Eldar Jetbikes, Menoth Venders) 40$ 50$… As a client looking to hire a miniature painting service, you are ultimately beholden to the “Quality Triangle”.The Quality Triangle describes the relationship between a good, fast, or cheap job. We have many options to receive parcels from overseas. anymore, just check these commission painters Example pricing Basic Standard Display Special Requests Troops (f.e. My name is Ilya (aka 'zendor'), and "Little Green" is my miniature painting studio. Check out the website. We offer a Masterclass Paint Service for the exceptional models in your collection. Below is a sampling of our past work. SHIELD/FLAG DESIGNS Board Games Offers!!! Level 4 is our Masterclass level of painting. We paint for the Wargamer and the Collector in many scales including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 54mm and 120mm. We specialise in miniature wargaming and provide a range of services. 5 talking about this. I also build and paint vignettes and small dioramas. Miniature Painting Service. Warhammer - Warhammer 40k - 40k Painting Service Display Painting Standard. Home. Aftermath Miniatures paint 28mm commissions of all kinds. Dave's Baggage Train offers a painting service for your miniatures and terrain. We price these miniatures on a grading system. If you want to know more click the button below. You don't have to wonder "who would paint my wargame or boardgame minis for me?" Painting Prices. DJD Miniatures painting service provides quality custom figure painting and offers pre-painted miniatures for sale. Site to share some brushwork. As you see in the graphic above, your choices determine how your miniature painting service will fulfill the hired project. We are now working and accept figures for painting. This is the standard of painting you will receive. 20MM Metal & (1/72)Plastic Figures - Fernando Enterprises | Article updated: 2020.03.15 Miniature painting commission services: If you don't like to paint, don't have the time or don't have the patience, there are others who can help you. Den of Imagination Studio is one of the largest painting studios which, offers worldwide services regarding miniature models. Miniature painting service. White Metal Games is a miniature painting commission service based out of Knightdale, North Carolina. Please Contact Us about your project and the solutions we can provide you. SAMPLE miniature PAINTING service RATES . We paint your miniatures with our miniature painting services. White Weasel Studio has a team of professional miniature painters.In addition to their work, they are hobbyists and this allows us to … Please email us when your parcel is ready. 40k alternative miniature painter. Painting Service. About Us. Throughout this site you will find many pictures of my work. Announcing the introduction of American Civil War figures to the online store.Painted and based for the Fire and Fury rule sets, by us, at A Brush Too Far, these 15mm figures are cast by Peter Pig miniatures and are available in a range of poses. Greetings, everyone and welcome to Little Green Painting Service! Mainly focussed on WW2 onwards, but interested in lots of other historical periods. We cater for every customer, from the collector, to the war-gaming veteran. Be sure to fill in the DoI Instruction file, to get a fast reply regarding your commission. www.abrushtoofar.com for more information and great deals on all your Fire & Fury needs. Astra Militarum Painting Service, 40k Painting Service, Bolt Action Painted, 28mm WW2 miniature tank and figures painter. NB This is the only painting standard we offer for 40k & Sci-Fi Infantry application Each figure is washed/de-grease and dried then cleaned up. GMP Miniatures offers a professional miniature painting service to help you create your perfect wargaming army! I offer a painting service to a collectors standard only. P rices from June 2020 A special Display painting service for all you 40k and Sci- Fi fans. This section distinguishes available features for each painting level. Provide us with your desired models and we will take them on to create superb miniatures that will make you the envy at your next tournament! I will not out source your figures so you will get a consistent finished miniatures. From impressive large armies to premium, showcase level painting, TAOB has you covered! These projects are usually reserved for single models and are painted by our best painters to the limit of their skill. Terminators, Trollblood Warders) 34$ 43$ 64$ Custom Mounted (f.e. I hope you … Miniature painting commission services. Please do not use postal service … Other Miniature Services: Besides our miniature painting service, we also offer other services if you want to get your army ready for the table or add additional details to make your miniatures shine on the table. You can choose between four painting levels and of course mix them if you want. Board Games Miniature Painting Services. I specialise in painting wargame miniatures in 15mm and 28/32mm scales. We will then advice you the best and cheapest way to send your package. Historical & Fantasy Miniature Figure Painter Services available and Prices. 28mm Gallery. We specialize in producing custom models for any range, including wargames (like Warhammer 40k), board games, roleplaying games, historical figures, and display dioramas. ... Prices above are for historical figures, ... Also enclose any painting … Click below for our board gaming painting galleries. Infinity minis are more detailed than most. Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Inc. HMGS, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable and educational 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to promote the study of military history through the art of tabletop miniature wargaming. White Weasel Studio provides a complete range of services to your miniature projects.. A wide range of services for your miniatures, including miniature painting service, obviously!. You can find a breakdown on our miniature painting quality, here. Whether you want fantasy or historical, a single wargaming figure a full army or a miniature painted to the highest standard we can paint … I'm a miniature figure painter offering collector quality model painting in 28mm scale. The Art Of Battle is Australia's go to miniature painting service! Memoir '44 Painted Figures for sale Bases Packaging Vehicles/Tanks Cyclist Zinnfiguren - Tin Figures-miniatures plates en étain-Fantasy figures Games Workshop Miniatures commission Painting 90MM & 120MM figures 75 - 80MM collectors' figures 54mm miniature commission painting charges 54mm plastic miniature commission painting charges 35 - … Miniature painting service. As such, they start at $6 for the simplest infantry miniatures, at standard quality (prices go up from there). Our high quality miniatures painting service seeks to provide timely, historically accurate, beautifully painted, affordable miniatures and accessories for your gaming interests, and to promote the war-gaming hobby for future generations. The end result is a display quality miniature that will be the highlight of your collection. Dave's Gallery of Miniatures Dave's Baggage Train Painting Service. Miniature Figure Painter paints Quality wargames miniatures in 15mm 20mm 28mm 60mm and single historical figures and vignettes. We provide a large range of services, such as: Assembling/cleaning miniatures; … I have 30 years experience painting miniatures and I can guarantee the work will be completed by me Andrew Wilson owner of AW Miniatures. Tactical Space Marine, Stormguard) 23$ 29$ 43$ Custom Elites (f.e. Contact Us. Aftermath Miniatures 28mm painting service guide. The price doesn't include the cost of the figures. As a client, you only get to choose two. 15mm Gallery. We offer variety of services, with great quality-price ratio! Generally, we paint a regular 28mm infantry mini for $4 per miniature, at standard quality (prices go up from there). Mostly we build relationships and hope to include YOU in our circle of gaming enthusiasts!