Lube Motorcycle Chain Without Center Stand. Posted 10 years ago What if the manual says I need to adjust the bike on a paddock stand and I don’t have one? I like to run my chain a bit looser than tighter, so that's where I'm leaving it for now. Adjust the rear wheel until there is about two inches of slack in the chain when the rear wheel is off the ground. Watch more Motorcycle Videos for Bikers videos: name is Kenyon Kluge. Motorcycle Chain Slack Your owner’s manual will tell you what the correct range of chain slack is for your motorcycle. It improves the riding experience also prolongs the motorcycle chain and sprockets life. Clean bikes chain without paddock stand how to chain clean and lube with no clean lubricate your motorcycle chain dominar 400 chain maintenance without The cause of my misfortune? To tighten the chain (reduce the slack), adjust each adjuster a quarter turn clockwise each side alternately (to keep the wheel straight) until the correct amount of free play is reached. Recent changes. How to adjust your motorbike chain tension. Bike Stand – You will need something that secures your bike from falling over and allows your rear wheel to move without touching the ground. Bounce up and down on the seat a few times and roll the bike backwards and forwards. Now, next time you can adjust the chain to this amount of free-play with the motorcycle on it’s side stand. Just make sure the axle is fully back in the adjusters when changing tension. Visit the post for more. I have a 2018 Husky TE300. It will not only make for a much quieter experience, but more importantly will reduce strain on other parts of the motorcycle. 1. Most manuals call for rotating the wheel until the tightest part of the chain is hanging underneath. Comments. Don’t be seduced by those sexy and expensive specialist chain lubes. If you don't adjust to the tightest spot, it will be too tight at that point, damaging the chain. I then put my M1200S down on the stand and the chain was TOO TIGHT! You’ve got the knowledge so now’s the time to check that chain! Turn the bike upside down, balancing on the handlebars and seat. It's worked for me every time with both types (hi-normal and low-normal or whatever the terminology is). The chain tension is different when on a rear stand vs side stand but that can be accounted for. The chain tension should be set accordingly to have a hassle free ride. Make a note of the free-play. Your shoes can easily get caught in a loosened chain during hairpin turns, resulting in painful slide outs on the trail. Lubing the motorcycle chain. For a very thorough walk through of this, check out this video by FortNine. The best motorcycle gear available, check out our online store and helpful articles to keep yourself safe on your bike. A Complete Guide To Tighten A Bike Chain With A Derailleur. Although a rear stand is not required to adjust your chain, it will make the process much easier. Adjust your chain and measure the exact distance between the centre of the swingarm spindle and the centre of the rear wheel spindle on each side of the bike. If you don't have one, check if your local bike shop or outdoor store has a "maintenance night," where you pay a small fee to access to all of their tools for the night. The first time I did my adjustment, clean, and lube I gave my buddy a six pack and he held up the back end for 2 stints of 5 minutes. - Motorcycle … Sure, if you know what you’re doing it’s not always necessary. Trying to adjust the tension of the chain drive on heating may cause physical injury to the operator and also harms the chain drive in some cases. This can sometimes be tricky with the tyre on the ground, so you may need to stand on the bottom chain to get the wheel moved forward a bit and get roughly the required amount of play. How much pressure do you have to use. (obviously buying a stand is a solution but i'm want to do it this weekend). A slackened chain will decrease your ability to transfer energy to the pedals of your mountain bike. Go for a short ride. Press down on the chain slightly to make sure it is at its lowest point. Whilst it’s possible to clean, lubricate and adjust your motorcycle chain on it’s side stand it’s gonna be easier if the back wheel is (just) off the ground. I need to adjust the derailleur on my bike, I don't have a bike stand. Now place your motorcycle on it’s side stand and check the free-play. This despite it being a major factor for both the longevity of the chain and tire, the motorcycles handl… Jump off and recheck and adjust if necessary. It appears too tight to me. Then I simply pull. It's a Grom... just pick it up and put it on something. Much easier to lift the back wheel just off the ground using the hack described below. You can either accomplish this with a wheel chock, center stand, or a rear stand… Posted 10 years ago Sure you don’t need to lubricate the areas where the grease is held in by the ‘o’ and ‘x’ rings but you still need to lubricate the rollers on the chain and you need to stop corrosion. Works for me both front and rear. Thus, we will discuss ways to clean & lube the motorcycle chain easily and effectively without making any mess. We usually pull the chain downwards and upwards to measure the distance. Don't use your torque wrench to loosen the Torx screw if it is not a reversible one, that will damage the wrench. Derailleur is the gear changing mechanism towards the back of the bike. Obviously, when the German engineer who designed your new $10K bike says to adjust your chain to 2.3 inches of slack, you should listen, even though the chain does look ridiculously loose compared to a Japanese bike. How to remove rust from chrome on your motorcycle. Meet a Community Member. The eccentric cam makes it (relatively) easy to both align the rear wheel and adjust the chain. The second time the smart S.O.B was like "I have a jack if you want to use it" I was all excited he had a motostand, until he came back from his car with the jack from his repair kit. Undo the axle bolts each side but don’t remove. I did it on my Burzig stand and had it in spec. If your chain is exceeding the recommended free play and your rear wheel axle is at the furthest limit of adjustment then it’s time for a new chain. Two things; my lack of knowledge and my  laziness. A used bike may have an after-market sprocket with a different size chain. When your chain is cold, measure the slack halfway between the sprockets by moving the chain up and down. The chain measured 30mm on the sidestand and 40mm on the centerstand. Taking proper care of the motorcycle chain is a crucial habit for a good rider. Do some of you creative guys have a solution? Bikes without a derailleur are single-speed bikes or fixies. Yup, especially if you have done the "opps, too much, the chain is … For many machines, chain slack should be between 25 and 30 millimeters (1 to 1.2 inches). whilst you lube! If you’ve sideways slack with a loose chain and you hit a big bump on the road the chain could be off the sprocket and you could be heading for an accident! Pull the primary chain taut above the front and rear rings. Is It Safe To Adjust Motorcycle Chain On Side Stand? Chain adjustment on your motorcycle is a very simple task, but one which is overlooked by many. How to Adjust Chain … Motorcycle chain maintenance, along with oil changes and tire maintenance is a crucial part of safe riding.Chains are the unsung mechanical heroes of motorcycling; they're responsible for the crucial task of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel, and without proper inspection and maintenance, can fail and cripple the motorcycle, or worse, become dangerous projectiles. It is mandatory to adjust your chain at least every 500 odd kilometers. Turn the bike upside down and clamp the handle bar stem in the jaws of a WorkMate workbench and rest the seat on the opposite end of the WorkMate work surface. Video: Fix a Bike Chain Without a Tool. If you lube your chain regularly, you will probably not need to adjust it every time you return from a ride, but as a chain nears the end of its usable life, you will need to adjust the slack more and more frequently. Do I need to change the sprockets at the same time as I replace the motorcycle chain? I use a 5 gallon bucket for my xr650r. The chain can be tightened when the bike is on the side stand but a center stand allows you to judge balance of the rear wheel better. I pondered this in my early motorcycling days until I bought one of those paddock stands which raises the motorcycle up level and stable to allow me to make adjustments and lubricate the chain effectively. Chains will also "stretch" over time, but do not shorten the chain to address this issue. If you’ve lost it (or never had it) it’s normally written on a sticker on the sidearm. This will make sure the wheel is up against the adjusters, as without a stand, it can sometime move off the adjusters. ! Here the calipers are set to 40 mm and the chain is just about at the maximum range. How do I  tell if the chain needs replacing? As a rough guide road motorcycle chain should have about 25-40mm or 1.0-1.5″ of up-and-down movement at the midpoint between the front and rear sprockets. I have ridden a lot and have never had any issues with sprocket bolts, spoke tension etc. Really dry the chain properly with a clean cloth and then apply your lube. He stuck it under my frame and up she went. Since there's no chain guide like a MX bike, a too loose chain can fall off. Don’t be tempted by laziness to do this with the engine running in a low gear to spin the back wheel. Put your bike on a bike stand, clean the chain with a chain brush by slowly rotating the back tire manually and spray on lube using the same process. But when my chain failed on the highway and locked up my rear I was very lucky not to get injured or worse. Only inner and outer sections of chain … To adjust your wheel alignment, you’re first going to need to get your bike vertical. Joint chain at lower section of chain. A simple ruler or measuring tape will do the job, but there are some nifty little gadgets which make the job easier. If you don’t have one just make sure they’re tight! Measuring chain slack is the easiest way to tell if your motorcycle chain is running at the right tension. Most bikes come with an owner's manual that tells you how to adjust the chain and the measurement to use and whether that is on the sidestand or the centerstand. Go to the opposite side to the chain and gently push your motorcycle towards the side stand until the back wheel is just off the ground. Kerosene is good. Scroll down and read the hack on how to lift the back wheel. If you can expose half a sprocket tooth or more then it’s time for a new chain. Then I have one stand at the front of the bike holding the handle bars to keep it up. Related: How to Lubricate Your Bike. If your replacement bike chain is too long for your bike, you'll need to adjust it first for safe riding. Do up the adjuster lock nuts on both sides. Lay it completely on its side (if no kickstand) Adjust a Quick Release Seat on a Bike. The chain has more up-and-down movement than recommended by the manufacturer. How To Clean Your Chain. Some mechanics say that every 750-1000 mile is about right, but it’s your chain, … Still can’t find it? I now KNOW what measurement I should have for properly tensioned chain and chain that needs to be re-tensioned, when the bike is on the stand. How to adjust your motorbike chain tension.