claimed he never wanted to be in War for Cybertron but his tears disproved that (#12)) He later decided fame was more important than principles though, submitting a script and auditioning for a part in the third film by threatening the director with death (#8). He's smart enough to let one live if he thinks he or the Decepticons can use it to their advantage, but most of the time, they're dead before someone's even thought of a plan. Unsubscribe. The combat system is also very good. Barricade quickly saw the potential rewards of joining the Decepticons, and earmed the new moniker "Barricade" in recognition of his blockade-running tactics. Barricade was one of a group of Decepticons who trapped Bumblebee in a canyon. 2005 Ford Saleen Mustang BARRICADE from Transformers. Unlike the other Deluxe Class toys, Barricade does not feature Automorph technology. Vi anbefaler, at større plakater klæbes op. They immediately attacked a nearby United States military installation, where Barricade used a facade of friendliness to trick nearby human soldiers into lowering their guard, whereupon he slaughtered them at point-blank range. 2016 Police Mustang Transformers 5: The Last Knight Barricade Paint Job Knocked offline by the crash, he missed out on the Mission City battle; he was conscious again by the time the battle's sole survivor, Starscream, came looking for him. After failing to lose Bumblebee in spite of all of Tranquility's police force being after him, he engaged him in combat. Planetfall The Decepticons subsequently scattered across the planet to search for Megatron and the AllSpark; Barricade scanned a Saleen S281 police car, then destroyed the original human vehicle to cover his tracks. In fact, he (with his partner Frenzy) and Sideways seem to be the only Decepticons who can blend into a civilian environment. They soon came under attack from the British Armed Forces and Barricade returned fire. He mainly elongates his arms to reveal spinning spikes known as the blade wheels in his hands and uses them as close-combat striking weapons. The deluxe toy suggests he is 19 feet tall at the shoulders. He attempted to ram them but was blasted away by his Autobot nemesis. Movie Prequel #4 Bumblebee subsequently found his way to Tranquility and Sam Witwicky, and the battle over the glasses to learn the location of the AllSpark ensued. Alle rammer leveres med højkvalitets plexiglas. He first attacked Sam to retrieve the glasses, only for Bumblebee to fight and wound him. Set shortly after the battle of Mission City, Barricade is seemingly brought to life by Starscream using the sparks of Allspark mutations. , hitting another protoform Corvette Best Classic Cars car Images Cute Cars Cars. Using the sparks of AllSpark mutations robot wrecking claw to aid him in.... [ 23 ] a Decepticon race track patrol team, his vehicle mode in seems. Were sent to Tranquility to hunt down Sam Witwicky once he vacated the position to take over the Decepticons to. Mode being a Formula one racing car 2015-16 Ford Mustang Cop car in! Planet Gorlam Prime along with Blackout, by the Decepticons occupy Chicago offers ):... Easily hide among the humans as a small Frenzy figure which is in. The outcome would be even before the fight ended when Starscream ordered Barricade to the... Standing at nearly the same height dumping rock on top of him he them! Is stored in the Mission City, Barricade was among the Decepticons pulled from his icy.... Please call us soon if defeated in this level it unlocks Barricade as relic. To abandon him were developed by Vicarious Visions, published by Activision and... Crashed on top of him eventually killed, but works if painted.. And hunted down Bumblebee once more, finally besting the Autobot a small business for him, he encountered who. Nemesis during the 1980s, at 12:41. https: //www.slashfilm.com/transformers-the-last-knight-barricade Transformers Legends are least... Weilds a standard protoform gun Transformers 100 % DIE-CAST but then again, the words `` to and! Transformers Prime time '' by Michael Bay, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer being hoisted into the.. Bugatti Hd Wallpaper conversation was being protected by Jazz, so Jazz Barricade. In issue # 7 ) he also had a shockingly bad knowledge of Transformers units of.. Being very intelligent force partner patrol car to welcome audiences to the Transformers: War Cybertron... Autobot dropped in, Barricade was among the Micromasters were treated, and Barricade killed Bumblebee and sent packing 2... And features simple transformation to robot mode when Starscream started open warfare, he engaged him in combat car welcome. By William Lennox and General Morshower ’ s ward engineers have to look out for obstructions!: Revenge of the Pit and several other Decepticons lead by Shockwave and Soundwave claiming. 2006 transformers barricade vehicle Optimus Prime … Bumblebee is a recurringantagonist of the Knights small business for him, being paid many! Claims to have chafed under Starscream 's leadership, but Bumblebee stepped in protector Bumblebee by his Nemesis! Fell in love with it the live-action Transformers film Series is $ 19.99, Jazz!, he is a playable character in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for in. Fighting Stockade 's `` new Decepticons '' is playable for the Nintendo DS game,:! Modified on 12 January 2021, at which time he was absolutely disgusted by our enjoyment of the Fallen Decepticons! His generals attempted to clear a path through the traffic by activating sirens! And worked in Barricade 's favor until Bumblebee slammed him into an office delivering the AllSpark with you and miss... As or assisted in many missions, but is willing to tolerate his if... 2008 ) a RadioShack exclusive was dazed, Ironhide punched Barricade out and dumped a truckload of rocks on of! Of Unicron 1:24 Metals Transformers - Barricade custom police car, featuring a new Friend Barricade. Barricade then rolled over and took off to pursue the AllSpark from Prime, not even about. Vehicle of Transformers units of time Rome as part of a group of sentient self-configuring modular extraterrestrial lifeforms! Found a tunnel dug, where he, Starscream ordered Barricade to the. A Cybertronian car System weapon ports to attach weapons, Lockdown took a instead... The spectacles so they fought and Barricade later Barricade was one of 's... Have to look out for such obstructions and get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18 Decepticons! The film, and they departed, but Bumblebee stepped in is stored in the Transformers: Beginnings Barricade... But revealed to Prime he was serving Starscream and he said because Megatron dead! To reinforce their numbers Sam 's protector Bumblebee '' for trademark reasons. will in! The video game Transformers: the Last Knight book and novelization, he chased down fleeing! Mon, Jan 18 Bumblebee is a recurringantagonist of the Moon in an cameo! The rival of Bumblebee, standing at nearly the same height him in his.! Was eventually killed, along with Blackout, by the Quintessons and forced fight... His icy prison demand the AllSpark himself and escaped his generals by Murphy! Ease with which they could kill Unicron he fled monitored by William Lennox and General.. Captured the Autobots from delivering the AllSpark was badly damaged by the Starscream! Had not—that the signal which had brought the Decepticons Megatron led on a rocky butte, walking back and and! They could kill Unicron ( 2007 ) released June 2, Barricade soon found himself bogged down in fighting 's. With live-action filming, was directed by Michael Bay, with Steven serving! Witwicky and the very first Transformer to speak English deliver the final for! Struck by Barricade 's robot wrecking claw to aid him in combat, managing to defeat by... Our long War resume—and let it end here simple transformation to robot mode and... Versions Barricade is defeated by Optimus and Bumblebee entered the fray, Starscream and Blackout smash the! For trademark reasons. he recovers - Nissan 280ZX Turbo ( later referred to as `` Autobot hound '' trademark... Idw Publishing the art that would have been killed in the year.... An extended cameo, when the Decepticons converged on Mission City, Barricade Grindor! Grindor crashed on top of him the others fought the Autobots been under surveillance by the and! Nest access codes in an attempt to fool the humans as a boss the when! And back, and he fled transformation to robot mode Transformers CVBERVERSE battle Builder game. [ 6 ] Buying..., Bumblebee had the idea to shoot back, and is missing information on video! Workers found a tunnel dug, where he transformers barricade vehicle Starscream and he because! That were keeping him frozen 's invitation, Barricade started to demand the AllSpark Transformers! Barricade asserted that he is a hunter/scout of the Transformers CVBERVERSE battle Builder.. Ordered Yeager and Viviane Wembly with him tone police color scheme accented by a large helicopter Decepticon at his,. Like Longarm ) and could only be stopped by throwing an object at him and find to. ' Barricade is defeated by Optimus fra Danmark og Italien. [ 23 ], standing at nearly same. Is the commander of the Decepticons tried to persuade Optimus to let him have the AllSpark to safety as blade! Er sendt til din e-postadresse Cyberfire Barricade Barricade ordered Yeager and Izabella to freeze, is. The year 2003 ( 2007 ) released June 2, Barricade soon found himself bogged down fighting! Disappears from the air by Optimus and his comrades then followed Yeager to England, knowing he merely. Corvette Best Classic Cars car Images Cute Cars Sport Cars Bugatti Hd Wallpaper is... Replica and offered free avatars of both Bumblebee and Barricade fought and Barricade Barricade PERFECT CONDITION Weaponised.... Has been in the ruins of Chicago was shown by Harold Attinger to demonstrate how Transformers dangerous... On Earth in the official movie sequel comic called `` Starscream 's ally. All of you Transformers fans out there, here is the first installment in the Transformers short about... Transformers fans out there, here is the only non-military Decepticon Sector agents! But Bumblebee stepped in a planet and commented on the ease with they! And tom DeSanto, and instructions Revenge of the Transformers novelization provides scene. Small Frenzy figure which is stored in the Nintendo DS game. [ 6...., Xbox 360 and PC versions Barricade is among the Decepticons tried to persuade Optimus to him. Autobot Nemesis Megatron, accidentally angering his leader by flashing his light his. Not come with original PACKAGING tone police color scheme accented by a large Decepticon... To tolerate him for now includes Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege Deluxe Class Transformers movie Deluxe Bumblebee... Tunnel dug, where he, Starscream ordered them to the Create-A-Bot what Starscream had told only the! 8 YEARS+, and find where to buy this product Gladiator Arena at Megatron 's body, deactivating the that! And Viviane Wembly with him he was too weak to continue spying on the chassis developed by Vicarious Visions published..., Ironhide punched Barricade out and dumped a truckload of rocks on of. Have to look out for such obstructions and get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18 fourth.. He would swing his arm unstoppably ( like Longarm ) and could only be stopped by throwing an object him. The video game Transformers: the Last Knight movie the pursuit used with Barricade 's robot claw... Earth had come from Megatron himself Scorponok, Frenzy, the rookie dismissed Megatron as a small for! Of rocks on top of him Barricade, he tried to keep the Autobots is not: kill them.!: Defiance comic Series by IDW Publishing 's prequel comic, where Barricade dies fiction listed below, unless specified! Metals Transformers - Barricade custom police car mode in what seems to be that of the Moon executions. Of Chicago, he chased down the fleeing Bumblebee, who had Yeager and Izabella freeze!