A little over a year ago we filled the rear hydraulic brake of my fat tire mountain bike with baby oil, instead of Shimano Brake oil. The oil serves as a natural substitute for the chainsaw and bar. Yes, olive oil will lubricate an excercise bike chain, but being a vegetable oil it might not be compatible with the lubricant thats been previously used. Cooking oil for my bike chain. Question: Olive oil for my bike chain. Also, canola oil is environment-friendly, so using it as a chain lubricant offers no danger to the environment. I would recommend using a regular bike grease that you can get in … Can you use Vaseline on bearings? Not an ideal solution. Improve this answer. However, if it is the last lubricant you can get, use it instead of using a solvent. 2. I use extra virgin olive oil on my chain…the interweb told me that is what I'm supposed to use on a Bianchi road bike? There are a number of household items that will clean a bike chain quite well. Motor oil is a perfectly good lubricant for a bike chain. Unless you consider extreme tastyness a negative side-effect, no. On the bike chain, it doesn't pick up a lot of dirt and isn't difficult to remove with detergents. If you wipe off all traces of the previous lube then you'll stand a better chance of success. Cooking oil is a standard lubricant in the home that is ideal for keeping away rust from metal surfaces. The stuff seriously works..well it does for me! +4 for chainsaw oil, use sparingly though it does gloop up the chain a bit. Crank the chain backwards one length at a time until it is all flushed off. :smile: I couldn't find my bike lube yesterday,so i put a spoonful of the stuff on the chain and gears. Vaseline is not a good bearing lubricant. Well, I've had friends who have used cooking oil as a medium for oil painting without a negative result. Use your free hand to slowly rotate the closest pedal, inspecting individual chain links for dirt buildup, rust and/or tight links (links that do not bend easily as they pass through the rear derailleur). 1. Don't use that. The overall results were positive. As your bicycle chain turns around the gear sprockets and pedal cranks, it creates friction. In the long run, it could pose you certain problems. Using engine oil as a chain lubricant might serve you the purpose. I know some are thinking this is another Accy Cyclist stupid question/wind up thread,but it isn't. Cheap Bicycle Chain, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:50ml Bicycle Chain Lube Lubricating Oil Cycling Cleaner Lubricant Bike Clean And Repair Tools Bicycle Accessories Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! My big question about olive and other vegetable oils is their suitability over time. My bike was squeaking and grinding ,crying out for lubrication. But isn't your saw chain oil wicked away and in need of constant replenishment via an attached oiler? Clean the rusty Shimano 12-speed chain for mountain bike with SANPOLE(NO Saint Paul), the most famous toilet detergent in Japan, polish with a diamond compound, and lubricate with EXV Olive Oil. Modern chains are constructed from the latest materials and employ the latest research to reduce weight and friction, while … Canola oil is also thinner and versatile like chainsaw bar oil. This solvent is fast evaporating and dissolves oil. Ok, the chain on my (24 speed) mountain bike is gettin pretty dry, and keeps slippin off the gears and stuff. These will work for a time, however, they often aren’t as long lasting and will need an application before every ride. Users reported that the vegetable-based oil was easier to clean from clothes and equipment. In order to limit the amount of wear on the chain and sprockets caused by this friction, you need to regularly lubricate your chain. On a regular basis, look at the entire chain by standing to the side of your bike and lifting the rear wheel off the ground. There are studies that vegetable oils can be good lubricants for machine work. As for olive oil it has a lower burning temp but heat is not an issue with bike chain so it should work well. Edible oils such as Olive oil, Sunflower oil, or other cooking oils can be used as a short-term fix to lubricate your bike chain and are certainly better than not using any oil at all. It was like magic!! olive oil does penetrate fairly well and reaches all recesses of the chain, eliminating squeaking noises effectively. Illustration of service, bottle, liquid - 194147069 ! I t is not advisable to use olive oil. It happens to be an air tool oil. I'm pretty sure I need to oil it up, but I don't have any "bike oil" ... are there any alternatives that would work? This chain oil is canola-based with additives, and the manufacturer claims that the product (oil and additives) is non-toxic and biodegradable (degrading 97 percent in 21 days.) Users also experienced less skin irritation. vegetable oil?! I found an oil which meets these requirements and is inexpensive (paid about $5.50 CAD before taxes for a 500 ml bottle at Vancouver Auto Parts). Many riders use some type of a light oil to lubricate their chains. But that's an entirely different thing. olive oil has very modest stickiness and will be centrifugated away from the chain very quickly. I used WD-40 on my oil starved bike chain and gears, and it totally brought it back to life. Question answered: Can I use vegetable oil on my bike chain? The main advantages of the method I use (dipping the chain in hot wax) is that (once you're set up) it's fast, it's easy, and it produces a chain that neither picks u… olive oil lubricates fairly well and also cleans the chain from crud and dirt. Thus it will attract dirt. How to Make a Long Lasting Bicycle Chain Lube: This is the longest lasting chain oil you can make.I have tried all kinds of chain oil, only one lasted more than a week for me (only two weeks). Q: What household items can I use to clean my bike chain? The little bottles of oil from the bike shop are fine too, but they're expensive and I find all the "woo" claims distasteful. Oil misting can happen with chainsaws as they run on high RPMs. It stopped the squeaking and grinding,giving a smooth running sound. As long as it doesn’t actually feel gritty it should be fine. Engine oil is more viscous when compared chain lube. The use of cooking oil originated from the use of castor oil. The bike chain links your leg power to the wheels, so to avoid either losing watts or mid-ride snaps, grab a quality bicycle chain from Wiggle. (Bike is on a stand or the paint shelf of a step ladder) Concentrate the spray within 2" -- 3" from the chain. Canola oil can replace chainsaw bar oil. Wet or Dry lubes depend on the riding conditions and where you live. e.g. When I went to a chemical forum they recommended using aluminum hydroxide powder in oil to make an extr… It can also be used to lubricate moving parts but temporarily. It’s pretty much normal, it’s dirt and breakdown of the oil into simpler carbon compounds. Not just olive oil but extra virgin olive oil. By: odinsdream. Let’s flip the scenario a bit… imagine doing the same while applying oil to your bike chain. There is an ever-growing range of bike chain lubrication; wet, dry, wax-based, ceramic, ... drivetrains, and the sanity of your local mechanic, do not use olive oil or baby oil! Things that work well that you might have: 3 in 1 oil (it is the original bike chain oil), motor oil that you use in your car, or even chainsaw bar oil… Oil-based lubricants also help float contaminants to the surface of the chain, ... “With few exceptions, I don’t remove a chain from a bike unless it’s going into the trash. Mineral and vegetable oils do not necessarily mix. Baby oil becomes thick and greasy when the temperature gets colder and will drip off when the temp gets hotter. Share. If it does, then clean the chain. Some include olive oil, castor oil, cooking oil, or household-based greases. The GREEN DISC offers an easier, faster, more efficient, and less wasteful method of lubricating your bike’s chains in a matter of seconds. It would work in a pinch but a light oil or something specifically made for the application will work much better and last a lot longer. Can I use olive oil to lube my bearings? Illustration about Lubricant, lubrication vector line icon, eps 10 file, easy to edit. 31 1 1 bronze badge. I only use it on my Rohloff bike. @GlassGuy: Olive oil has actually been tested to be more efficient than many popular chain lubes! WD40 makes a good bicycle chain lube, their bike line, not the generic stuff in a can. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. This means you’ll have to completely strip even a brand new, box-fresh chain of all grease and oil. Have any of you used it on your tackle and if so what do you reckon? Follow answered Jun 22 '18 at 20:32. 4. Babak Jahromi Babak Jahromi. Foaming chainsaw oil is arguably even better, but I wouldn't buy it especially, when I have plenty of motor oil already, for the car. 3. Also, if anyone has any good ideas on why my chain could be coming off lots I'd be stoked to hear them! Lubricating a Bicycle Chain Using Paraffin: If you are properly set up, you can use paraffin wax to lubricate your bike chain. Yes, as Jim Christie's answer, it's good for freeing up siezed components. This will hamper your performance.