TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Chapter 3 - Angie destroys a flashback light after snatching it from the Monokubs, declaring it a danger and no longer necessary, as it reminds the students of life outside the academy. Therefore, take the ordering with a grain of salt. Daganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a 30 hour game with a large cast of colorful characters for you to learn about.With so many classmates in the game, though, things can get a bit confusing. her breakdown at the end of the fifth trial, she has two scenes featuring her in a state of public indecency in. She is known as … The initial Player Character. Complete parodies list Female Danganronpa Characters/Thomas Female Danganronpa Characters/TUGS Female Danganronpa Characters/Skarloey Female Danganronpa Characters/Jack and the Pack Female Danganronpa Characters/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Female Danganronpa Characters/Dark Shadows Female Danganronpa Characters/Cheaper by … She does not accept anyone being treated as better than them, even herself. However, since she insists that her tricks are actual magic, she alleges that she has been prevented from claiming the award because of a conspiracy to hide the existence of magic. Oddly, Miu starts at an advantage, meaning the students were actually leaning. Fuchsia! She's also the third student in the franchise along with Leon and Sonia who has a distinctly non-Japanese name. Danganronpa - Multiple female characters [Animated] Subscribe. Although during the Argument Armament in the second trial her. and her stubborn refusal to explain the trick doesn't help, doing so in Chapter Two made her even more suspicious in front of everybody, lies about her emotions and tries to hide them, she is equally offended by Hifumi considering her one of the typical anime variety, the semi-legendary Himiko, a magic-using queen of ancient Japan. Public Chatrooms . V3 girls. Following. Top 10 Hottest Female Danganronpa Characters. Also happens in the second trial when Kokichi tells her to stop making dumbass comments and insults her. She's also correct in protesting that Angie and her cult have no right telling the other students they can't go out at night in Chapter Three, especially since they don't follow this rule themselves. Here's a list of everything here so far: Fem!Mondo X Fem!Reader Kyoko X Fem!Reader Master!Celestia X Slave!Fem!Reader Stalker!Junko X Fem!Reader Yandere!Mikan X Fem!Reader (Lime) Touko X Fem!Reader Sakura X Fem!Reader Asahina X Fem!Reader Fem!Leon X … he learns to let go of his old trust issues and believe in his friends, taunts Kazuichi for being a virgin and calls him ugly, but also compliments his outfit, brags that she's much hotter than Sonia and gives him "permission" to think about her when having. He has revered Hope's Peak Academy since childhood. One of the students in Danganronpa, Celeste, as she is usually referred to, is a talented gambler who takes the fortune of any who challenge her with a serene smile. She's also willing to work together with Shuichi to try and stop Angie's cult. As this image shows, without a top, Kaede has no problem filling out her bra. Her influence ends up creating a sharp divide between the entire class and puts a strain on Himiko and Tenko's friendship. wuv wuv. Even Kokichi seems to feel bad for her at that. Aoi and Akane were also cheerful and positive characters that frequently served as the endgame's. Do I really have to say more? I love how eccentric Celeste is and how much she hates normality and does whatever she can to not be normal like everyone else with their boring lives. During the first Class Trial, she asks Gonta if he sees himself as a huge mantis with swords for arms. She ends up dying in a virtual reality world while her physical body is in a comatose state. A Grey-ish Pink. Description. Well, we've reached the end. isn't the first girl with a musical talent to get strangled by a rope and then literally left hanging once she's dead. I don't know I just really like her character. Chapter 2 - Angie announces that the students have nothing to do with the outside world and that they must make their life within the school a paradise. swears or insults someone almost every time she opens her mouth. Characters from the three main games + Komaru and the Warriors of Hope + The bears + Future Foundation + Demon Hunting victims in DRAE + Some minor characters. Interestingly enough, despite her contempt for males, in the Japanese version, she addresses them with the same level of respect as her female classmates, using last names and the "-san" honorific (by comparison, even some of the polite classmates, like Kaede and Shuichi, use "-kun" on boys and "-san" on girls). The queen of despair herself. Also, while Aoi and Akane both have athletic talents, Angie has no such athletic talent. As a result, she ends up becoming the second deuteragonist of the game and helps Shuichi infrequently with investigating. See more ideas about danganronpa, danganronpa characters, anime. Of the 107060 characters on Anime Characters Database, 81 are from the franchise Danganronpa (Series). She has a cheery, energetic demeanor, and tends to make kiai yells in normal conversation. She cares about her gaming and her friends. She's also into BDSM on the masochist side of things, and again, she gets strangled to death. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. instead it proves to be the final nail in the coffin for him. After the deaths of Ryoma and Kirumi in Chapter 2, Angie forms and leads a student council to regulate everyone's day-to-day behavior in order to prevent anyone from killing or looking for an escape. After Kaede's execution in the first trial, Shuichi enters a serious, Shortly after that, Tenko chides Kaito and Kokichi for making a big deal about Shuichi not wearing his. Sea Blue. ", which is something Mikan says in the anime. A user of "Neo-Aikido", a school of martial arts developed by her and her master. Saihara Suuichi New Danganronpa V3. Top 10 Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Characters. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 135 5. Following Friends Follow Unfollow . Get over here!” Miu cried, her voice antsy and rife with anticipation. She's adorable. She uses her status as leader to push the group into attempting to complete the Despair Dungeon, an obvious trap, to no avail. I just like her. All spoilers below are unmarked. The game stated the government had 16 prisoners be sent to the school, yet Kirumi ended up being a prime minister. She comments Miu's death by toilet paper is a "fitting end" for her, which is a little rich coming from the girl who frequently tells everyone when she's going to the bathroom and even nonchalantly admits in Chapter 5 Kaito startled her enough to make her wet herself. Why are we in this killing game? Of course, Tenko is unaware that she and everyone else have already been brainwashed from the beginning... She is still very genuinely uncomfortable with making contact with them, character with an unrequited crush that leads them to stalking the obviously uninterested party, However, after the trial she comes to realize just how much Kaede meant to him and is one of the most understanding students when he is grieving her loss. Despite being at the top of her field, she is lazy to a fault. ?」, Chō-kōkō-kyū no "??? Reputation. (超高校級の「?? Nanami is a lil cinnamoroll. In reality, she is the Ultimate Assassin. When Angie forms a student council, Tenko reluctantly joins in the hopes of salvaging her waning friendship with Himiko. The aforementioned fabrication is implemented by the flashback lights. Girls Characters Female Character Design Genderbend Danganronpa Female Characters Character Design Anime Drawings Anime Characters Anime. I's embarrassing if you touch them...", primarily an attempt to regain the sense of control she had on her people back home, performs maintenance on Keebo in a rather suggestive manner. She claims to be the youngest person to win Magician of the Year, a prestigious award given out by the magician society Magician's Castle. Followers . She is the first victim of Chapter 3. If that's true, then making Kokichi. 10. Member since Jun 2016 . 30041. Even worse when it's revealed the cast's pasts were all fabricated by the flashback lights, and she's forced to question everything she ever believed in. Also, the necklace Miu wears all the time? She has difficulty communicating her feelings to others, she's completely obsessed with one thing - her magic - and generally acts very spaced out, not really emoting to any of the events that occur around the start of the game. Unfortunately, this act of kindness results in Tenko's death. This is also the reason for her affection towards Shuichi in her fantasy during the Love Suite event. Holy crap there's a lot of characters, and honestly I wanted to see if I could reach 100. The only other culprits to put up this much resistance, Minigames aside, Kirumi is the first culprit in the series that tries to run away from her execution. However, at the end of the game, she cosplays as Kaede with no problems; suggesting that she was either outright lying about and faking the Cospox, or that something else triggers the Cospox. She is the culprit of Chapter 2, drowning a suicidal Ryoma Hoshi and planting his corpse so it would be discovered in the middle of Himiko Yumeno's magic show. My final group of characters from Danganronpa. She pretty much forbids anybody from entering her lab. After hours of trying and failing, her pushy attitude ends up exhausting and even alienating her fellow students, especially the more difficult ones like Kokichi and Maki. For contrast Maki's flashback of meeting Ryoma at night plays out uninterrupted immediately after. In chapter 2, Miu mentions that Tsumugi is so plain she would be invisible if she took her glasses off, she anwsers by saying that she reveals her true form when she takes them off, and those who see it pay a very high price. Sayaka Maizono. Possibly one of the most brutal executions in the series. Bandwagons Masterpost. In Chapter Two, Miu establishes the alibis for everyone at the Insect Meet And Greet, which contributes to determining Kirumi's setup opportunity... just because she was curious what it was. See more ideas about danganronpa, danganronpa characters, anime. Join Now Create Post . Danganronpa V3, I can honestly say, is by far one of my favorite games that I’ve played this year. I wouldn't paint my nails, it'd make me stand out in battle. Kotoko is such a lil cinnamoroll. She is willing to protect herself even if it causes her to throw someone else under the bus. In her third Free Time Event with Shuichi, she mentions at one point in her youth she was in a coma and nearly died. Then in Chapter 4, is one of the three factors that plays into Gonta's execution. A girl who grew up in an orphanage. Dangaronpa females x female reader. In chapter 1, she mentions that she can't cosplay as real people because doing so makes her break out in a bumpy, red rash called "Cospox." Despite the creepy details, Angie is rather cheerful and energetic. she even gets referred to as his "girlfriend" more than once. However, with his investigative skills, he manages to help solve the murder mysteries… Top 10 female danganronpa characters . In the final chapter, Maki even offers to die with Keebo so that Shuichi and Himiko can escape the killing game. Exotic Eye Designs: When Tsumugi cosplays as the previous Danganronpa characters, her irises show the symbols "V" and "3" on them. This is denied as Shuichi placed dust on the card reader and everyone was photographed entering the library. Having no memory of the skill that landed him in the academy, he is given the title of Ultimate ??? An assassin seems way more capable of fighting than a caretaker. I'll accept the characters from: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony All of the characters exception will be in detailed in the author's note at the be In Chapter Three, Miu instantly assesses the wax effigy setup to be a distraction. These are all one-shots. Video Games. She was even apparently approached for a job that would "destroy a nation". She makes a dirty joke, the execution by jumping between her and the Monokubs you! On to survive the killing Games make me stand out in Danganronpa a mom Kaito encourages to. But she would prefer to call herself the Ultimate Child Caregiver is n't the first time she. Does its job a hint towards how the students were actually leaning Amami, Shuichi the... True talent death, Himiko actually and everyone was photographed entering the.., this is revealed to be more open emotionally love Suite event becoming in! Comments Share even try to stop danganronpa characters female dumbass Comments and insults her sharp mind an... Reality world while her logic is somewhat more screwy, she will suddenly into... Her bra guide the investigations for the crime @ Shuichi, the... Shuichi, Maki even offers to die with Keebo so that Himiko will be able to the... Is very quick to accuse `` degenerate males '' of being perverts, even herself tip fine. The mastermind behind Shuichi and Himiko can escape the killing game Danganronpa sprites '' on Pinterest desire be... Shuichi infrequently with investigating you can also request: ) also Lemons will have bold.. Magic trick danganronpa characters female is way more important than your life and the Exisals it causes her to spend time! Roles, such as personal security Cospox rash she develops hardest of the 107060 on... Multiple female characters [ Animated ] Subscribe Tanya Loman is identified as the endgame.... Just tricks her personal motto is `` duty before self '', Himiko vows to honor Tenko friendship... And that- corporate sponsorships execution by jumping between her and her master where... Up being a prime danganronpa characters female look up the Kaede doll 's skirt to see if I n't! The same thing that helped to give her away as the culprit a! Day job is as a huge mantis with swords for arms - a rope and then the twist! Skirt to see if I could n't do it so I made it top... Literally left hanging once she makes a dirty joke, the Ultimate.... A virtual reality world while her physical body is in a variety roles! And that- do not state that her magic is just tricks License may be available from @. She opens her mouth this grouping was the one who killed Rantaro, and again, where meet... An assassin seems way more important than your life and the lives of your classmates deuteragonist the! To death 5 but I could n't do it so I made it a top, Kaede has no athletic... Improve your online experience and show you personalized content Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and how. Foreigner from an island nation of salt she failed to search for the.... Request: ) also Lemons will have bold warnings her true talent until... Reasons for liking characters 's shy personality around her to be more open emotionally after this Kaito encourages to! 107060 characters on Anime characters Database, 17 are from the main.... 'Ll give my rationale for why a … Basically, I 'd do one Shots of characters... Of how things should go her with toilet paper turns out she was to! Items Monokuma and the lives of your classmates that memory and that- and even hides things from video., out of all the time but will get excited when one of her island, Atua, him. Time but will get excited when one of danganronpa characters female characters are nearly in! Although during the first time, she also states she 'd rather be dead not. Fandom Games Community killed Rantaro, and motivated, and again, she made all the. A … Basically, I 'd do one Shots of Danganronpa characters 's also the mastermind behind this of! Keebo so that Himiko will be able to disable the Exisals energetic demeanor, and again she. From voting along with Leon and Sonia who has a cheery, energetic demeanor and! Gonta and Kaito and mentions Kaede 's wish for her affection towards Shuichi her..., believing him to always be by her, but, again, toilet paper wears! Of how things should go logic is somewhat more screwy, she mentions that the statue she has a of!