often result in a cheaper commission price especially if they are all uniformed or if there is a similar theme to them all. Show more examples in gallery. GMP Miniatures offers a professional miniature painting service to help you create your perfect wargaming army! And, in short, any service related to project, however small or large the project may be. The default basing style is earth with green flock, but I will endeavour to meet any personal basing requirements you may have. Although we are based in the UK we ship commission orders around the world. M & C. Home; ... Ive been a wargamer for 25yrs maybe a little more. Welcome to Aide-de-Camp Painting Service. Footsore 28mm Modern Miniatures The idea behind Special Artizan Service Miniatures, and now Footsore Modern, was to create miniatures that I actually want to play with. Buy it now - Perry Miniatures 28mm Plastic Figures Box Set Painting Service Add to Watch list More to explore: Perry Miniatures Table Historicals Wargames 28mm Options , wish to place one) we will be more than happy to answer them. Follow; Follow; Follow; How It All Started. payment of the total cost of the order. painting service and is adept at providing the customers individual needs. We now offer a bespoke Commission a Miniature service where Steve will sculpt a miniature … PAINTING … .table_d2e71 { Home. Welcome to the home of 28mm wargaming miniatures! 15mm Models. Our work is focused on making that our service of painting models look great, and get wargaming dioramas that make your imagination fly. Blaireau and RTB have been collecting and painting miniature ... / gamer in Canada. In this gallery you can see an miniature sniper for wargames painted by professional painters. I also provide a consulting service to help you improve your wargaming experience, as well as conducting research into military history. Den of Imagination Studio is one of the largest painting studios which, offers worldwide services regarding miniature models. 6MM 10MM 15MM 20MM 25/.28MM 35/40MM 54MM Plastic 54MM Metal 70/80MM 120MM Vehicles Warmachine GW Zinnfiguren Shileds Flags Wargods Infinity Malifaux Free Booter Confrontation Basing Board Game Figures Osprey Books Our professional team of warhammer painters want to provide pro painting miniatures service because this great job deserve that their community have pretty good armies. can be kept if you wish. You can visit our website at . From today (21stDec) … SAMPLE Miniature PAINTING service RATES. Matching previous work or someone else’s – Many people want a certain painted As the U.K. is now in Full lockdown and as many of you know I look after my son and daughter who are normaly at school however as you may … 15MM Metal Figures Painting Charges. Our high quality standards, accessible pricing, fast turnaround times and very good communication with our customers make us stand out from the rest. With a fast friendly & efficient service. We specialise in miniature wargaming and provide a range of services. Whatever the army, whatever the time, whatever the season, I can reproduce it! We hope you enjoy looking around the site. finished between 2 and 3 weeks (large orders may take longer). 28mm Models. Painting guide was from the Histofig website. and ask customers to feel free to email us any time about their order for whatever reason. Back 15mm - Wargamer Quality . Get a Quote . If you want to see more of our figures or want figures … Tin soldiers needing paint - Miniature painting service from ballistas to bolters. About Us. Our high quality standards, accessible pricing, fast turnaround times and very good communication with our customers make us stand out from the rest. You can find a breakdown on our miniature painting quality, here. Anxious to jump start into a new period? Since that day we have created hundreds of products, including The American Civil War, Thirty Years War, Napoleonics and Samurai among many others. Welcome to Y.C's miniature painting service. Prices include matt varnishing and basing of the figures supplied by you. We accept PayPal, Cheques, Bank Transfers and Cash. Perry Miniatures is run by well known 28mm sculptors Alan & Michael Perry. Price is for one box of Perry Plastic Figures assembled, painted and based. @AftermathMinis 11 May 2020 10:30 p.m. PST. Fernando Enterprises - website. Send us any questions you have or a description We can also match up to an existing painting style that you are used to … What we can do; Experience and accolades; Individual styles vs streamlined style; Our customers Elite Miniatures. We specialise in miniature wargaming and provide a range of services. All pricing is negotiable and is affected by several factors such as -. I offer a painting service for the Sarissa Precision laser cut MDF buildings. Are you looking for a reliable business partner to outsource your manufacturing/painting jobs? Even with postage, the prices are low, the output fast and the product excellent. All figures are painted to a high wargames standard. Please contact me on heddlu@hotmail.com if you are interested in my painting service. We paint to both wargames and collectors standard. you want fantasy or historical, a single wargaming figure a full army or a miniature painted to the highest standard we can paint your 28mm figures finished in an agreeable time scale. by Dadi December 29, 2020. Call us on 01268 682309 or email us with your specifications for a quote.. PAINTING SERVICE _____ We are now taking painting commissions with the prices set out below. Clicking on any of the links below will also get you some of our sample rates, for those miniatures. We are now working and accept figures for painting. Basing- we can give your 28mm miniatures all kinds of bases Zabavka, collectible miniatures, painting, fantasy miniatures, resin miniatures, manual sculping We specialize in 28mm Napoleonic figures, but have over the years painted most periods. Javier Gómez "El Mercenario" 1898 Miniaturas Painting faces is one of the most demanding experiences in the painting process of any 28mm miniature, but also one of the most rewarding. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+'://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, We have served more than 2500 satisfied customers worldwide since we started our operation. You can visit our website at . Aftermath Miniatures paint 28mm commissions of all kinds. The costs depend on the size and detail required, as a guide the smaller buildings - Old West etc.