It is also important for Jupiter to be in favorable sign in order to have positive results amplified. All the content of this site is legally published only on this domain. The 2nd house represents family, as well as wealth, besides speech. Because Jupiter in 8th house aspects on 12th house is indicating native may enjoying bed pleasure and 2nd house aspects is indicating native expense his wealth on religious activities (8th and 12th house effect) and … Which is the strongest position of Jupiter in the birth chart? It means that Sun is in Gemini while Moon is in Leo in the natal birth chart. Being the Lord of the Natural 'Bhagyasthana' in the Kala Purusha Kundli, Jupiter is a significator of good fortune. The 9th House represents long journeys, and so does Jupiter. If Ketu is also associated, they will try in the line of liberation. Wealth is represented by the Goddess Lakshmi – from Lakshya, Sanskrit word, which means aim or goal. Taurus. Fixed/Sthira (panapara) Marakasthana (artha) 3. If Dharm trikona get connection with Jupiter then native may be very religious. Any planet owning the 3rd, 6th, or 11th will give evil … Cardinal/Chara (kendra) Kendra (moksha) 5. These houses are I house, IV, house, VII house & X house. Trikona house or Trine House Trine House In Astrology. 8)As Jupiter belongs to materialist attitude and Jupiter is Asta so it increase bad effect of materialistic attitude(3rd house is also Karam trikona) so native may be greedy and Thirsty for money and doing any work for this. Last updated on January 30th, 2020 at 02:14 pm. How bad will this be? Planetary placement with Trine to each other is very auspicious due to the harmonious balance of the triangle supplies. 10 Nov 2020 – I will say these houses not only Trine houses, I will say Magical house in astrology. 13. I hope you understand my point. Salvation is the release of a person’s soul from the cycle of rebirth. Moon rahu conjunction vedic astrology called as “Grahan Yoga”. That means ‘moksha trikona’ or spiritual trine will be very active. Kendra/Trikona (dharma) 2. Malefics (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) generally bring problems in accessing this fabulous “luck”. Earth. It is not a coincidence that from Goddess Lakshmi, the Trikona houses are also known as Lakshmisthanas, which signify luck and prosperity whereas the Kendra houses are named Vishnusthanas, after Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. 3 min read, 16 Oct 2020 – The Dasas of all planets who own Trikona houses (1, 5, 9) will be auspicious. In the same manner planets in Mool-Trikona is akin to being in 9th house as per Rashi placement [Being placed in 9th house in reality is a Bhava Placement] ... [Growing house] Jupiter have his mool-tikona in 0-10 degree of Sagittarius, 10-30 of Sagittarius and 0-30 of Pisces is his own sign. 9th House Sagittarius and it’s lord is Jupiter. It is always wise to continue to invest these blessings in a Dharmic way in order to advance spiritually even further by applying the earnings to the greater purpose by combining these blessings with the 5th house significations and thus increase the fortune. The written content of the website is copyright protected. It is not considered good for the matters involving children. The lord of the 8th house, if he should also happen to be the lord of the Lagna will prove auspicious. Required fields are marked *, What does Gemini Sun in combination with Virgo Moon mean? The generic reason why a strong 9th Dharmic house is capable of producing immense luck, gains and wealth is simply the blessing of having a pious aim and, purpose and goal. As the 1st House is part of both Kendra and Trikona, if the Sign placement is good, even Malefics can do very well here. Did you know that these mentioned effects manifest in specific periods? Individuals who have this set of combinations inherit Read more…, What does Gemini Sun in combination with Leo Moon mean? Now among those two signs planet has one of them as its mool-trikona sign or you can say is its main/permanent house. In the birth chart, look for the 9th lord, yogakaraka planet, Jupiter, their strength and connection to other houses as they can indicate a lot of luck to the corresponding area on life. The placement of Jupiter in trika house (6th house, 8th house and 12th house) are not auspicious while it's placement in 2nd and 11th house is also considered good. This is a combination of good fortune (trikona house) … The Kendra houses are the second most significant houses after the Konas. Brihaspati has 5th, 7th and 9th aspects. If You Want To Rise Your Luck, Then Follow This Trick :- Click Here To See And It works for me. In fact, all raja yogas or good yogas are related to trikona houses & its lords. 5)A well placed Jupiter in 8th house is indicating native will enjoying all sorts of happiness of life. Jupiter is lord of 6 th and 9 th house for this ascendant along with giving effects of 9 th house that is diseases he is also responsible for rise in luck for this ascendant. Sagittarius is the Mool – Trikon sign of Jupiter and the first 10 degrees of this sign is the Mool – Trikon zone. Trikona Houses are associated with lovely things in all Astrological traditions. They are always the same energy (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) as the Ascendant. They will have the interest in occult sciences. 3 houses form part of a trine). Individuals who have this set of combinations inherit Read more…, What does Gemini Sun in combination with Cancer Moon mean? My desire is to share the miraculous ancient knowledge with the world with the intention to help guide people in their lifepaths. Air. These Houses offer “gifts” so in these areas of life receptive and Benefic energies serve us the best. Jupiter’s placement in 12th House make the native sexually inclined initially and spiritual later. In this situation, the fifth house is strengthened by the occurrence of a shubka kartari yoga. These are strongly malefic in nature, as these Houses show us the areas where obstacles, enemies of, The Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) give the structure to the person, as if these were the 4 legs of a table. Individuals who have this set of combinations inherits the traits arising from the Read more…. See all 45 posts By their nature, Trikona Houses are strongly Benefic, so Natural Benefic Planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Moon) do very well in 1 st, 5 th, 9 th Houses. JUPITER IN 1st House:-----Destroys all malefic effects, respected, interested in occult subjects, long life, expenditure on tourism, proficient, clear in thoughts, handsome, happy, wealthy, polite, soft spoken, sons, religious, loves justice, high status, happiness from son, devotee of god, enjoys prosperity since childhood, good deeds, salvation, high status in government if Jupiter has directional strength, enjoys … It means that Sun is in Gemini while Moon is in Virgo in the natal birth chart. According to that, when the 9th house or its lord is participating in the Dhana Yogas or Wealth Combinations, it can indicate ripe fruits that are ready to enjoy in the present. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pieces. The Twelfth house of a horoscope in Vedic Astrology is part of the ‘Moksha’ trine (trikona), and represents salvation and expenditure. So, if Mercury is placed in your 2nd house, it will be more responsible for the 12th house because Virgo is the mool trikona house of Mercury. Therefore we can see that the wealth comes only to those who are having fruitful and good goals/aims which results in the strong 9th house. Your email address will not be published. As Jupiter is the natural lord of the 9th house, its placement and aspect will improve the significations of the houses and yogas it is participating in. The Guru (teacher) and Chandal (... Rahu moon conjunction in astrology. Vata. The 5th, and 9th houses are especially for wealth while the 7th and 10th are specially for happiness. Our site is environmentally friendly and fully optimized to reduce digital pollution. It means that Sun is in Gemini while Moon is in Cancer. Mutable/Dwi-swabhava (apoklima) Trishadaya/Upachaya (kama) 4. Tri-Dosha. Eleventh house is for income and gains, Jupiter is always beneficial and hence good for … However, when Venus is in the fourth house and Jupiter in the sixth house, everything pertaining to the fifth house will be beneficially influenced. The spiritual triangle (Dharma Trikona) consists of aspects of the soul’s mission, accumulated merit, and the manifestation of past karma. Trikona Houses – 1st House Aries and it’s lord is Mars. From the Birth Chart we can see, Dipavali Seen Through the Eyes of Astrology. The most strong and highest positive position of Jupiter in the horoscope chart is the first house besides which is good both in kendra’s (4th house, 7th house and 10th house) as well as in auspicious trikona houses( 5th house and 9th house). It rules over “Sagittarius” and “Pisces” signs. Luck, Divine connection, higher wisdom, creativity, children, happiness joy, radiant health. ... Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Sagittarius; Thanks for your … Gemini. These three aspects are actually represented by the houses of 1st, 5th and 9th in astrology which ultimately form a triangular shape and are thus named Trikonas or Angular Houses. Your email address will not be published. Jupiter in 4th house will aspect 8th and 12th houses. The 9th House represents 'Dharma' and Jupiter represents righteousness or justice. It also blesses the native with righteousness or Dharma. ... Jupiter with Rahu or guru Rahu same house conjunction is known as guru chandal yoga or guru chandal dosh. My interpretations are all based on classical authorities of Vedic astrology and their books, as well as general observations. Trikona Houses are the 1st 5th and 9th Houses in everyone’s Birth Chart. The house numbers are first, fourth, seventh and tenth. The nature of Jupiter is Kapha. Warm Greetings my friends! The Trikona Houses show luck, joy, connection to the Divine, pleasure and abundance in general. For Scorpio Ascendant, Jupiter acts more as a benefic rather than a malefic due to its being a Trikona / Angle lord. The lords of the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th houses even if they be Shubhas will cause only evil. Not being mean or greedy he works only for … By their nature, Trikona Houses are strongly Benefic, so Natural Benefic Planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Moon) do very well in 1st, 5th, 9th Houses. Sun in Libra in Debilitation. Water. ... Sloka 50 : Jupiter and Venus if they should … If the lord of the house occupied by a debilitated planet is in a Kendra or in a trikona from the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna. Cancer. Kapha. ... Raja yoga: The lords of a kendra and a trikona house are in conjunction, mutually aspected or in reception. Additionally, when Trikonas make a connection with Kendra houses, the square houses, they produce the same kingly yoga as the square is the foundation of triangular walls when taking the symbolic pyramid architecture into the consideration. Indian Vedic Astrology >> Lesson-10 >> Kendra & Trikon in Astrology (Dr.A.S.Kalra Astrologer)Kendra - 4 houses in any chart are called as Kendra or Angular houses. A planet ruling a Dharma Trikona and Kendra house simultaneously is called a yogakaraka planet for this very powerful reason. Vedic Astrologer, Fengshui Consultant, Tarot Reade,r Healer. It represents higher consciousness. Results of Jupiter in 1st House Jupiter gains directional strength or Digbala in the first house which denotes that the significances of the considered planet are amplified to a great extent. Trikona Houses. (a) Jupiter in Moola Trikona: The person with Jupiter in his Moola Trikona portion will not be cruel, be a very greater person, learned in matters of law and will enjoy happiness. ¬ Jupiter in 8th house is one of the best placement for Jupiter. It being in Dharma trikona gives him a nature of doing righteous things. They will try to learn meditation and spiritual aspects. Official Facebook Page ⋆ Astrology.Community, Official Facebook Group ⋆ Vedic Astrology Community. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This position of Jupiter is called as own house or “Swasthana”. All the twelve houses of a horoscope are divided into 4 trines (i.e. 14. 5th House Leo and it’s lord is Sun. Here we actually uncovered the spiritual meaning of pyramids which were used all over the world for sacred constructions in all cultures and religions. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, social status, wealth, husband, son, happiness, destiny, growth, expansion, skills, luck, religious things, etc. Jupiter comes in the enclosure of its medium dominance and effect upon the mortal lives when it comes at 11 degree in Sagittarius which goes from 0 to 30 degree in the Pisces. Generally, trikona houses are related to higher knowledge,luck,your personality , overall luck support in your life, your … Apart from the placement, Jupiter aspect 3 houses from where it is placed and the aspects of Jupiter is considered most auspicious. Jupiter in it may not always be … The Sun or the Moon even if he should happen to own the 8th house will give only good effects. So, the answer is ‘Jupiter In Trikona Houses ‘. It does well if placed in kendra or trikona houses in native’s birth chart. If Mars and Venus are in exalted sign, Saturn and Jupiter in Trikona house and lagna has 40 or more than 40 points, then native live like a king. But because Mercury's dipositor, Jupiter, was in a kendra from the Moon, Mercury is itself the lord of its sign of exaltation, Venus that gets exalted in the sign of debilitation of Mercury was also exalted in a … In this Kendra Trikona Rajyoga, if the lord of the ninth house (Trikona) is exalted, posited in Ascendant or Ascendant lord is exalted or in Vargottama Navamsha In Indian Vedic astrology, this is the 1/9th divisional chart (varga), powerful and the most important of 16 charts (varga), mainly related to marriage prediction. If Jupiter is well positioned, they will be spiritual in nature. These are the four houses around the center. ... was born Mercury was in Pisces sign in which sign it becomes debilitated. ... , Jupiter does well if holds tenth house as it may confer a reputative and respectful job. We'll assume you accept this policy and terms of website as long as you are using this website, Get information about your important life events, Specific periods when the results of planets manifest fully, Dignities of planets with five-fold table, Detailed analysis of planetary main and subperiods tens of years ahead, Special Panchang or Sun-Moon Yoga Analysis. If auspicious planets like Jupiter are present in the Kendra house, it increases the internal strength of a person. Other house may be considered as his vocation home. 8th house is the house of longevity. (Unlike in the 5th and 9th Houses.). In the birth chart, look for the 9th lord, yogakaraka planet, Jupiter, their strength and connection to other houses as they can indicate a lot of luck to the corresponding area on life. 3 min read, Dushtana Houses are the 6th, 8th and 12thHouses in everyone’s Birth Chart. We’ll restrict and confine ourself with the positioning of specific planet in the 7th house of rashi in addition to Navamsha chart that’s mostly and always considered for the matrimonial schedule then other homes like eighth home, first home, 2nd, 3rd, 11th … So, Jupiter placed in 8th house will give you a good life span and provides you with a peaceful death. These are the houses that reveal the potential of spiritual enlightenment and they are the main supporters of the whole chart, even for wealth as the 11th house from itself is the 9th house of luck – success and gains through good deeds are mostly backed by luck and accumulated merit from past births. That is why any connection to Trine houses and their lords is highly beneficial and if strong enough, they are capable of producing the great effects of kingly Raja Yogas. For example Capricorn people’s Trikona Houses are ALL Earth Signs, Aries people’s Trikona Houses are ALL fire Sign, etc. Its connection to other houses is able to provide even more results. Leo. When Jupiter is in swasthana, it increases all the qualities of the house in which it is placed. A planet ruling a Dharma Trikona and Kendra house simultaneously is called a yogakaraka planet for this very powerful reason. The native may become short tempered, extravagant, boastful, confused and may take up bad eating and drinking habits and would be inclined … Lakshmi and Vishnu are a wife and husband to each other and their symbolic connection in the birth chart is highly desirable and that is why the union of Trikona and Kendra house produces a special Raja Yoga and the planet ruling both houses simultaneously becomes a very auspicious Yogakaraka planet. If lagna, Moon lagna, 10 th and 11 th houses have 30 points each and Jupiter having aspect on lagna or Moon lagna, then native lives like a king. Planets placed in trikona houses or lords of trikona houses always create strong yogas in your kundali.