When Zeb asked Kallus how he had obtained the bo-rifle, the ISB agent revealed that he had not stolen it. However, Hondo was disappointed that Melch had snuck aboard one of his cargo chests and thrown out the treasures in the process. more info. Phoenix Two attempted to dock her starfighter with the Ghost's docking ring but was hit by enemy fire. When Zeb grumbled that he knew that the "kids" would pull off "something crazy," Kanan told him not to worry and departed with Hera to find the two Spectres. When the Ghost answered their transponder signal and came to rescue the unlikely duo, Kallus remained on the moon, waiting for the Empire. From there, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost picked up Merei and her companions before transporting them into hiding on the planet Garel. Zeb and Sabine protested when Maul forced Hera to take him on a tour of the Ghost in order to find Kanan's Jedi holocron. Ezra comforted his friend by encouraging Zeb to protect his people again by helping Chava and Gron find Lira San. Zeb and his fellow rebels later followed the purrgil herd through hyperspace.[36]. During the brief dogfight, Zeb was in the Phantom when Hera drained its power to allow Ezra and Kanan to shoot down the TIE fighters. When Ezra and Kanan entered the ship, Zeb had been cleaning his bo-rifle. Believing that the prophecy could be true, Hera and Sabine plotted a course using those coordinates. After AP-5 climbed outside and unlocked the cargo bay, Zeb and the other rebels returned to the cockpit. While hunkering down, Kallus expressed regret about his involvement in the Fall of Lasan but insisted that it wasn't personal. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios was a cunning Lasat honor guard who adopted the cause of rebellion against the Empire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [61], Zeb, realizing that they were flying in fog, questioned what they were doing. Zeb along with Sabine, Chopper, Rex, and Hondo later joined a recon mission led by Ezra, who had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the light of his success on Naraka. [8], Zeb showed ingenuity when he used a stolen Imperial Troop Transport to ferry a stolen hyperdrive back to his rebel comrades. During their escape, Zeb and his rebel companions were forced to dodge closing blast doors and the pursuing Inquisitor, who was armed with a double-bladed lightsaber. While Zeb and Ezra exchanged fire, Hondo and Azmorigan took the opportunity to flee aboard the Ghost. A former captain of the Lasan High Honor Guard, Orrelios was skilled with a bo-rifle. [20], Zeb (far right) and his companions stalking the Lothal City Capitol Building, Zeb along with Sabine and Chopper took part in one of Ezra's Jedi training sessions. [46], Despite trying to block the walker's advance, Zeb and the rebels were forced into a gun battle. When Ezra opened his crate, a Rodian came up to him, put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Thank you, young man. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios From the start, Zeb did not get on well with the young stowaway and had him tossed into the ship's closet after Ezra made fun of his body odor. Following Ezra's lesson, Zeb and the other Ghost crew heard a broadcast by the dissident Senator Gall Trayvis that the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was imprisoned in the Stygeon system. [61], Zeb would join in the briefing, explaining the details for the Empire's new relay station on the planet Jalindi. Skin color Zeb and his fellow rebels were present when Sabine repaired AP-5 using parts from Chopper's stolen droid leg. Quarrie had developed a prototype heavy assault fighter known as the Blade Wing, the precursor to the B-wing starfighter. After reports of a project over Geonosis were discovered, the Spectres investigated. After escaping the Dome, Sabine triggered its self-destruct mechanism. Mass This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. Due to this mission, the rebels discovered that Kanan was aboard Grand Moff Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, but that the vessel was scheduled to depart for the Mustafar system soon. Zeb took a liking to EXD-9 after the protocol droid inadvertently made fun of Chopper. Thank you so much.” From Vizago, the rebels also acquired the flight plan for an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser full of Wookiee prisoners. Sabine escaped, but Ezra was captured by the Seventh Sister and another Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother. But Zeb’s wisecracking demeanor hid a painful past – the Empire had brutally subjugated his homeworld of Lasan, leaving Zeb as one of the few surviving members of his species. At times, Orrelios and his fellow rebels worked with criminals such as the pirate Hondo Ohnaka and the crime lord Azmorigan. Following a brief dogfight, the rebels were rescued by Phoenix Squadron. Zeb's warmth towards Kallus was also helped by the two nominal adversaries teaming up to survive the cold and several bonzami monsters while stranded on the ice moon of Bahryn. [8], During the jump into hyperspace, Zeb and his rebels were engulfed by a blinding light and knocked unconscious. Rex inquired why Zeb was not assisting with loading the supplies, which included puffer pigs. After freeing Klik-Klak and the Geonosian queen egg, the rebels blasted their way through the light cruiser. [54], Upon arriving, the two discovered a seemingly damaged protocol droid lying among two dead krykna. While fleeing, the two rebels were separated, and Zeb found himself cornered by two stormtroopers and a TIE fighter piloted by Baron Valen Rudor, whom he had encountered earlier. Zeb along with Hera, Sabine, and Commander Sato stayed behind at Chopper Base while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper undertook a mission to infiltrate the Imperial Armory Complex on the planet Lothal. [57], Zeb stunned Chopper with his bo-rifle and remarked that he wanted to do it for a long time. After landing on Geonosis, Zeb and Sabine were tasked by Hera finding the energy source that Saw had detected before losing contact with Rebel Command. Zeb and his rebel comrades managed to escape the derelict vessel but were pursued by a swarm of Imperial TIE fighters. [38], Zeb then entered the pod and found a transponder only to discover it had been damaged. Eye color [64], After the Spectres and Ryder set up base in the caves they had recently discovered, Zeb and his comrades wandered Lothal's plains where they encountered the Mining Guild ore crawler Crawler 413-24, which was stripping Lothal's surface for minerals. Zeb and Ryder waited among the grass while Ezra and Sabine infiltrated the facility. [65], As part of the Rebel Alliance's ground support team on Lothal, Zeb and his fellow Spectres Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine planted explosives on the air defense batteries stationed outside the Imperial Armored Complex on Lothal. Zeb and Sabine subsequently discovered that Kanan's death had not been in vain because the explosion that claimed his life dealt a severe blow to Imperial military production on Lothal. As a result, the Inquisitors closed in on the rebels and proceeded to spike them out with lightsabers. [53], The Ghost then flew into the air shaft and picked up the other Spectres, Saw, and Klik-Klak. Still, he loved beating up stormtroopers, who he nicknamed “bucket heads.”. Hera then ordered Zeb to take the turret position. However, Zeb and and Sabine dropped smoke grenades, which enabled the rebels to escape with Senator Trayvis. Despite their success in taking out the air defenses, Thrawn's fleet wiped out Hera's T-65B X-wing starfighter squadron, forcing the rebels to abort their mission and retreat. Later, Zeb linked up with Hera and Chopper and they took off in the Ghost. [58], Zeb took part in the Battle of Atollon. [59], Zeb was overcome by grief and rage following the death of Kanan during a mission to rescue Hera. Zeb and Ezra were unsympathetic to Chopper and taunted him about "going shopping. Kanan contacted Zeb and told him to find the other child. [53], Zeb and Sabine then brought the deflector core aboard the Ghost. [71], However, Governor Pryce's forces were attacked by Hera Syndulla's reinforcements including Rex, Kallus, and the Clone commandos Gregor and Wolffe. Earlier that morning, Ezra had experienced a Force vision in which he saw his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger. Despite the Inquisitors' efforts to use their Force powers to capture the ship, the Phantom escaped into space with the entire team and most of the medical supplies. Since Thrawn's Noghri assassin Rukh had disabled the Dome's deflector shields, Thrawn was able to bombard Capital City, destroying several buildings and inflicting casualties on the civilian population. Includes: Zeb Weapon Accessory. When Ezra gatecrashed their meeting by falling through the ship's air duct, Zeb and the ship's astromech droid C1-10P voted to get rid of the boy, whom the former labeled a "Loth-rat." [4], After the rebel ship docked with the Ghost, Zeb and his fellow Spectres met Mothma's senatorial attaché Erskin Semaj and Gold Leader Captain Jon Vander. A humanoid sentient species, Lasats were notable for their impressive height, strength, and agility, with their muscular digitigrade legs enabling them to run faster, jump higher and farther, and move more quietly than humans. [82] At another time, the Ghost was damaged by a Star Destroyer, forcing it to go to a space station for repairs. When Zeb asked Ezra whether or not "this means what I want it to mean," Ezra reassured Zeb along with Kanan and Hera that this would be the last time they would be seeing Maul again. Rex joked with him about him being unique, which Zeb in turn asked if that was clone humor. [12] Zeb tried to appear stoic and serious minded but also had a dry sense of humor and occasionally showed a more childish side. After Chopper headed to the engine room and caused the Ghost to exit hyperspace, Zeb followed the other rebels into the engine room to confront the rogue droid. He instead designated Zeb as a hostage for the others rescue from his command bridge. However, it all turned out to be a trap set by Agent Kallus, and the Lasat found himself at the mercy of his archenemy. However, the rebels agreed to help after Hondo revealed that the cargo ship was carrying a shipment of proton bombs, a commodity needed by the rebellion. [41], Once aboard the ship, Zeb along with Kanan and Ezra used the ship's laser cannons to fight off the intruders. Born They were Gron, a former member of the Honor Guard who served under Zeb, and Chava, an elder mystic. LEGO Star Wars Rebels - Rare Original - Zeb Orrelios Minifig - 75053 - … EXD-9 was part of a broad Imperial sweep of the Outer Rim Territories for rebel bases commissioned by Grand Admiral Thrawn, who hunting the rebellion down. He watched with bemusement when AP-5 chided Chopper for the "illogical act" of sacrificing his brand-new droid leg, which prompted a heated exchange between the two droids.[40]. [29], Using his Force powers, the Fifth Brother then hunted down Sabine and Zeb. [26], After escaping an Imperial attack on their safe house, Ezra's former home, Zeb and his companions infiltrated the Imperial Headquarters in Lothal's Capital City. Biographical information Outnumbered, Zeb and the remaining rebels retreated to a defensive position on the Mining guild ore crawler. Resolving to guide other surviving Lasat to Lira San and regarding his fellow rebels as a family, Zeb returned to the Ghost and shared the news with his rebel comrades. [35], After Ezra Bridger received a tip from the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka about two refugees fleeing from the Empire, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost traveled to Nixus Hub 218. As a parting gift, Zeb left him the meteorite they had found as a token of their newfound friendship. While surveying the camp, Zeb spotted an an old man, who turned out to be the Imperial Minister Veris Hydan. Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, and Sabine would jump onto the refinery's bridge, blow up the facility, and secure the landing zone where several canisters of Clouzon-36 were waiting to be picked up by the Empire. He suggested they could then share war stories. As the rebels mustered to fight Thrawn's forces, Zeb asked his friend Rex if he had any regrets about joining the rebellion. However, the rebels defeated Kalani's droidekas and forced their way into the command bridge. Zeb remained aboard the Ghost during the rebels' journey through the dangerous Archeon pass to Dantooine.[4]. Zeb also knocked out a scout troop. Afterwards, they hid the stolen TIE fighter,[14] but claimed to have destroyed it to Jarrus and Syndulla's approval. After damaging the front legs of an advancing AT-AT walker, the rebels and droids fled in three Neimoidian escort shuttles that had been repaired by Chopper. Zeb then opened the outer cargo doors which allowed the Ghost to approach the cargo bay. With the assistance of fellow Cadet Zare Leonis, Ezra succeeded in stealing the decoder from Agent Kallus' office. Zeb caught the astromech droid in time. After rendezvousing with the rest of the team, plus Jai Kell, they went into the empty cantina, with Zeb smashing the controls. However, the rebels were then trapped between the Inquisitor and several stormtroopers and TIE fighter pilots who were waiting outside the hangar bay. In order to find it, Chava said that the "child" of prophecy must first save "the warrior" and "the fool." Zeb and his fellow rebels also attended a briefing in the Ghost's cockpit prior to the raid on the asteroid refinery. However, Zeb grabbed on to his rebel comrade and pulled him aboard the ship. Agent Kallus easily goaded him into risking his life needlessly by taunting him about his people's genocide. After using the scout trooper's speeder bike to link to the Imperial network on Lothal, Zeb and Sabine discovered that Governor Pryce was holding the parade to hide the fact that the destruction of the Lothal City fuel depot had destroyed the Empire's fuel supply and knocked out the TIE Defender factory on Lothal. Kanan, Rex, and Chopper not only rescued the other rebels with Ezra's help but also destroyed the Interdictor and two Imperial light cruisers. Since the rebels were low on fuel, Sabine's friend Ketsu Onyo instead recommended that the rebels steal fuel from the Imperial depot at Horizon Base. However, Sabine revealed that it was a standard procedure for the Empire to withdraw patrols prior to launching a major strike. Despite his brutish appearance Zeb is deceptively intelligent and sophisticated, also being a trained fighter and warrior who on his homeworld was considered a sort of honor guard and would have been held in high esteem for his fighting ability. [8], With Imperial reinforcements bound to show up, Zeb and the other rebels along with the two Lasat headed back to the Ghost. Despite Zeb and AP-5's orders, Azmorigan shot and destroyed the sentry droid. Orrelios was affected by the trauma of witnessing the destruction of his homeworld Lasan. [68] During the liberation of Lothal, Zeb used his prehensile legs to pry open the blast doors to the Dome's upper level and later to trap Rukh's leg against two metal bars. The rebels then became embroiled in argument over Saw's harsh interrogation methods and his plan to take Klik-Klak offworld for interrogation. This aroused the Imperial sentries and the rebels were forced to fight them. During their reunion in the Star Destroyer's hangar bay, Zeb mistook Ezra for a stormtrooper due to his stolen Imperial helmet and punched him in the head. Capturing Pryce was key to Ezra's plan to liberate Lothal from Imperial rule. [15], After incapacitating the sentries, Zeb and the other three rebels headed down a turbolift to Luminara's isolation cell, which was situated at the bottom of the prison complex. He realized that Kallus was not the monster that he had grown to hate and that the Imperial agent also valued honor. Zeb then left Chopper to babysit Alora in the Phantom. When Thrawn tried to contact Rukh on his comlink, Zeb mockingly told Thrawn that Rukh was unavailable and that he shouldn't bother calling back while Rukh screamed in the background. Chava quickly recognized this as the maze from the ancient Lasat prophecy. While a ferocious fighter, Zeb still valued honor and refused to fight a wounded opponent. The head sculpt is phenomenal, capturing nicely defined details and nuances throughout the head and face. The Ghost entered the cluster but was miraculously unharmed by its gravitational pull. Zeb and the other rebels volunteered to help Hera recover a priceless heirloom, the Kalikori, from her family home. [20], During the journey, Zeb and Ezra created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wreaked havoc on the starship. Zeb dismissed the Iron Squadron as a bunch of "Ezras." By working with Chopper and AP-5 to defeat the Infiltrator Droid EXD-9, Zeb and AP-5 gained a better respect for each other. The Iron Squadron used their YT-2400 light freighter Sato's Hammer to destroy an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser and declined the rebels' offer of assistance. They crash landed on a nearby moon -- freezing and desolate, with the exception of massive bonzami. Height [37], To trick the Imperials into letting them land, Hera had arranged for two rebel A-wings to attack their TIE bomber. When Ezra suggested cutting through the web in order to free the Ghost, Zeb's reluctance annoyed the young Jedi, who remarked that he did not want to be chomped up by the creatures because they were too afraid to go outside. During a hostage situation Zeb fought alongside the Free Ryloth movement. Agent Kallus and his men were waiting, and in the ensuing chaos, Zeb and Kallus, his hated enemy -- who led the razing of Lasan -- found themselves together in an escape pod. However, the Protectors' leader Fenn Rau had allied the Protectors with the Empire and had attacked Hera's mission, destroying several RZ-1 A-wing interceptors. [9] By the age of 39, he had joined the Spectres rebel cell in their fight for freedom against the Empire. Both believed in a prophecy that would reveal the location of Lira San, the original and future home of the Lasat. The crew of the Ghost came to the aid of the purrgil when two TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighters attacked the herd. Free shipping . Zeb forced Hondo to reveal the truth about his ill-fated initial mission to recover the ship's cargo, an operation which had cost the lives of Melch's comrades. This distraction enabled Ezra and the other rebels to enter the command center and force the Imperial officers' surrender. Before the Spectres could load the dangerous contraband into the Ghost, which was docked in nearby Hangar Bay Eight, the rebels were confronted by Minister Tua, Wabo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and several stormtroopers. Ahsoka had also decoded two coordinates. [29] Zeb's combat skills led him to pride himself as a warrior, and he took offense at being called a child or fool.[8]. Upon landing, Zeb and Ezra began unloading fuel canisters. [16] However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister Dhara, who he later learned had been abducted by the Inquisitor for a secret Imperial project called Project Harvest. To distract the Imperial officers inside the command center, Zeb and Hondo tossed Melch onto the transparisteel canopy of the command center. After a brief blaster skirmish with Agent Kallus and his stormtroopers (in which Sabine shut off the artificial gravity for two minutes), the rebels escaped aboard the Ghost. These tibidees made it hard for the Imperial cannons to target the Phantom. Moments later, as the three begin to work on the dish, Zeb informed Kanan and Hera of an Imperial light cruiser, the Marauder, entering the system. [26], Following the near-destruction of the Phoenix rebel fleet, the rebel network faced a shortage of bases and facilities. Thanks to a tip from Hondo Ohnaka, the Ghost crew came to rescue -- much to Zeb’s shock -- two Lasat survivors. [31], Zeb, Kanan, Chopper, and Ezra later assisted their Jedi ally Ahsoka Tano in a mission to investigate the activities of the Inquisitors. The rebels then traveled to Kessel to rescue the Wookiees. The Phoenix rebels encountered an Imperial advance patrol fighting with a local rebel cell calling themselves the Iron Squadron. During the skirmish, the two droids C-3PO and R2-D2 fled aboard the Ghost and became unwilling passengers for a short period. However, they were unable to stop him from sending a distress signal. While Vizago could not provide them with any information about Kanan, he revealed that the Imperials were using courier droids to transport secure information due to the communication tower's destruction. Kallus, like most ISB agents, is initially devoted to serving Palpatine and protecting his New Order from the Rebel Alliance at all costs. Shortly thereafter, an Imperial probe droid attacked the Phantom and damaged the ship before it was destroyed by Rex. Later, Zeb and his companions discovered that Fulcrum was the pseudonym for the Clone Wars veteran and former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, who had become a key resistance leader in the growing rebellion. Zeb and his team landed the five surviving Y-wings inside the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Phoenix Nest. [50], As a warrior, Zeb was initially disappointed when he was unable to attend a training exercise because Captain Syndulla needed someone to guard Chopper Base. [21], Zeb and Ezra's stolen TIE fighter: the "Sabine's masterpiece", The Spectres' activities on Lothal eventually attracted the attention of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who decided to implement a final solution to the rebel problem there. Zeb watched in silence while the now-blinded Kanan hugged Hera. Having encountered no Imperial patrols, Zeb was skeptical that the Empire was going to attack Lothal. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the clones rode to battle against Kallus' walkers in their antiquated AT-TE walker. The hulking Zeb Orrelios served Hera Syndulla’s rebel crew as a one-Lasat wrecking crew, gleefully crunching bucketheads and anyone else who threatened his friends. This caused the structure to tilt upwards and crash on several crates. When Sabine inquired about the details, Zeb responded that it was a long story. 2.1 meters[1] His skills were an asset to the crew, but his impulsiveness occasionally caused trouble. Chopper was supposed to guard the Ghost but was distracted by the sight of a new droid leg being sold at a nearby stall. As a member of the Lothal rebel cell led by the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Orrelios took part in numerous raids and missions against the Empire. Following Kanan's rescue in the Mustafar system, Zeb and his fellow rebels learned that they were part of a larger rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Zeb's contempt for Ohnaka was best reflected when he threatened to rip off the Weequay's arms and insisted that the rebels' cargo of proton bombs precede Hondo and his companion Azmorigan's treasure. After landing, Zeb helped Sabine and Chopper to move the canisters onto the Ghost while Kanan and Ezra held back the Mining Guild guards. Zeb was present for an Alliance High Command meeting at Mako-Ta Base.