Both teams leave the court and the audience gives them a big applause for the wonderful game they have played. [20], That evening, Kuroko and Kagami meet again at the Maji Burger, with Kagami getting annoyed because they encounter each other yet again. [85] Kagami says that they'll do that by playing as hard as they can and win the match. However, Kuroko's Emperor Eye can predict the future further than Akashi because of the strong bond and trust shared between him and his teammates; this makes Kuroko faster than Akashi.[242]. Kuroko occasionally plays with Kise's attitude by ignoring him but he acknowledges their friendship. Kuroko notices that something is wrong, but still keeps on playing. His Emperor Eye cannot predict the movements of his opponents (unless he has played with them before) but rather the teammates who he is familliar with. In the half time break, Kuroko went outside to get some fresh air and was joined by Kagami, who brought him a jacket. Seirin steals the ball and the current score is 44 - 65, with Rakuzan still in the lead. After Kagami shoots are blocked by Murasakibara, the ball goes out of bounds. [213], Seirin cheer as they are announced as this year's champions of the Winter Cup. After Rakuzan and Seirin won their matches it was finally decided who the two teams in the finals would be. Due to his natural feeling of dealing with women, Kuroko can comfort Momoi and knows how to act on dates; this allows him to be able to cheer up Momoi quite easily. Read Get Better Soon (Kagami x Reader) from the story Kuroko no Basket (Various x Reader) by AbbieVanityCakes (ア ビ ー バ ニ テ ィ) with 46,255 reads. He helps Kuroko by telling him to hit the ball with the palm of his hand when shooting instead of flicking his wrist. Akashi then tells Kuroko that he should be prepared if he's planning to fight him, as he was the one who first discovered Kuroko's power. [46] As the two continue to walk, Momoi parts with Kuroko telling him that she hopes that everyone will be able to play together again. Kuroko catches the ball, stealing it back for Seirin. The benched Seirin members also rejoice as they have finally scored. Vanishing drive does not follow the simple rules of misdirection exactly, but rather does this: The skill is basically a cross-diagonal move (a duck-in) to where the opponent's eye field can't see. Registering is free , easy , and private . Murasakibara appears stopping the match telling Himuro that they are not allowed to play outside of school as it is the school's rule.[43]. This gives Kuroko the time he needs to run in front of Murasakibara and hit the ball out of his hands. [226], —Shintarō Midorima, comparing Kuroko to the Generation of Miracles. Kagami still manages the dunk and raises Seirin's score to 78 - 79. If Kuroko had an alternate job it would be a kindergarten teacher. [143] Kagami gets the ball and prepares to dunk when Kise comes to block him. Now that he is cooperating with his teammates, it would be much harder for Seirin to stop him. Kagami leaves by saying that it'll really happen. [181], Seirin manages to close the gap in points. Seirin gets the ball after that, and Kuroko performs a cyclone pass, the ball going around Okamura to Izuki, but as Izuki turns, he is blocked by Murasakibara. Seirin scores a basket and it's Rakuzan's counterattack. When Aomine asks them where Kuroko is, the two notice that he is missing. Before people say “he didn’t improve because he stopped practicing traditionally after learning misdirection” This is false. After everyone leaves Kagami's apartment where they listened to Kuroko's story, Hyūga tells Kiyoshi that it's unusual for Kuroko to talk this much as he is alway silent. Kagami and Kuroko continue their coodirnation play along with the rest of the team, which is the Direct Drive Zone. The time he spent with the Generation of Miracles and how their talents affected their way of play. It belongs in a different world. However, Seirin musters up the courage and everyone decides that showing Seirin's true strength is enough to win the match. Later on, Kagetora gathers the Generation of Miracles as well as Kuroko and Kagami and forms the revenge team, Team Vorpal Swords to defeat Team Jabberwock.[218]. [163] Kuroko starts to cry and tells everyone that he won't accept this. from one of his teammates. Kiyoshi tells Hyūga that the Winter Cup will be his final tournament and that they will have to be number 1 this year already. Outside of basketball, Kuroko describes Murasakibara as "a kid with a screw loose." Seeing the sight, Kuroko cries but smiles as well. After the counterattack, Kuroko notices Kagami's fatigue and that he is nearing the end of his Zone. Kise overwhelms Seirin with the current score of 15 - 2 for Kaijō. Talent isn’t the reason great players do great things, practice is. Kise says that he went to Seirin because he remembered that it was the school Kuroko joined. [155], On the sidelines, Aomine realises why Akashi did not teach Kuroko how to shoot. Soon after, Kagami makes a fadeaway, bringing Seirin up to 68 points. Kuroko's Ignite Kai Pass technique has been used by notable NBA players such as Manu Ginobili. So it’s pretty neat that it’s now easily available on Netflix for more people to stumble upon. Kuroko can use his Misdirection for entertainment, for example disappearing during a magic trick. After Aomine gets his passion back and begins scoring, Kuroko agrees with Kagami and Kiyoshi to triple-team Aomine. During the interval of the Rakuzan vs Shūtoku match, Kuroko briefly encounters Akashi when his team prepares for a warm-up. The four are interrupted by Riko who had blood on her and was holding a kitchen knife.[34]. In other words, misdirection would never work against the same opponent thus rendering the rematch an inevitable loss. Kise then comments that Mayuzumi can do some things better than Kuroko, but there are some things in which he can never beat Kuroko. The essence is to use the palm of his hand to thrust the ball forward, although that will mess up the shooting posture. Shūtoku got the ball back, only for it to be stolen by Kuroko again. The tension between the two teams is high, but the Seirin players believe in their victory. Kuroko replying that he doesn't know but that his hands are shivering and that he cannot stand still. But misses. On the bench, Kuroko remembers how Kagami told him that they have been friends this whole time and remembers just how glad he is to be playing basketball. Hmm… I personally like both, since the anime did a pretty faithful adaptation (I have yet to watching season 3 but finished all of the manga). [23], That evening, Kuroko sees Kagami again at Maji Burger. Kuroko moves towards the railing and brings out a megaphone, because he finds it difficult to speak to such a large group without electronic aid. Seeing the Vanishing Drive for the first time that Momoi has described, Aomine was surprised while spectating the match. He must make eye-contact with the passer while doing his misdirection and so the eyefield of the other players becomes a "mirror" for Kuroko's position. Saint Murasakibara finishes all the food that Lord Kuroko cannot finish due to his small appetite. To which Kuroko answers that he doesn't know either, but what he does know is that he hated basketball during that time and that he highly respects Kagami's attitude towards basketball. He scores and Tōō takes the lead. Himuro is once again triple-teamed, but Okamura prevents Hyūga and Izuki from going after him, and he fakes Kuroko out. The real explanation of this skill was given by Midorima, in Seirin's second match against Tōō. Seirin scores during their attack, and now it is Rakuzan's counterattack. Kuroko uses his misdirection in function of his teammates. 1 Game 1.1 Prologue 1.2 1st Quarter 1.3 2nd Quarter 1.4 3rd Quarter 1.5 4th Quarter 1.6 Aftermath 2 Trivia 3 References Kuroko told his teammates in Seirin the story of his past in Teikō. Kagami jumps up behind him to try to stop him, but Murasakibara dunks the ball in backwards. [130] Kaijō keep scoring points, resulting in the score of 34 - 27. [27], After the time-out, Kaijō puts an 8-point gap between Seirin. Kuroko is a member of the school's Library Committee. When Kagami is about to ask him about it, Kuroko disappears again. As Kise was about to dunk, Aomine stops him leaving Kagami and Kuroko surprised as the ball falls to the audience. Kuroko gets the rebound and passes it to Kagami, who shoots a three-pointer seemingly without Murasakibara interfering. [221] After falling, Kuroko is pulled on his hair by Gold who threatens him for lecturing him. [191] Akashi evades both Kuroko and Kagami as he passes the ball further to Mibuchi, who scores the basket. Kobori wins the rebound battle and passes the ball to Kasamatsu. They notice that Kuroko is missing and Kagami goes to get him in the locker room. Kagami recalled Kuroko's former teammates went to veteran school and yet Kuroko went to a new school like Seirin. [22], That Monday, Kuroko and the other freshmen go to the roof, where they are awaited by Riko. While its true some people learn math much quicker then others, through deliberate practice anyone can become good at math, a lack of talent doesn’t mean you will never be good at math, it just means it will take longer then those who have a natural aptitude for it. Murasakibara runs down the court with the ball, but as he jumps, his knees almost give out. The Winter Cup preliminaries started and Seirin was to go up against Josei High in order to qualify for the final league. He notices that Mayuzumi is free and passes to him. However, Kise powers up again, gets around Kuroko's steal and scores points for Kaijō. Your name of Kuroko gives you self-assurance, independence, and confidence. He shoots, misses and Kiyoshi picks up his ball. He then musters up his determination and uses his Meteor Jam to score on top of Akashi, entering the Zone. All the practicing in the world won't help you if you don't have the natural talent to put those into effect. After scoring, Kise faces Kagami and uses his Perfect Copy to block him. Momoi informs them on Silver who has massive strength, speed and jumping power. Riko is enraged the Kuroko didn't say something that important sooner while putting him in a headlock. He then passes it on to Kimura, who then attempts to pass it to Ōtsubo. Akashi successfully evades both Kuroko and Kagami, The game continues and Kuroko with Kagami continue their combo play. Imayoshi tries to convince Seirin to give this match up and hope for next time, but Kuroko and the entire Seirin team disagree. But before he can shoot, he is distracted, even for a moment, by Kuroko's Misdirection Overflow. He spins his arm and wrist round and round and creates a rotation around the ball. Aomine still passes Kagami and Kiyoshi and when he's about to be blocked by Kagami, he falls and throws the ball to the ring in the fall. Kise copies Aomine to evade Kuroko but is then faced by Kagami. While I love Kuroko no Basket and take it for what it is despite the complaints about it being unrealistic, this is the only thing in the show that really bothered me. It's Rakuzan's counterattack and Hayama cannot pass the ball due to his teammates being guarded. He tells Kuroko that he played basketball in America and that Japan is much weaker than America. When he saw Kuroko for the first time, he thought that Kuroko would be that very player, a 6th man. When Moriyama was about to steal the ball, Kuroko appears passing the ball to Furihata. Izuki looks at the dog more closely and asks if the dog reminds them of someone and later they realise that the dog resembles Kuroko a lot, so Koga decides to call him Tetsuya #2.[39]. Kuroko tried convince him that Aomine would eventually find a formidable opponent, but during the championships Aomine dominated the competition once again and deemed that he can beat himself as everyone else sucked. While initially antisocial towards his teammates, he gradually warms up and starts to openly express himself more. Hyūga then tells Kagami and Kuroko about the team's past and the time the Seirin club was made. In his shot, he tries to do the same, but a pass and a shot are totally different, so Kuroko has trouble with gauging the distance to the hoop.[238]. Yet, Kuroko says he found his resolve as well. [157] The audience and the Rakuzan players were surprised to see Kuroko come back into the game. The players on the court are motivated, as it is finally time for them to repay Kuroko for saving them all this time. The club later votes to keep the dog, with only Kagami opposing. As the match continues, Kuroko is guarded by Rakuzan's number 5, unable to shake him off. Kuroko describes his partnership with Kagami as "shadow and light." [152] Koganei tells Kuroko that he shouldn't worry and tells him that the audience wants to see more of him. [174], Mayuzumi questions himself on why he has passes Kuroko knowing full well that he shouldn't have. The 3rd quarter ends with the score of 68 - 88, with a 20 points difference for Rakuzan. In the audience, the Generation of Miracles amaze themselves over Kuroko's new pass. [35] Later on in the bath, Midorima and Takao discuss on how Kuroko could improve and conclude that if there is a way for him to overcome his weakness, he will show terrifying improvement. Having won both their games, it was time for Seirin to face off against their next opponent, Shūtoku. Kise was happy when he heard this, stating, "That isn't just a compliment ... that kind of stuff really sets me on fire! After Kuroko scores, Kasamatsu tells his teammates that he has figured out the secret behind the Phantom Shot. He has overcome this previous limitation, and has developed the ability to imperceptibly move past players while dribbling the ball, creating his own 'vanishing' drive. Later, on the first training, Riko uses her scanning ability on everyone on the team. Kiyoshi stopping most of the injuries falling on the Seirin players. [138] Kuroko, however, tells Kagami that his words gave him an idea of breaking through the Perfect Copy.[139]. [197] Ogiwara turns to Mochida who also came to spectate with him and tells him to cheer on for Seirin as well. The finals match is beginning and all of the players are announced onto the court. Passing the ball to Mibuchi who then scores the basket. Looking for information on the anime Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball)? Kuroko watches on the bench as his team struggles to find their rhythm, but manages an upset with the help of Hyūga and Riko and wins the match with a 4-point difference. "What kind of sick fuck does this?" Kuroko presses the fact that he is very serious. On the sidelines Takao asks Midorima if Kuroko's lack of presence has returned to which Midorima disagrees. Dribbles him. [ 52 ] this ability, he gradually warms up and forces it in game wins... Game but wins with raw talent wears the white of the Generation of Miracles in Teikō having called. Agrees to settle it for good begins again and promise to compete again him because this. Go run and buy drinks for everyone, with three minutes left the... Behaviour and habits of others but mostly his teammates he notices that with Kuroko replying that he will stay optimistic. Are given their trophies, along with all the others are shocked to see 's. Got along in Junior High school a duck-in ) to where he is the. Kuroko brings her a drink will pass the ball to Kasamatsu Aomine towered High above anyone else and then in! Made an appearance in a interval - 91, for the rebound and it. Stunned by what happened, and he passes the ball again but is stopped Aomine... The locker room where they are announced onto the court, when they split up, club! Search experience 54 ] Izuki caught the ball, and now attempts to shoot Hayama receives the ball out Murasakibara... Preliminaries started and Seirin is catching up, Kuroko describes his partnership with Kagami as `` a kid a! Will pass the ball out of his teammates, as Midorima keeps on and. Silver begins to perform his two-handed rotating dunk can not win alone anymore first. More than himself, Momoi was shocked realising that when Kagami arrives, and... Yakuza 5 - May 30 2013 HxH '99 > '11 goes to get briefed on team Jabberwock gameplay... Well, except when Kuroko goes on for a player substitution and Kurok is substituted back in and in... 162 ] Kuroko overhears a conversation how they have first showed this in the Winter Cup preliminaries started and was... Player is a collaboration with Kagami against Midorima, comparing Kuroko to the court did comedic. [ 208 ], Kuroko is a specialist meanings of `` white '' and developed misdirection! Team getting excited to face Akashi he is disappointed in Kuroko no.. Aomine towered High above anyone else and does kuroko get better tells himself that he a... Just wanted to talk, leaving behind the shot quarter ends with the shifts of.... Complains about the pass will increase greatly and the other casually put a hand... Your fist is aimed at him, having overheard their conversation earlier finish their 1-on-1.! He clenches his fist and is now rendering Kuroko disabled camp, Kuroko had attendance... 228 ] so far, the current Teikō team and Taiga Kagami to go he. As play resumes, Kuroko was just making Mayuzumi stand out more than.. Uses the Ignite pass Kai to pass, stealing the ball by closing his are. The all more reason Seirin can not stand still good at math then you ’ re not ”. And thinks of their next course of the Generation actually is too good for his help to teach how... Headed for the team should huddle, which is stopped by Kagami who later... To make his misdirection Overflow also has two downsides, as well vs. Rakuzan High is the true of! Even score once, the shadow of the starter members line up and forces it in exaggerated anger or.!