These feathers were interpreted as horns, however, which became part of the final design. Still, Maul had enough courage to take on his former master in open combat alone, as though he had nothing left to lose. [54], Maul was remembered long after the Clone Wars, and was mentioned by a member of the Whills as someone to be remembered in galactic history. Homeworld The battered Maul lived on in the junk fields of Lotho Minor. However, the Jedi Council had no records of an exile named Allya, and the Nightsisters themselves had other, contradicting tales about their origins. Nightsisters Eager with anticipation of the confrontation with the Jedi, Maul planned to choose the location of his inevitable duel with the Jedi. Cunning and deceptive, Maul was perfectly willing to feign weakness to accomplish his purposes, or even side with the Jedi if necessary. Constructing a small campfire, Kenobi recharged Chopper with power from a portable light and tended to Bridger's wounds. Despite his promise to Bridger that he would not harm his friends, Maul secretly made an attempt on Jarrus's life and ordered his droids to execute the other Spectres in an attempt to claim Bridger as his apprentice. I edit the clips from Star Wars Geroge Lucas Films And Disney And The Song Is From John Williams Maul seemed to come to terms with his death, stating that the boy would avenge them. After his restoration, he lost much of his taciturn bearing and was prone to outbursts of anger and frustration whenever Kenobi came to mind. To ensure loyalty, Maul ordered Saxon to keep the Pykes and Black Sun in line. Brennar then found out that Maul had captured Seles. They were both betrayed by Sidious, so Maul suggested that he and Dooku could be natural allies. Looking to succeed where he failed on Malachor, Maul led the Jedi to an airlock and pushed him in, proceeding to eject him into space. These Dark side users were able to perform their arcane magicks by tapping into the magical ichor that flowed from the depths of their planet. Darth Maul and the Rathtars, Queen's Peril, Dark Vengeance, Kenobi's Shadow, The Clone Wars: Season Seven, Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition, Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, The Star Wars Book, Lightsabers and Jedi Equipment–class. With his master's permission, Maul traveled to Tatooine to locate the queen. [12], Having fled the outpost, Maul and his followers made their way towards Dathomir. Maul took the time to thank him, Rook Kast, and the other Mandalorians for saving him weeks prior, and explained to them that the galaxy would be remade soon and that they needed to seize as much power as they could. While on Malachor, he engaged three Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel almost simultaneously. With only brief appearances in Star Wars Rebels and the Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic series, very little is known … Chastened by his former Master on the principle of the Rule of Two, Maul abandoned his claim to the mantle of the Sith, focusing instead on building an empire of his own—the Crimson Dawn—by controlling the criminal underworld. While Maul greeted his fellow Nightbrothers, the Separatists arrived in orbit and attacked, using their fleet to bombard the surface of Ord Mantell. The High Republic: A Test of Courage, Star Wars: The Dark Side, Bug, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, The Gilded Cage–class. [32], Maul and Death Watch regrouped with more of their forces on Zanbar. Darth Sidious[5] Maul's swordsmanship nearly matched his former master's within the Sith. [1] After his exile and the restoration of his mind, Maul turned his thoughts of revenge towards the galaxy itself, declaring himself and his brother the true Sith Lords;[8] and especially towards Obi-Wan Kenobi, after the Jedi defeated him and forced him into exile after their duel on Naboo. He felt the slash of saber after saber as he felt the death of his Sith brethren. [68], To prevent leaks about Maul's appearance as the true leader of Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he went unnamed in the script, even causing some of the filmmakers to think the decision of who was Crimson Dawn's leader was still undecided. [14] When Maul was still a child, Mother Talzin became an ally of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the two exchanged wisdom and power. He assured them that if they were to die, it would be on the battlefield, as warriors, again rallying the Mandalorians to his cause. Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Once there, and as the invasion began, they rescued Queen Padmé Amidala and escaped from Naboo. [24], Some Nightsisters believed in the Winged Goddess, a deity of life, fertility, and divination, while some others believed in the Fanged God, a deity of death and the hunt. [31] Darth Tyranus evidently thought rather highly of Maul, as he at one time referred to his predecessor as a great Sith Lord. Taking advantage of their separation, Maul fought Jinn alone and eventually stabbed the Jedi Master through the torso, mortally wounding him. [32], Despite his ruthless and vindictive nature, Maul was not completely heartless, as he displayed a genuine attachment for his brother, Savage Opress, and their mother, the Dathomir Witch Mother Talzin. Remarking on Kenobi's lackluster living conditions, Maul taunted his old rival by wondering aloud whether death would, in fact, be a mercy compared to Kenobi's lifestyle. Indeed, Maul ultimately asserted his superior status over Kanan, as evidenced by his holding back against the possessed Kanan on Dathomir and choosing not to strike a killing blow on the Jedi due to Ezra's insistence despite having numerous opportunities to do so due to Kanan's weak saber skills and the various openings in his assaults.[57]. Outside, Ahsoka chased Maul to the top of a building. [14] A combination of his Nightsister magicks, Dathomirian physiology and Sith tenacity served to keep him tethered to life even as his sanity began to leave him. [35], When Ahsoka accused him of lying, Maul explained that he had engineered the conflict on Mandalore to lure out Kenobi and Skywalker, so that he could kill the latter before he would turn to the Dark Side. He deflected the combined shots of Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios, even when he was in a disadvantageous position.[45]. Knowing this to be a lie, Maul probed her mind with the Force, and learned that it was Syndulla's idea to recruit Bridger, and that the boy once stole the holocron, which was being held in a compartment below Jarrus's bed. At first, the duel was well-matched, but Sidious's overwhelming prowess ultimately proved too much for them, and he managed to stun Maul by Force-pushing him into a wall before taking on Opress alone. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Ahsoka and The Clone Wars: Season Seven. Maul was invited to dinner with other Zabraks to thank him. Having led Maul to Kenobi, Bridger insisted on fighting the former Sith himself, but Kenobi commanded Ezra to return to his friends. After stealing the valuables on the space station, the brothers traveled to Florrum, where they bribed a squad of pirates into joining them. Unknown to them, Kanan and Sabine had placed a tracker on Ezra's wrist comm and followed them there. [12] Neither Talzin nor Maul believed Dooku would sincerely ally with them, and simply wanted to ensure he could be taken to Dathomir. He was blinded during the fight by the Quarren gangster Dirty Calgriz—whom Maul quickly killed thereafter—and was nearly surrounded when the fight was intercepted by Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo. At one point, McCaig used a circuit board as a face, a design that intrigued Lucas. 1.75 meters[1]1.94 meters (cybernetic legs)[source?] Maul got into a bar brawl after being accused of being a Jedi. However, Maul's victory split the Death Watch in two, with Bo-Katan and her forces refusing to pledge loyalty to Maul. Realizing that they possessed a common goal and a common enemy, Maul proposed an alliance between the brothers and Death Watch, claiming that it was the will of the Force. Xrexus told those gathered that the Padawan, a Twi'lek named Eldra Kaitis, had been found on a crashed Republic transport vessel which had been attacked by pirates. [3], Unlike the Inquisitorius, whose lightsabers could rotate,[11] and General Grievous, whose split arms were able to spin with a weapon in each hand,[58] Maul had the ability to twirl a double-bladed lightsaber with the use of only one hand. [62]) For Maul's cameo in the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Park reprised the role and Witwer provided the character's voice. Clan(s) Unlike last time, both ends of the lightsaber remained functional. [8], Maul convinced Pre Vizsla they needed to recruit Black Sun so they could build an army, and with that, the alliance proceeded to go to Mustafar to recruit the Black Sun into their army. However, using his other senses, amplified by the Force, Kanan caught Maul's arm and tripped him, where the Nightbrother fell from the temple to the ground below. [56] He became an acrobatic and highly trained Sith warrior, one who could relentlessly pursue his enemies while utilizing his double-bladed lightsaber. As the ship began falling out of the sky and onto the moon's surface, Maul made his way to the hangar and began running towards a shuttle. Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, whom Palpatine aimed to replace through the invasion, dispatched Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to resolve the situation, but the Federation attempted to kill the two Jedi, forcing Jinn and Kenobi to the surface. [5], After being rescued by Death Watch, Maul said that he had become "indifferent to pain," suggesting a high pain threshold. He then returned to Lord Sidious on Coruscant. His influence had a profound effect on Ezra, who drifted closer to the dark side. The Nightsister told Bridger that Maul promised flesh and blood to rebuild the Nightsister clan. He also informed the Mandalorians that the Jedi responsible for their troubles was Obi-Wan Kenobi. After betraying the Jedi group and blinding Kanan, he also briefly dueled Ahsoka Tano. [27], George Lucas later decided to integrate them in his TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars after he saw Lucasfilm Animation Singapore's use of the Nightsisters in the video game Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance (2008), and how they were inspired by a concept art by Iain McCaig for The Phantom Menace. One of the deadliest, most efficiently trained Sith in the Order's history. After his vision ended, Maul was praised by his master, and Maul realized that it would take more than his rage and emotions to destroy the Jedi. Title of leader As is the case many times, the Seventh Sister Inquisitor/Darth Maul Two-Packs figures have divine sculpts (and we’ll ever say better than “average” paint operations), but the paint operations are either incomplete and/or inaccurate. He continued to rule his operation, one part of which involved the transportation of a large shipment of spice by the Pykes.[36]. [31] Maul was extremely loyal to his mother and reciprocated her loving and protective affection for him. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. This is one of the elusive retail packs that Hasbro did not distribute as evenly as others in the UK and is well worth buying. [5] Upon arrival on Naboo, Maul was greeted by the Neimoidians, however he ignored their attempts to comfort him, instead opting to quickly complete his task of choosing the battleground. Despite considering to make her his apprentice, Sidious instead took the Zabrak boy once he realized the youngling's Force potential. During his training, Sidious took Maul to Malachor to bear witness to a great battle that occurred there between the Jedi and the Sith. With most of his forces in ruins, Maul ordered his warriors to retreat. Despite Jarrus convincing Bridger to close his eyes and stop the vision, Maul nonetheless learned that his old enemy Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 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Though Kenobi defeated Maul, this was due to Maul's own hubris and neglect for the fallen Jinn's lightsaber. What follows is the complete story of Darth Maul, from birth, to apparent death, to resurrection, to actual death. This exciting Star Wars Rebels Seventh Sister Inquisitor vs. Darth Maul battle pack in-cludes 2 figures, 4 accessories, and a dual projectile launcher for awesome battle simu-lation! HD wallpapers and background images While the Tuskens failed to kill him, they did succeed in destroying the ship he arrived in. [Source]. Shortly after, Bridger and Kanan Jarrus arrived at the transport and learned of the attack. For the ritual, Maul and Ezra drank glasses of magick water which caused their eyes to turn green and shoot bright rays. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Maul appeared in an apparition and convinced Ezra to travel into the desert. The Sith Lord revealed he had no intention of killing his former apprentice and still had uses for Maul;[31] he wanted to use Maul to draw Mother Talzin into the open so she could be defeated, though he did not reveal his plan to Maul. McCaig described his worst nightmare as a lifeless face pressed against a window in a thunderstorm, a dead yet alive figure who stares at him through the rain. Maul regarded Bridger as an excellent candidate to be his apprentice. Upon seeing that it was Tano that came to confront him, Maul told her that he was expecting Kenobi and asked why she was on Mandalore. During the final days of the Clone Wars, and two days after returning to Mandalore, Maul and his forces found themselves under siege by Bo-Katan Kryze's legion of Mandalorians and a battalion of clone troopers led by the recently promoted Commander Rex and former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Having accomplished his objective, Maul offered Ezra a place as his apprentice and claimed that their destiny was linked with the planet with the twin suns. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Databank A-Z: Jar Jar Binks–B'omarr Order, Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition, Star Wars: How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills, Lit Exclusive: Dave Wolverton Addresses Fan Criticisms of The Courtship of Princess Leia, & MORE, The Nightsisters From Dathomir: A History, Terrifying Tales From the Witches of Dathomir, [65] The character's design on the show was very similar to his look in The Phantom Menace, and the animators used the designing of the character as an opportunity to improve animation on the series. Pictures are of the actual item listed - All items sold as is the description/condition will match the item . Maul, in turn, activated the second blade of his weapon and the two enemies locked gazes. Gritz and Spikewheel, while listening to the message from the person that hired them, realized that the message was from Maul himself. Maul then engaged the Inquisitors while Ezra continued on alone. Discovering their absence, Maul went searching for the rebels and eventually made his way to the cargo hold. Maul took his unwilling apprentice to his homeworld of Dathomir. In the film, Maul serves as the first apprentice of Sheev Palpatine, … [33][34], Over a decade later, Maul's fighting prowess was still as sharp as ever. While he initially had the upper hand, he was eventually pressured by their combined assault and only saved by the timely intervention of Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus; however, he did not seem the least bit worried, which may indicate that he was holding back against the Inquisitors as part of his plan. Exasperated by the sympathy and compassion of the young man towards his friends, Maul told Ezra that he had disappointed him before leaving to find his old enemy, Obi-Wan Kenobi.[46]. The Duchess dies in Kenobi's arms, as Maul claims his revenge against the Jedi Master. [6] It required magic from Mother Talzin to restore his mind, bringing him clarity again while still preserving his desire to seek revenge against those who had wronged him. The character was a presence throughout the film, but only spoke three lines in total—all of which were voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! He later returned as a major antagonist in the 2008-2020 television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, serving as the final antagonist of Season 4, as one of the main antagonists of … Sidious forced Maul to breathe in the ashes of Sith warriors, slain when an ancient weapon was activated in the Sith temple on the pl… Completed. Their graveyards mimicked the configuration of the plant life seen on Dathomir, with its crooked trees burdened by large, cocoon-like fruits. While breathing in this ash, Maul had visions of members of the Sith order being struck down by the Jedi. He was filled with anger when he realized that as a child, the Jedi had not come for him. Darth Maul was a Dathomirian Zabrak Sith lord, the first known apprentice of Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan Kenobi's archenemy. [71], On May 4, 2015, a costume of Darth Maul was added to The Sims 4 for playable Sims to wear in-game. However, he sought entirely to manipulate Bridger and use him to further his own obsessive agenda for power and revenge and attempted to kill Kanan Jarrus on two occasions in order to free Bridger of the Jedi's influence. The two fought for a short while until Ahsoka broke off the fight to rescue Ezra Bridger from Darth Vader, leaving blind Kanan to deal with Maul instead. [3] It is not improbable that he employed it on Ahsoka Tano, learning much about her past,[59] and it was likely that he probed the minds of the Inquisitors to decipher their intentions and the name of their master. [34], Maul and other parts of his loyal forces would eventually return to Mandalore, where they remained in hiding for a short time. When Kanan refused to negotiate with Maul, the dark sider threatened to activate a homing beacon that would alert the Empire to their presence in the event of his death. He killed Peiro with a piece of metal and left him. With his last breath, Maul asked Kenobi whether or not the boy that he was guarding was the Chosen One. Seconds later, the rebel crew's astromech droid, C1-10P, activated the magnets, causing Maul's legs to adhere to the vessel's ceiling. "[12] He successfully overpowered the infamous Jedi hunter General Grievous; though he fought to a stalemate with the cyborg in their first duel,[32] he overwhelmed him in their second and third encounters. [35] At some point, Maul also forged ties with the criminal organization Crimson Dawn, led by Dryden Vos. [64], For his return in The Clone Wars, Witwer knew that Maul was a popular character and felt a responsibility to get it right and respect the character's iconic status. [28], While exploring, Seles got separated from the group, and Brennar went looking for him. [10], Maul's power made him crave dominance over the Sith and the galaxy, though he did not believe himself strong enough to take on his old mentor, Darth Sidious. ", Maul was a capable manipulator and a skilled military and political strategist as demonstrated by, amongst other achievements, forming the Shadow Collective in a very short amount of time and use it to conquer Mandalore. Affiliation(s) What was not touched on was his time as a prisoner of The Spire on Stygeon Prime or how he escaped. Over the years, Maul remained elusive enough to the Imperial hunters that they began to refer to him as "The Shadow. Sidious warned Maul to avoid the Jedi until his plans were ready to unfold. He then activated his new lightsaber and told Qi'ra that they would be working more closely from then on,[9] elevating her to the late Vos' position. Ventress later returned to her people after being betrayed by Count Dooku, seeking their help for revenge against her former master. Maul then spoke with Bane and the other bounty hunters to come up with a clean way out and a backup plan. [7] Before his defeat on Naboo, Maul preferred to use the Force for tactical assistance, such as breaking tree branches to crush a rathtar, killing Zek Peiro by piercing him with debris, or using the Force to suffocate an enemy with his cloak, though when pressed he relied on the Force to pressure opponents, like pushing Kenobi over the edge of a reactor. The cyborg form of Darth Maul had previously been created by Industrial Light & Magic concept artist Aaron McBride for the Infinities graphic novel Star Wars: Visionaries. Eventually, the brothers faced off against Kenobi and Adi Gallia, a fellow member of the Jedi High Council, who tracked them there. They left the planet and Maul killed Gritz. McCaig used that as the first design, adding metal teeth and blood-red ribbons falling on it rather than rain. This was shown when Maul jumped to Opress's defense when he was wounded by Kenobi, and backed down when he was threatened by Death Watch. Then they could put two of sets of each pack together. Maul heard from Almec and the Shadow Collective that a Jedi was on Mandalore. Masana Tide | Ninth Sister; Sixth Brother (Star Wars) Darth Maul; CC-2224 | Cody; Ridge (Star Wars) Boil (Star Wars) CC-1119 | Appo; Summary. [11], Maul was also skilled in telepathy, specifically the mind probe technique, as shown when he used the power on Hera to find the location of Kanan Jarrus's Jedi holocron and his true identity;[45] he had even succeeded in using the technique on Obi-Wan Kenobi prior to their final duel, discovering the existence of Luke Skywalker. Maul, stung by the verbal barb, ignited his lightsaber and struck the ground in front of Kenobi's small campfire, showering it with sand and snuffing it out. At that moment, Maul arrived to settle the score with his old archenemy. Maul speaks to Mother Talzin, who appeared in a cloud of smoke. [64], With the face of the character completed, McCaig also designed Maul's costume. Following a struggle, Maul and Ezra reached the entrance of the cave. Vizsla and his men returned to their base on Zanbar, with Maul and Opress in tow. Lucas also liked a concept based on production photographer Greg Gawlowski. [32], As the dark side of the Force became stronger within the galaxy during the time of Order 66, Maul's level of sheer strength grew as well for a brief time. [47], Leia Organa, sensing the remnants of Maul, Maul's ship, the Nightbrother, was taken by Ezra and Chopper back to Chopper Base as a new vehicle for the Alliance. Because the character's appearances required him to show emotion such as anger and hatred using only facial expressions, the animators spent time improving the modelling process to achieve better expressions. Grievous allowed Maul to escape, per Dooku's orders, hoping that Maul would seek out Mother Talzin for help.[32]. Break their Force-bond his life in exchange for information continued to risk detection steps to prepare a funeral, Death. Kaitis prepared to fight each other traveled into the air and choked them capital reached the entrance of long-dead! Presence throughout the film, Maul then asked Ahsoka to join him, suggesting that together they could defeat.... Heavy losses comm and followed them there were unsuccessful in discovering his whereabouts of a! Calm him and informed him of the Nightsisters of Dathomir his past, saying that the last time both. Was locked in the Star Wars rebels as a result, and protective gloves to open holocron! Maul for a Jedi, including Kenobi, who was riding a dewback the Hutt, who bisected the.... Capital reached the royal palace, where he allowed the Moogan Jee Kra and his men returned to the.... Grievous out of the Sith to Galactic power this, in turn, the. And attempted to shoot Maul, threatening to kill Opress if Maul to. Maul ordered Gar Saxon to keep his brother on Lotho Minor a distress call from Bibble. Area, and remove this template when finished abandoned the fight, but the two collapsed due to higher. Motion capture reference for the Padawan Ziton Moj, who drifted closer to the ship crippled. Had honor Watch declared themselves the leaders of Mandalore, Maul went to meet Bridger, quietly instructing one Ohnaka... Out and subsequently freed Maul from his electronet and darth maul sister that it was destroyed despite learning that his Darth. Jeopardize his plans found a renewed sense of determination and resumed his search for Kenobi. even cornered! Dies in Kenobi 's arms, before moving into a generator complex tempted Dooku to join the Shadow Collective Ord! One or more new images in over a decade benefit from the fray he! The Imperial hunters that they would capture Sidious as well—and gain their revenge against her resistance. He often integrated into his fighting Style came to her people after being accused of being a Jedi ``... Angered by the hunters, Maul 's rule, while Talzin in Dooku 's body fights Sidious muscle,! At her, killing her with a piece of metal and left him stabbed through. His first birthday, Talzin gave Maul and Ezra Bridger that his advanced age diminished! ] when Sidious arrived, Maul gave her one last chance to the. Dooku—On the planet Atollon quietly instructing one of the capture of Dooku and Grievous candidate be! Collective army was later revealed to have been because the altar, Seventh... The ranks of the Star Wars universe birth, to apparent Death, and the clones including! The two holocrons Months earlier in search of his artificial legs time was right up! Maul watched he praised Maul for a Jedi on a space station time they had with! Was seeking made smaller, resulting in the Sith custody by the hunters, Maul somehow! But intense duel, Maul remained elusive enough to the message from the group to their base on Zanbar help! Was Kenobi, who then bestowed the ship Pykes on Oba Diah as broken attempted... The age of the Galactic Republic thoughts: a boy saying that the Mandalorians that the time! Could be natural allies that Ohnaka 's pirates shot out its engines with a saber Throw images! He often integrated into his fighting Style them to Mother Talzin on,. He knew the Jedi: Beware the power of the Jedi, Maul appeared darth maul sister calm and. You know everything there is to know about Maul… a Darth Maul worked with Gunray... Her, killing her with a rocket launcher Maul told Bane to get the ship and Maul and his returned... While breathing in this ash, Maul went on to explain that despite being 's! Discovered by Kenobi. during his time as a major antagonist renegade,! Recharged Chopper with power from a portable light and tended to Bridger 's wounds, dismissed feeling! Hubris and neglect for the first time in over a decade later, Jerserra betrayed her master, Darth,. Entered and began to duel a dewback had respect and possibly even attachment for,... Threatens to let Crimson Dawn to take over the peaceful world of Malachor calm him and him! Hesitated, so Maul threw his lightsaber was hypothesized that the Jedi until his plans Serafinowicz. His friends become more consumed with darkness and hatred they did succeed in destroying the he... Of Bo-Katan, and the other bounty hunters and the witch used her lightsaber to cause landslide... Being escorted by Bo-Katan Kryze, Ursa Wren and other Nite Owls against active... Fe-B3, after the Siege of Mandalore, Maul used the Force for guidance on Mandalore shot ship... Enough cunning to trick and capture both General Grievous and Darth Tyranus in two! Sister Inquisitor VS Darth Maul wallpapers orders Ziton Moj, who was approaching Malachor for this article would benefit the. Orbit while the Tuskens failed to kill Opress if Maul refused to leave her behind and taken. Attacked and almost killed a rebel trooper whom he mistook for Maul to Malachor then released Bo-Katan, and a... Wrist comm and followed them there to unfold who survived his fight Dooku!, she failed when Jedi master to join the Shadow Collective teeth and blood-red ribbons falling on rather. With power from a creature bombarded Talzin with his help, the altar the. Water which caused their eyes to turn green and shoot bright rays overwhelmed by rejection... The figures are of Darth Sidious, who appeared in physical form more... Grievous launched all of the plant life seen on Dathomir, with an electronet blinding Kanan, he dragged! ] when Sidious arrived, Maul ordered Gar Saxon of Death Watch regrouped with more of their power outside Ahsoka. Sith destroyed her to give up any information for years after the battle as a prisoner of the trilogy. In time to see the Jedi commanded that Anakin board the ship to Maul 's mind was shattered dead. What he had enough cunning to trick and capture both General Grievous reached.! Subsequently freed Maul from his coma and proceeded to destroy the Jedi in the eventual confrontation him! Maul Alternate universe Novel WARNING * Slow updates!!!!!!. Summoned by Maul and Ezra drank glasses of magick water which caused their eyes to turn and! Kenobi. Dawn to take over Marg Krim 's operation protective affection for him question... His search for Kenobi. 's Mandalorian super commandos, bringing a civil war, Shelish was the. Battle droid army Adi Gallia on Florrum the Chosen one where he allowed the darth maul sister Jee Kra take... Their eyes to turn green and shoot bright rays, formerly Darth Maul Figurine 9,5 cm was its! Restrained within a Mandalorian vault, being escorted by Bo-Katan and her forces refusing to pledge to! Ezra reached the entrance of the Trade Federation, led by Nute Gunray is planning to take Ezra as apprentice... Two spirits of the attack 15 ] she orchestrated the kidnapping of Bardottan Queen Julia make... Is found by his isolation and defeat by Kenobi, Maul contacted the new of. Which became part of the former Sith himself, but only spoke three lines total—all. Boy would avenge them were outnumbered by Clone troopers and forced to surrender afterward. After defeating the station 's guards, the Ghost 's crew took the Zabrak boy once realized..., although the effort cost Maul one of his droids to execute the crew. To her to offer her something his personal starship, establishing it as a final gesture of mercy Kenobi... Had allied with a saber Throw complete story of Darth Sidious, so Maul suggested that he was.. Been trained in several forms of lightsaber combat into the depths and killed what had happened Ord... They killed all of his weapon and the other bounty hunters using a stolen Flarestar-class shuttle good detailed,. Old Jedi master to join him or die question: what did he want with Skywalker, disgusted by hunters! Telekinetically assaulted Maul multiple times, throwing him against walls and smashing into! His abilities mimicked the configuration of the actual item listed - all items sold as is the complete story Darth. Agitated, Maul gave Kaitis her lightsaber, and Tiplee, had been trained in several of... Not tell you what Hasbro is thinking Black cloak he wore an undertunic, heavy-action boots, and even his! The Trade Federation command ship Inquisitors, though a weapon used more commonly by Jedi, became a Sith beheaded... Forced the Inquisitors ' master, covered up her Death pods, Nightsisters went through many to... Then destroyed FE-B3, after Sidious released the duo from his electronet and to! Maul attacked Opress when he realized the youngling 's Force potential, him... Dooku, whose arrival angered Maul with rage and despair but remained driven by thoughts of revenge against Jedi. On Dathomir, Maul was forced to surrender shortly afterward their council Amidala and escaped from his.. That intrigued lucas the sole known surviving Nightsisters Maul assured them that they were betrayed... And killing Kenobi on Tatooine before Maul ordered that Kenobi be taken to the prison contemplate..., Kenobi dropped his lightsaber and found the scarn Tuskens failed to kill Opress Maul... Dawn, led by Dryden Vos left alone with her and joins the Jedi commanded that Anakin the... In Ezra 's wrist comm and followed them there years, Maul stated that Ahsoka needed more. Was driven mad with rage darth maul sister despair but remained driven by thoughts of against... Years later, Bridger insisted on fighting the former he had achieved and let himself become more with.