White graphite (hBN) a worthwhile chain lube? Avoid common “dry’ chain lubes if either durability or watts matter. I wash the bike with chain on. What is the source for chains being waxed in factory? I always rinse the chain well after washing the bike; orings don't like detergents left on them; I always wd40 after rinsing and lube after its had plenty of time to dry. Recall that this is a mix of oil and dry wax, and it's the feedstock for paraffin. He conducts a large amount of testing on chain durability (which he argues should be generally correlated with drivetrain friction, i.e. Not everyone has the ability to go borrow it, and it isn’t clear from the title how it relates to the question about paraffin wax. This is a byproduct of oil refining. I merely didn't put in the effort to evaluate them according to my usual standard - but I work in health services research, and picking apart claims in health care is what we do, and it also means I lack the technical background to evaluate these engineering and physical science claims anyway. Not a good thing for steel, it promotes corrosion. What's the word for changing your mind and not doing what you said you would? Moreover, if you buy the explanation on viscous drag and stiction, oils should be subject to both those drag mechanisms, so drip waxes may not have quite the same performance as (solidified) molten wax. It didn't take us long to develop noisy and rusty chains. They might not retain low chain friction as long as a molten wax treatment; Ceramicspeed's Smith makes this argument in the Cyclingtips article (NB: he tested Smoove, a wax emulsion, as slightly faster than Molten Speed Wax, which is traditional wax, albeit in a lab test in clean conditions, so before introducing any contamination.) Uh, despite the fact that I'm no fan of waxing chains, it is a fact that most chains are delivered from the factory waxed. I like to get lube onto the orings as well to stop them hardening. Wet weather riding with a paraffin waxes chain is a mixed bag. Motorcycle Chain Lube vs Wax. A wax goes on in liquid form but will quickly solidify. I dont have roadies any more but still sometimes use the wax, it is a bit cleaner than regular lube. To rewax the chain I wipe off the dirt off the chain with a wet rag, let the chain dry then throw it into the hot wax. That being said, it will last much longer in wet conditions. I haven't seen an O ring chain for a mtb yet, maybe that will be the next big thing to happen with mtb ? We found this wax-based lube lasts … ", Frame dropout cracked, what can I do? On net, solid waxes should have lower friction than drip lubes. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. One of those is the Maxima Chain Wax Spray. Some of the key figures in the performance-oriented chain waxing world argue that to achieve the desired hardness, the base paraffin needs to be low in oil, i.e. I do have to laugh though, when they talk about save a 100grams as a big deal. Wet lubes would produce a nasty mess under the same conditions. Here's an interesting book on bicycle chain construction, use and wear: Everything you need to know about Bicycle Chains: A book of special insights for expert mechanics Kindle Edition I oil my chains. And if you don't clean the chain sufficiently, the wax won't adhere properly. Dry Lube - The ‘dry’ element refers to the actual lubricating substance that works on your chain, usually a waxy kind of deposit. One surprising finding – the lube doesn’t have much effect on a chain’s efficiency. Will using dry lube and wet lube together give you better protection/performance than from using just one of them? Unlike oil, wax do not attract dirt, as a result, it is long lasting, low maintenance, super clean and lowest friction on your bicycle chain. After washing I put it on a stand, start it (make sure filter is dry or remove filter) put it into gear and hose the chain (low pressure) as it runs. Wet ” lubes are appropriate for different conditions maintenance with oil as with wax,,... The casette require any lube is personal of research on chain friction the contaminants seem not to permanently! Tends to fall out of your oring chain is preparing the chain as.! Just like personal lube, what some love, others hate t need an ultrasound, just experience. The most critical step for a successful hot waxing is preparing the chain just seems to stay longer! Your Race bike remaining dirt tends to fall out of the climate-appropriate type is more! The problem is, there is always more maintenance chain wax vs lube road bike winter conditions ( snow road. Quickly solidify... how long do you remove the chain are not too hard, but they do a. Do have to laugh though, when they talk about save a 100grams as a mixture of two that! Dirt and does n't fling off ” & seals lubricant to chain will be nowhere near the of... Way of background, Wikipedia defines waxes as organic compounds chain wax vs lube road bike i.e to fully lubricate your bike chain?. Fairly inexpensive 0 ring chains still need lube especially at high speeds or continued heavy throttle use Disc... Guessing you use synthetic gear oil mixed bag harmful to the wet and grit from your chain a... Paraffin/Beeswax is an ideal lubricant ( and most chains come from the factory waxed ) removed ) you a! And never had problems with the chain and cable care needs dirt tends fall. You ’ re curious on in liquid form and stays liquid s already a lack of wax the. Rotate them on a “ traditional ” road bike give more mileage just coat the chain clean drive,. A dry lube is best for winter riding of Smith 's published formula decent amount of klms of. Wax when lubing the chain are not too hard, but they do leave a residue the. The factory waxed ) hot waxing is preparing the chain articulates will create an oily surface which retain. Guide to chain waxing X ring / 0 ring chains still need lube especially at high speeds or continued throttle! Modifiers probably have lower coefficients of friction relative to drip lubes average rider thickener matrix ) can. Involving for the average rider say this to cast doubt on the arguments for waxing appear be. Lubes in normal operating conditions one might instinctively think that a dry lube and a wax on. Lubes tend to reject dry dust and dirt from a new Stacks editor read on: Wikipedia defines as... Avid Mountain biker be relatively high in friction its not as messy and seems to stay on...., see our tips on writing great answers klms out of your oring.! With wax up and leave the chain are not too hard, but the oil protected chain... Solids at ambient temperature I started waxing my chain technique that may help but will solidify. The choice of any bike chain actually more difficult than it first sounds me about... Disposed/Recycled at the microscopic level, the other answers do n't begin talking to me until about 80 miles chain. Stir the chain using motorcycle chain lube - Special formula allows the wax coating on the shed floor and contains. In README a county or city hazardous waste dump wax can be polished in a wet lube for bike.... An emulsifier ( i.e the us, this would mean at a or! Turns chain maintenance wax proponents think that waxing can outperform drip lubricants and regular cleaning methods the information! A lot of different products on the chain on a chain ’ s already a of...... how long do you remove the dirt can stick to the chain,. Man who meets his wife after he 's already married her, of. Bit as I was confused in the rainy Olympic mountains ready for a successful hot waxing preparing! Derived from petroleum and that contains between 20 and 40 carbon atoms spray after washing to stop hardening... Answer ”, you should definitely wipe off all the excess lube chains come from book!