However, harmful digestive parasites do not generally affect bunnies, guinea pigs or other herbivores. Bunnies don't usually get worms. His normal behavior, how he feels, his various body parts, how they feel, how his belly feels when he's healthy. Answer: Congratulations on adopting Kipper and welcome to the wonderful world of bird ownership!Budgies are certainly wonderful little birds, and with proper care, you are sure to have many happy years with your new feathered friend. As well as the recommended annual visits, your rabbit may need to see the vet due to another reason, such as illness or injury. No shots are required. If you can find a vet that specializes in avian care, that’s wonderful! If you rabbit is ill and requires medical care you may see the vet quite regularly for check ups, as with if your rabbits injures itself. 1. A male and female rabbit pair will often bond together easier than two rabbits of the same sex, however many owners choose to have rabbits o… This kind of commitment is what your … This week, one of the brothers has been having regular sneezing fits — but without any eye discharge, and only slight, clear, watery nasal discharge. A knowledgeable exotic animal vet can teach you specifically what your exotic pet needs to eat to stay healthy. i was wondering as i read (on another website) you have to bring your bunny/rabbit to the bet after 3 monthes of bunny care so i dont understand? All about loving, keeping, and caring for pet rabbits. But it is important to note that animals can absolutely visit a local veterinarian more than once a year if something is wrong. Therefore, you might not need to get your rabbit vaccinated if they are a different species. So the vet can see what's normal for your bunny. If your rabbit is showing signs of sickness, he needs immediate, life-saving medical care. When you see injuries, lethargy, drooping wings, diarrhea, or other symptoms, you take them to the vet immediately. That’s usually considered a bonus to reptile ownership. Not all vets treat all kinds of animals. Before You Go . If they're separated and one rabbit comes back with a different smell or change in health, they may reject each other and begin fighting. We … However, if a turtle or tortoise gets sick or you have concerns over … Once you rabbit is vaccinated, you should keep up with their yearly boosters to keep them protected. Puppies and kittens usually have to go to the vet at least once to be de-wormed, since intestinal parasites are extremely common in carnivores. In such circumstances, you need to consult your vet about your rabbit vaccinations. You do not need to bring your bunny in for a round of shots as you might do for a cat or dog. Do hamsters need rabies shots? I'd owned my pet rabbit, a rex named Nimbus, for three days when I realized something strange. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, call your veterinarian right away: If you do not plan to breed with your rabbit, discuss desexing with your vet. Your pet tortoise or turtle will not need frequent trips to your specialized vet. The prices of your hamster’s treatment vary from vet to vet and also depend on the issue you’re treating. Pet care is a lifelong commitment to your puppy’s health and well-being. You really only need to take a rabbit in for a yearly check up or as needed if they get sick. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Given the notoriously prolific nature of rabbits, it may seem like a no-brainer choice to make. This does not apply to every vet in every country but it does apply to some, so it is always worth asking about. The vet listens to the heart, checks the visible teeth and palpate the little body some. Everywhere on the world wide web, people say that a visit to the vet would be “pure stress”. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lionheadrabbitcare_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',106,'0','0'])); You should contact your vet before booking the appointment to discuss rough costings, also some veterinary surgeries offer payment plans for bigger procedures, so that you can spread the cost over monthly repayments. However, I don't personally believe that a first-time vet visit or annual checkup is necessary for rabbits. Here are the top 5 reasons that I see our shielded indoor companions. Although I know very few rabbit owners who take their bunnies to the vet for check-ups, the. Unfortunately, many vets will not see ducks or other poultry, because they simply do not have the experience. Rabbits should see the veterinarian at least once annually, in fact it is recommended that this be increased to twice annually once the animal reaches 5 years old. Desexing your rabbit. Seldom do the U.S and Canada experience myxomatosis and RHD. Spaying and neutering are generally the responsible way to go when it comes to owning a pet. If you already have cats in your home, it's best to go to the vet before bringing the new kitten home. If you're a first-time bunny owner and have questions about the well-being of your new ball of fluff, there's no harm in going to the vet for an evaluation. Sur... As a small-scale breeder of mini-rex rabbits, I was surprised the first time I saw two of my female rabbits fighting. Although it isn't necessary for all rabbits to go to the vet, it's best to contact an expert any time that you are concerned about your bunny's health. You owe it to your beardie to go. Ethereal theme. If you have a more exotic pet, like a bird, reptile, or rodent, make sure the vet … If one rabbit needs to go to the vet, both need to go. I breed Netherland dwarf and mini-rex rabbits, so many friends and relatives view me as the go-to girl for questions about bunnies. Urinary Complaints Urinary issues range from inappropriate urination (outside the litter box) to urinary obstruction and are a common presenting complaint for my … They don't cope well with disease and injury. ", What to do About a Sexually Frustrated Male Rabbit. I had never seen him sleep. Also, rabbits are naturally prey animals. However, the cost of neutering a rabbit ranges from about $150-200 on average since they require special anesthesia. … In the wild, rabbits are easy prey, so they have evolved to show few or no signs of illness until they are on the brink of death. You don't hesitate to take individual birds to the vet as needed. A checkup or wellness exam is a regular visit where a vet will analyze the dog’s health, ask certain questions about his appetite, breed, and exercise needs. The cost may go up to a couple of hundred dollars too. 5 Common German Shorthaired Pointer Health Concerns. The main reasons why a rabbit may need to visit the vet are if he/she: It is important that any changes to your rabbits normal appearance or change in character should be reported to your vet immediately. A healthy rabbit, would ideally only need to visit the vet once or twice a year throughout his or her life, however things aren’t always that simple and with an average life span of 7-10 years, from time to time your rabbit may become unwell or injure itself which will require specialist care. When to go to the vet right away. Puppies and kittens usually have to go to the vet at least once to be de-wormed, since intestinal parasites are extremely common in carnivores. Get advice from your local vet about any health issues your rabbit develops. When I rescued my pet rabbit Nimbus, I noticed a light, musky odor as soon as I brought him home. The saying “a sick chameleon is a dead chameleon” is familiar to most keepers after few months of chameleon keeping yet. I love snuggling rabbits of all ages, but ther... As a rabbit breeder, I get a lot of bunny-related questions from prospective buers. they are common to get abcesses, so check your bunny often for swollen spots Most people (understandably) won't take sick/injured chickens to the vet, and if you are new at this, it can be an especially difficult decision. Once yhe vet told me Bam was fat, that gave me a scare, so I put him on a diet. You know that hesitation can cause disease to spread rapidly through your flock and your vet can help keep that from happening. keeps their head tilted to the side or upside down. If you can’t afford a vet visit, you can’t afford to have a pet. There shouldn't be any bruises or changes in colors along the belly. Your vet should have up to date, specific information regarding the laws in your area. We’ll share 5 of the most common German Shorthaired Pointer (or GSPs) health concerns so that you can be a prepared pup parent. Here are a few factors to consider when determining whether you should take your rabbit to the vet. And therefore, if you have any questions, it is always best to … You do not have to take your rabbit to the vet to test for worms or to treat them. – Final thoughts. The rabbit should be treated by a vet. just like any other animal, they have to be healthy to survive, so that's where the vet comes in, they make sure that the bunnies are healthy. They don't need scheduled vet care. One of the most common questions I hear is, "Do I have to take it to the vet? Do Tortoises and Turtles Need to Go to the Vet? yes they need to go to the vet and they need vaccinations too. This can be done from the age of 5 weeks old. As soon... All Content © Juniper Russo, 2008 - 2014. I breed rabbits, and I'm often surprised by how often I hear would-be bunny-owners reject the pets for fear of unpleasant odors. There isn't a set age for the first vet visit, though it's recommended to have an exam within 24 to 72 hours after adopting the kitten. The decisions to vaccinate your rabbits depends on the laws of your country and the prevalence of myxomatosis and RHD. Most responsible pet guardians know that a veterinary check-up is essential when you purchase a new cat or dog. Vet visits aren’t that expensive. Once your rabbit gets sick, it is very hard to save them (unless the illness is minor like the snuffles). The dog’s gait and movement are closely examined, and the teeth are checked for dental health. It’s hard to beat the loyalty, wit, and caring nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer. I recommend simply keeping only rabbits of one sex unless you can afford neutering. During this annual vet visit, animals will have a complete physical to check for any signs of concern. He gnaws on his cage bars for hours on end, struggling to break out. Vaccinations: In many states where exotic species such as ferrets, potbellied or mini-pigs , kinkajous and fennec foxes can be kept legally as pets, these animals require annual vaccinations to prevent illness. However, you will want to spay or neuter your rabbit … But emergencies do come up, and knowing the signs can help you make a quick decision during those crucial first moments. However, harmful digestive parasites do not generally affect bunnies, guinea pigs or other herbivores. I'm a small-scale rabbit breeder, but still very new bunny-breeding. 5 Common German Shorthaired Pointer Health Concerns. Do Rabbits Need Shots? After all, pet care doesn’t stop when your puppy reaches a certain age or when he seems to be healthy and in shape. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We think indoor cats are safe from so much, but they can still get sick. It comes as no surprise that this is no different when your pet is a rabbit. Having a pair of bunnies can help ensure they don’t become lonely when you aren’t home, but care must be taken when choosing a friend for your bunny. Owning a pet comes with certain responsibilities and their health and well being are at the top of the list. The key to this, however, is proper care!Your friend is absolutely right about the need for you to schedule a vet visit for Kipper, and I will … If you're not getting any of these things, if you start to hear a hissing or a gurgling when they're eating, if there's a foul odor coming from their mouth, these are all indications that you need to get to your veterinarian to have him take a look. But eventually you will end up with a sick or injured bird and you'll need to make a decision. Many chameleon keepers are scared to go to the vet with their animals. Theme images by, As a rabbit breeder, I get a lot of bunny-related questions from prospective buers. I've been breeding rabbits for two years and have welcomed many a happy, healthy litter of kits into the world. This was so helpful. That’s almost an Lb!!! I swear to God I didn’t realize how fat he was (400 grams!!! We’ll share 5 of the most common German Shorthaired Pointer (or GSPs) health concerns so that you can be a prepared pup parent. ). Ideally, annual and semi-annual visits will be the only veterinary attention your dog needs. And if you can’t, chances are you can still find a vet that is willing to try to help you. No matter what animal you own, an impending vet visit can be a stressful experience for both, you and your much loved pet. If you want to have your rabbit spayed or neutered, a vet's care is obviously essential. analise spira, discusses the signs to consider in answer to the frequently asked question, when do birds need to see the vet? Dogs and cats need to get vaccinated for rabies as per the law. As well as the recommended annual visits, your rabbit may need to see the vet due to another reason, such as illness or injury. A few days ago, while I was tending my three mini-rex rabbits, I no... To me, the best part of rabbit-breeding is the opportunity to hold newborn baby  bunnies. Give a brief explanation of the problem and ask if you need to bring a urine or stool sample, not feed your pet, or do anything else in particular. Healthy puppies need to start on their preventative care so that they can stay healthy, and sick puppies need treatment before their condition becomes serious or even life-threatening. The importance of neutral space in bonding Symptoms like diarrhea, no bowel movements, runny nose, red urine, and lethargy require immediate veterinary evaluation. Mary: A well bunny visit allows your vet to see the bunny when he's not sick. Rabbits should see the veterinarian at least once annually, in fact it is recommended that this be increased to twice annually once the animal reaches 5 years old. If you’re the proud pet parent of a new puppy, here is what you should know about taking your puppy to their first vet visit. Many animal welfare shelters are inundated with unwanted pet rabbits, which have been bred by accident. It is... My pet rabbit, Frodo, has turned into a terror in recent weeks. It’s hard to beat the loyalty, wit, and caring nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer. I am in the minority, I do take my girls to the vet when they are sick. Generally, if you’re going for surgery, the entire treatment will cost you around $100. The vet assured us that it was common among shelter cats, and it was nothing to be actively worried about, unless the symptoms got crazy, as you mentioned. Your new kitten should see a vet as soon as possible so its overall health can be checked. Some people may not realize this, but getting a puppy spells a three-way relationship between you, your puppy, and your veterinarian. This can vary from vet to vet and also what treatment it is that your rabbit requires, Routine check ups can cost as little as $35-50 but more complex appointments, such as those that involve neutering, vaccinations, scans, x-rays etc can be upwards of $200 to $2000 depending on the treatment your rabbit needs. In fact, many people do take their pet fish to see a veterinarian and there are many things a veterinarian can do to help keep your fish happy and healthy for longer. Additionally, updated booster shots will be given during annual visits as needed. There are no widely available vaccinations for pet rabbits, and no laws require that pet rabbits receive immunizations of any kind Most states require that pet cats and dogs receive rabies vaccines, but these treatments are unnecessary for rabbits, since they would rarely, if ever, spread the rabies. I suppose they do a rough assessment of the general demeanour of the bunny that way. Vaccinations are quick and simple and prevent again life threatening disease. They should be going to the bathroom regularly and eating well. This was really helpful i have a baby lop and i didn't know what to do so thank you. Most rabbit owners are simply unwilling to front that expense. And here’s my stern statement for the day. Period. Rabbits are social and inquisitive animals by nature and as a result require regular interaction and enrichment. Transporting your fish to the vet may seem overwhelming, but in fact is pretty simple – and we are happy to provide advice if you have any questions. I just bought a Rex (I believe) Bunny and I was told my a family member that I needed to have it checked for Scabies. Why do bunnies have to go to the vet? Each and every new rabbit-parent asks me a stream of questions about the dietary, habitat, and time requirements involved in bunny care. So it is important to maintain a good relationship with your veterinarian, and ensure that your rabbit is comfortable on the lead up to, and during the consultation, this will make any future visits less stressful for you rabbit.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'lionheadrabbitcare_com-box-3','ezslot_5',105,'0','0'])); Whilst not a compulsory part of owning a rabbit in most countries, there are a lot of nasty viruses out there that can make your pet rabbit very sick, so it is highly recommended that you get your rabbit vaccinated. This article will dispel this rumor a little.