I’m hoping Hornady and Federal add their bullets to the product mix. 8 comments. chucku Replies: 2 Views: 60 1/19/2021 8:56 PM paduce Setup for standing up bong skinny … For example, using Hodgdon’s load data for Lil’ Gun, I assembled and fired dozens of three different 147-grain JHP pistol bullets with charges up to near-max without mishap. When we compare the drawing for this with the drawing for .223 Remington we can see that everything from the base of the case to the arrow at letter A is identical. The 350 Legend also uses the same .346” bore and .355” groove dimensions as 357 Mag and 357 Max. Hornady Manufacturing Company develops and publishes reloading data for the Handbook of Cartridge Reloading.Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. 350 Legend 165 gr FTX ® Custom Item #81197 | 20/Box . To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format, click the red button below. La projection sur les falaises de 350 pieds était visible pour les navires et les avions. My Loading Data; All User Loading Data Components Bullets; Primers; Specifications . The case mouth, labeled C in the image above, measures .3780″, and the case length is 1.710″. Bullet Type Primer. The.350 Legend has a volume of 1.92 cubic inches (cu.-­in.) (The case length for 223 is 1.760″.) AeroE Replies: 6 Views: 62147 4/4/2012 10:18 AM AeroE Redding Competition Seating Dies vs Redding Micrometer Add-On to Standard Seating Die . (It’s just over a 250-­percent reduction.) We ping steel with a .300 WinMag at over a mile. Each month new loads are added to the database. The.223 Rem. share. David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. Bullets of .35 caliber for reloading rifle cartridges are both few in number and typically 0.358 inch in diameter. Powder ALL Accurate 1680 Accurate 4100 Accurate 5744 Accurate No. Catalog; Reloading Education; Safety Information; Videos; Support. The bottleneck 7.62x25 Tokarev is a fun cartridge, and handloading it increases the round's... Give a Gift   USE THIS DATA WITH ALLIANT BRAND POWDERS ONLY. Trimming each batch to uniform length proved to be an important step to ensure correct headspace. That’s when I thought to look at the chronograph and discovered both shots registered 2,650+ fps. I have sized the bullet to 0.356" with LEE sizing dies and I plan on using Hodgdon's Lil Gun data as a starting point. Take a look. Sign Up now for email offers and more news! ALL 200 gr 225 gr 230 gr 250 gr 275 gr 300 gr 325 gr. There is some solid 357 AR Max load data here, which is what the 350 Legend was built on, if that helps. Although the .35 Rem. 175 Gr. the 350 is listed as 903 ft-lbs, while the 300 Blackout is listed as 790, the 30-30 Win is listed as 781, and the 223 Rem is listed as 603. It’s also rimless and headspaces on the case mouth. The 350 minimum cartridge overall length is 2.125″ and the maximum is 2.260″. Interlock is a traditional lead tipped bullet. .350 Legend reloading data with 36 loads. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. There are several options available for receiving notifications of new posts to include via email, push notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. It looks like an interesting round, I just find it funny that Hodgdon already has data for 350 legend but it still doesn’t have anything for 458 socom years later. Loads of Bacon enjoys bullet casting, reloading, hunting, and most other outdoors activities. 350 legend loading heavy cast bullets; 350 legend loading heavy cast bullets. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler 7l. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Rifle Data; Get the Latest from Speer. And no, it is not a run out and buy one proposition right now --- you will have to inexpensively build one up out of pieces right now. Failure to do so could result in severe personal injury (or death) and/or property damage. But some of you may be interested in handloading the new round. Load Data | Warnings | General Warnings | European Warning | Safety | General Safety | Semi-Automatic Handguns | SDS | Consumer Alert | Recall Notice | European Warning | FAQ | To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. The case mouth, labeled C in the image above, measures.3780″, and the case length is 1.710″. Bobby072, Feb 24, 2020. Does anyone have load data you've personally have tested in your 350 Legend? This thread is archived . How I reload; Reloading Questions; About. Become a Load Data member, access over 300,796 load recipies. Subscribe . When I attempted to seat the first 145-grain FMJ bullet, it snagged on the inadequately flared case mouth and crumpled the case wall. You can find the actual SAAMI spec sheet here:  https://saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/350-Legend-Public-Introduction.pdf. flat nose bullets. Click "Get Data" to view results. Can cartridges be made from from anything normally available?? According to its SAAMI specs, the maximum average pressure (MAP) is 55,000 psi, so unlike similarly shaped pistol cases operating at pressures up to 35,000 psi, .350 Legend cases are more likely to stretch when fired and resized. The heart of the newest Model 70 is, of course, its action. Additionally, some reloaders have asked if they can reload 350 Legend using various component bullets that are already on the market. AlR and Chappy410 like this. hide. The all-new 350 Legend is a high-performing straight-walled cartridge that is ideal for hunters and sport shooters. Subscriber Services. MastaMarksman. Although the project started out with a scarcity of suitable bullets and encountered a couple of hitches along the way, I’ll still say any time spent at my reloading bench or at the range is a good thing. I'm surprised cfe blk and aa 1680 aren't recommended for this … The 350 minimum cartridge overall length is 2.125″ and the maximum is 2.260″. First Shots With The Ruger Vaquero Bisley 45LC, Elephant Rifles vs Pine Board Box (SURPRISING RESULTS), Hodgdon Varget VS Shooters World Precision, 50 pounds of ice VS a 50-110 WCF lever gun. Find what you need in four easy steps. Company. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. There’s a good selection of 9mm/.35-caliber jacketed pistol bullets, but because they’re typically launched at 900 to 1,300 fps, they’ll likely not be strong enough to effectively drop a deer or a hog. I’d done the same thing earlier with a batch of new .350 Legend brass without mishap, right? The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. Please go to Appearance > Sidebars and drag a widget into User Submit Sidebar. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. *Disclaimer: The load data contained on this site is intended for use with Barnes Bullets. 09-21-2019, 03:57 AM #4 Mike Gilpin and the.223 Rem.’s volume is.76 cu.-­in. There has been speculation that we might be able to load this new round in .223 Remington based brass, especially Starline’s offering of 223 Basic. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. Winchester, Hornady, and Starline offer .350 Legend cases. This was a good, baseline round, but Hornady wanted to surpass it and design a better hunting round. I also experimented with a few other suitable powders and added them to the chart. is a larger cartridge in all dimensions except bullet diameter (up to 2.525 inches COL), it operates at a much lower pressure (33,500 psi MAP). The internet lacks information on cast load data for the 350 legend. best. Also a subsonic load that will cycle an ar15. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined above. Case Trim Length C.O.L. (They do not specify what the various test bullets or loads were.). That may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s significant enough that using 223 brass in the 350 chamber could possibly result in a blown case head. I also have some of the brochures I brought home from the Winchester booth, so let’s talk numbers. Using bullets from Barnes TAC-XP, Hornady XTP, … Both shots cut one ragged hole in the target, but when I ejected the empty case, the primer was missing. The second round I fired in the Ruger American bolt gun resulted in a blown primer. That’s way too fast. Hand loading Although brass for the .350 is not that plentiful, case forming dies are obtainable from RCBS and Lyman which allow .350 cases to be easily formed from either 7mm Rem mag or .338 Win mag brass. Of course, unlike sizing revolver brass with a carbide die, the .350 Legend cases must be lubed. It seems load data for the 350 Legend is borderline non-existent on forums and Hodgdons load data is fairly limited. That’s 5.5 grains less (19+ percent reduction) than Hodgdon’s data shows as max for the 9mm jacketed pistol bullets. However looking at the 357Maximum with a 150 grain Bullet they show 23 grains of H-110 making 1724 fps from 10 BBL 350 Legend case length is 1.710″ 357Maximum case length is 1.605" The 350 minimum cartridge overall length is 2.125″ and the maximum is 2.260″ Everything went well at the range. report. Diam. The Ruger AR-556 MPR autoloader performed similarly for this report. 1.7K Views Last Post 22 October 2019; Standard Member afish4570 posted this 21 October 2019 Is the cartridge capable of shooting 175 to 180 gr hunting bullets? Bobby072, Feb 24, 2020. Now that we can see the numbers listed on the SAAMI drawing I question whether or not that will be a viable option. DO NOT EXCEED THE LOADS DISPLAYED ON THE SITE OR ALLIANT'S RELOADERS … Versatility with uniformity and accuracy. Of course, I didn’t fire any more rounds and pulled the rest of the bullets. For this report, Hodgdon provided load data for several Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester handgun propellants with burn rates from medium to slow. All Rights Reserved. Il peut également être vu de la route principale et de certains jardins à l’arrière. I’m looking for some data for a good pinking load in the 147 or 158 variety. It has “approximately 20% less recoil than 243 Win with 20% more penetration.”  And, it has “less recoil than 450 Bushmaster.”  They have a couple charts that show recoil numbers with 7 lb rifles, and then a chart showing 20% gel penetration numbers at 200 yds. AR15.com Reference for Load Data. After sizing more than 300 or so cases, I developed a scheme of positioning the case in the shellholder that seemed to work about half the time! About Us; Careers; Events; News; Partners; International. Online Customer Service. The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. When Winchester’s 145-grain FMJ bullets arrived, I assumed I could safely substitute it with that recipe, especially since I seated them a bit farther out than the factory loads, i.e., increased initial combustion capacity. Only two “rifle” bullets were listed with the required but unique 0.355-inch diameter: Hornady’s 170-grain JSP and Winchester’s 180-grain Power-Point. According to its SAAMI specs, the maximum average pressure (MAP) is 55,000 psi, so unlike similarly shaped pistol cases operating at pressures up to 35,000 psi, .350 Legend cases are more likely to … Redding was one of the first to offer reloading dies. Just about everybody should have heard about the .350 Legend by now. The bullet diameter is listed as .3570″. REDUCE RIFLE AND HANDGUN CHARGE WEIGHTS BY 10% TO ESTABLISH A STARTING LOAD. The manufacturer first launched its American Whitetail .350 Legend with 170 gr Interlock bullet in April 2019. There are plenty of good .22 rimfire rifles under $300 on the market. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It will be interesting to see the reports once this makes it to the market and to the field. With light for caliber bullets (150-180 grain) loaded at 55,000 psi, the .350 Legend approaches the performance of the .35 Remington with the same bullet weights. Generations of legendary excellence, consistent performance and outstanding value continues with Winchester® “USA White Box” 350 Legend. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Source : 200 gr: … Feb 26, 2020 #8 . 6 Best Classic Pump-Action Shotguns Ever Made, Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ vs. Taurus G3c, Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS Review, Best .22 Magnum Revolvers Available Right Now, Precision Reloading Guide Part 2: Case Preparation, Black Hills Evolution of Rifle Cartridge: .308 Win. I lubed, sized, and wiped the rest of the batch clean before expanding/belling the case mouths. 350 Legend has far far more impact energy than 5.56 can have and for those familiar with .357 magnum carbines they have a general frame of reference that 350 Legend can somewhat exceed. I can credit Joe, at Real Guns for developing the load data and of course use it at your own risk, as he plainly advises in his article. is far from abusive, but the.350 Legend is positively tame. Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. ISS Prop House gives us the rundown on the guns used in Enemy at the Gate. I emptied the charged cases, readjusted the expander die, and repeated processing them—again! They were aware of the 350 and their initial assumption is that people will be able to use their .223 Basic brass, but it will likely need to be trimmed just a hair. Starting in the late 1950s, the .338-bore size gained considerable traction — thanks to the... Big bore semiauto or a lever gun? We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. Winchester is already shipping at least two bullets packaged for sale to reloaders. The .350 Legend case is a straight-wall case with a slightly tapered body so that it will reliably feed in a bolt-action or semiautomatic rifle. Sort by. For those who wish to explore full accuracy potential, neck dies can be purchased from Hornady or for more exact tolerances, from Lee (custom made). That huge difference in volume explains why the.350 Legend’s muzzle blast is much lower than that of a.223 Rem. Plus tard, le cortège funèbre s’arrêtera au carrefour du centre de Ditchling pour permettre à ceux qui y vivent de rendre hommage. ALL 125 gr 147 gr 170 gr 180 gr. 175 Gr. About; Disclaimer; Contact; Log in / Sign up.350 Legend - Manufacturer Loading Data. chucku. All the rest were jacketed pistol bullets. Product Services Support 866-286-7436. Messages: 472 Likes Received: 308 Location: Richmond, MI. It's basically a.357 Maximum rimless, so,,,,,,,anything from.38 Special to.357 Mag to approaching Maximum upper end loads..357 Max case length is nominal 1.605" 350 Legend is nominal 1.71" Should be cake using Maximum loads. I recharged all but five cases with 23 grains of the recovered but “unverified” powder. For you, we present this report. Pistol bullets of .35 caliber typically range from 0.354 to 0.357 inch (jacketed) and 0.357 to 0.360 inch (cast or swaged lead) in diameter. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. The following information comes straight from the marketing brochure that Winchester provided. 100% Upvoted. LoadData.com is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever-expanding database of loads. I used the same Lee sizing die to reduce the Speer bullets down to .356", which took about 20 minutes to do all 100 of them. I had samples of Federal’s 180-grain JSP and 160-grain Fusion bullets, (and factory load data), but they’re not yet available for the handloader. The 300 Blackout data was with a 16″ barrel, and the rest were with 20″ barrels. 877-426-7849. MastaMarksman Replies: 1 Views: 14 1/19/2021 8:58 PM FALARAK Pressure question. Cartridges; Factory Ammo; Guides . I recently purchased the Hornady Reloading book/app and they are giving away some reloading data for free. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Millions of successful hunts have proven the accuracy and deadly effect of the famous Hornady ® InterLock, ® SST, ® InterBond ® and GMX ® bullets we load into Hornady ® Custom™ rifle ammunition.. Every round of Hornady ® Custom™ ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. Rifle Data. Match bullet. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. It’s been featured in just about every gun magazine, including Shooting Times. Bullets from other manufacturers may not produce equivalent pressure or velocities; therefore, it is not recommended that this data be used with components other than as listed. This makes LoadData.com an ever-changing web site. Seems a shame the gun companies can't make a 357 Mag or 357 Max bolt gun for $300 to … They will never admit it but the 357 AR Max is the original 350 Legend. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Based on the recorded velocities, the 23-grain charge essentially duplicated the ballistics of the Winchester 145-grain factory load. Small Rifle primers are recommended to withstand the significantly increased operating pressure. Masterblaster1. Press. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. You can find that article here:  350 Legend and Reloading (SHOT Show). Match, The Future Of Special Operations Small Arms. Load Data | Warnings | Safety | General Safety | Semi-Automatic Handguns | SDS | Consumer Alert | Recall Notice | FAQ | To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. It’s also rimless and headspaces on the case mouth. Once again, I’ve learned you can’t be too careful when reloading a new cartridge or a new component. Because there’s very little difference in the .350 Legend’s case head and neck diameters, it’s too often difficult to get the case mouth aligned with the sizer die. I then decided to resize the primed cases to ensure uniform neck tension. 9 Hodgdon CFE BLK Hodgdon H110 Hodgdon H4198 Hodgdon Lil'Gun Improved Military Rifle IMR 4227 Ramshot Enforcer. Grains Vel. _____ Don't mistake kindness for weakness... We are charged with upholding the constitution, from all threats, foreign or domestic, and we will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.-Mark 0 0 0. I verified three or four charges were, in fact, 28 grains of what looked exactly like Lil’ Gun. The individual accessing this site assumes the risk of safe loading practices. Distributors; Resources. The measurements at letter B are different however. The expander die was already set, so I didn’t pay close attention to how much it flared each case mouth. At this point the 223 case measures .3759″ while the 350 case measures slightly larger at .3900″. .450 Bushmaster - Manufacturer Loading Data. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. |   I loaded those five with the same charge of Lil’ Gun right out of the bottle so I could, hopefully, satisfy myself when firing them over the chronograph that I had loaded the “right” powder to begin with. Knowing that Redding is going to produce dies, and eventually someone will publish some load data, I headed downstairs to speak with Starline about brass. Offering high velocity and low recoil, the 350 Legend is easy to shoot. Last week I reported on the little bit of information I had learned at SHOT Show concerning Winchester’s new offering, the 350 Legend. In a previous Shooting Times Quick Shot on the Ruger American Ranch .350 Legend bolt-action rifle, I concluded it was, at best, a 2-MOA combo suitable for taking deer and hogs at ranges up to 175 yards with selected ammo. You can find more information, links to all of his online content, and opportunities to support him if so desired on his Author Page. The content presented here is intended to inform, to educate, and even to entertain. I also experienced a few other problems, but they were my fault. It’s the “fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge.”  Here’s the velocities they provided: The SAAMI sheet lists 145 grn at 2,250 fps from a 16″ test barrel with a 1:16 twist. I am on a quest to make the Barnes 180 TTSX shoot in my Ruger Ranch. 350 Legend Cast Bullet Load Data. He began creating YouTube videos in 2017, and built The Reloaders Network in 2018. Well, I loaded my first 100 350 Legend rounds today, using new WW brass, LilGun powder, and Speer 180 gr. Legend? It is a place to teach, to learn, and to collaborate and interact. In fact, only about half of my test loads met that mark, so I haven’t changed my mind. Hodgdon ®, IMR ® and Winchester ® powders neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data. Bullet Type Primer. (The case length for 223 is 1.760″.) The .350 Legend case is a straight-wall case with a slightly tapered body so that it will reliably feed in a bolt-action or semiautomatic rifle. save. Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! AeroE. We're taking a look at what the Army's Elite Units are using for service rifles and what the future of SOCOM sniping looks like. One of them is the 350 Legend. https://saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/350-Legend-Public-Introduction.pdf. Hodgdon’s data sheet revealed a serious problem with reloading the new cartridge. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355” when fired from any of those three cartridges. IMR 4064 is a medium-range burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the IMR line, used for 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 308 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, and the list goes on and on.