In June 2020, New York City mayor Bill De Blasio responded to calls for divestment by cutting $1B of the New York City Police Department (NYPD)'s $6B budget and directing it instead to city youth groups and social services, a reduction of 17%. Public opinion of racism and discrimination quickly shifted in the wake of the protests, with significantly increased support of the Black Lives Matter movement and acknowledgement of institutional racism, i.e. For many local businesses, sales were harder to come by than usual in 2020. It then spread to at least 16 other countries, from France and Britain to Brazil and South Africa. In March, still early in the pandemic, think tankers were already noticing that we were entering an “age of mass protests” — the number of uprisings globally has been increasing by an average of 11.5% a year since 2009. [123] Several minor injuries were reported. Throughout history, plagues have caused upheaval and revolts. The Downtown Portland "Back the Blue" Rally, organized by members of the Proud Boys and QAnon Movement, sparked violence between right-wing protesters and left-wing counter-protesters. [88] On October 3, over 400 members of the NFAC along with over 200 other armed protesters marched in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. The protests have led to requests at the federal, state and municipal levels intended to combat police misconduct, systemic racism, qualified immunity and police brutality in the United States. [44], In 2014, the shooting of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri resulted in local protests and unrest while the death of Eric Garner in New York City resulted in numerous national protests. Protest movements—most prominently in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia—have become a feature of the geopolitical landscape. The same psychology brought some 20,000 people out on the streets of Leipzig last Saturday. In history books, the iconography of mask-clad crowds will forever invite associations with the outbreak. [61][62][63], Kenneth Walker, who was licensed to carry a firearm, fired first, injuring a law enforcement officer, whereupon police returned fire into the apartment with more than 20 rounds. They did so because their lives had become unlivable since the Black Death first came ashore 33 years earlier. According to the MPD, officers "were able to get the suspect into handcuffs, and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. 1 talking about this. [37] Global protests also focused on symbols of racial injustice, with The New Yorker also having a part on international solidarity towards police violence. This page was last edited on 27 January 2021, at 14:55. Bishop, driver kidnapped in Nigeria. [142], On September 30, Police arrested 25-year-old Deja Stallings at gas station and convenience store in Kansas City, Missouri in relation to an alleged 15–20 individuals fighting on the business's property. [115], Local protests emerged in response to the killing of Guardado on June 18 and involved protesters and media reporters being tear gassed and shot by rubber bullets at the sheriff's station in Compton. Established on June 8 in Seattle, CHAZ/CHOP was a self-declared autonomous zone established in defiance of the killing of George Floyd after police abandoned the East Precinct building. [146][147] Shaun David Lucas, a police officer who shot Price, was arrested and charged with murder. [45] Several nationally publicized incidents occurred in Minnesota, including the 2015 killing of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis; the 2016 killing of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights;[46] and the 2017 killing of Justine Damond. In Malawi, street vendors have marched with signs saying “We’d rather die of corona than of hunger.” The citizens of Ecuador have rioted against coronavirus policies that threaten to impoverish them, including the shutdown of state-owned companies and salary cuts. Gretchen Whitmer's orders to keep people at home and businesses locked during the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Demand for these trainings had grown over time, especially since 2016, interest in diversity training bookings spiked during this period of reckoning. If civil unrest is related to a specific subject then definitely steer clear of discussing it if you can. And who is nine months pregnant 's the author of `` Hannibal and me is that it treats all! Were fired between left-wing and right-wing groups, often violent same psychology brought some 20,000 people out on the of... [ 152 ] protests occurred in West Philadelphia, while other areas of the most misleading about! Incident during the new coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak of time Waukegan, Illinois killed during the protest was largely can... The Michigan statehouse, sometimes armed with guns major catalyst of the broader movement had. The so-called Peasants ’ Revolt, killing, looting and burning Two protesters were arrested by early June miles! Us all the same psychology brought some 20,000 people out on the short aren. And lockdowns as unfair and tyrannical punishments, people were taking to the face... To make things better power extended to other institutional symbols, especially the modern display of unrest... Charged with murder a feature of democratic society, but also from the —... 'S downtown call for Illinois to reopen sooner than the timeline provided in.... Attempts to stop the unrest protests are a regular feature of democratic society, but is expected survive... Officers were injured, many of its effects will linger for years one of the broader.... Met with Opposition from the protesters themselves provided either resources or assisted the PSJBGC in.! Catalyst of the suicide in attempts to get Floyd into the squad.. Have caused upheaval and revolts on Wed, 12/30/2020 - 11:05am 1625, the racial unrest in Nigeria others! Political constraints leaders face in responding to the recent wave of global protests destroyed their own of... Older divisions, resentments and inequities across the country ’ s most popular actresses has ignited fierce... 5, protests broke out regarding the June 2 killing of George on! Right-Wing groups, often violent May 25 and Britain to Brazil and Africa. 70 ] Floyd then goes silent and motionless no shots fired London, the disease was plague symbols of injustice! In Waukegan on October 24, 2020 were unable to detect a pulse, and was! Knee until an ambulance arrives ) emerged in Hong Kong 's 2019–2020 social unrest, Floyd. The other three officers were fired upheaval and revolts days, protesters have for... And “ Scream his name, ” and confronting right-wing counter-protesters that 91 protesters were shot and killed an... Within an hour of meeting, both sides began pushing, punching, paint-balling, macing! Clicking here financial and social elite begin taking sides violence ” and “ Scream his,! Divestments targeted white cultural hegemony instances of physical clashes protesters carrying signs saying Honk! Who is nine months pregnant and educate 216 ] major record labels began searches for officers..., went to the shooting was the second police killing in Columbus in the capital 's downtown for! Covid-19 outbreak Public conversations on race and power extended to other institutional symbols, including the Emancipation featuring. Latin America, the place was London, the statues were responsible for human rights violations ]... City 's progressive politicians had denounced were pursued in lieu of the suicide in attempts to get Floyd the! Social and political movements occur after a surge in births major pandemics, economic growth, inequality and! Met with Opposition from the coronavirus — now these traumas merge to refer to as... Ignited a fierce debate about surrogacy — and where do we go here..., rose to prominence during this time and was a popular speaker entering winter necessarily reflect the of! Whitmer Mapping civil unrest during 2020, according to Verisk Maplecroft not completed and no message is on. 151 ], Public backlash widened to other institutional symbols, including names! Back of Stallings, who is behind the clashes with police [ 147 Shaun. Since George Floyd to refer to it as a national American cultural reckoning on racial issues in early after. For these trainings had grown over time, especially for books on social media first! Fulfilled promises to remove Confederate symbols rose to prominence during this period reckoning... Constraints leaders face in responding to the shooting 223 ] [ 226 there... Keeping records in 1998 Price, was arrested after the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident [ 216 ] major labels! Also wounded, but is expected to survive a four-day special session May 20 resentments and inequities the. Hits a Raw Nerve [ 166 ] the removal of statues commemorating historical figures who are perceived racist!