Dooku is by far the most inferior here in physicals and significantly inferior to both Maul and Vader in force power, and the force skill difference between the 3 is marginal. It's his Force speed / jump and his superior agility in duels, Vader is obviously not as adept as Maul in this department. it doesnt' make sense, and i address that in another thread. If we are going to take that statement literally, then there shouldn't be any qualifying it with "Imperials.". In this scenario, he get two considerable fighter at his side. I'm not really sure that the arc is about Ahsoka v Maul, though. Being a top padawan doesn't mean a Jedi will be a power house because I'm sure there were many top padawans throughout the thousands of years of the Jedi's existence (the Sith as well), but that doesn't mean they'd become an Anakin Skywalker or Sheev Palpatine. Ahsoka being the youngest ever youngling to be promoted, being able to blast right through ventress's passive force barrier as of season 2, being able to give grevious a good fight by the age of 16 all indicate she was especially gifted. Published on 10:45 AM By flush. In the first Battlefront, Darth Vader appears only in select campaign missions and in any Imperial Galactic Conquestbattles in which the hero bonus is activated. To spell out the multiple ways, they just need to look at the grammar in the sentence: "Kanan agrees to split the group up, the logical choice pairing Maul with the weakest of the Jedi,". Whatever is published about SW from the time of their purchase and forward is all canon and all of that canon is equal canon. Dec 4, 2012 - A Nightbrother from Dathomir, Maul was the first Sith apprentice of Sidious. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Vader is considered to be MUCH weaker then Anakin because of all of his mental condition problems, and obviously lack of limbs, breathing devices etc. You really have no idea what you're talking about do you? The force giving extrodinary abilities applies to any powerful force user. People saying ROTS Sidious wins is exactly what is wrong with Star Wars fans. only Vader and Emperor is capable of dealing with her in terms of Imperial opponents. Maul also did get back up from unconsciousness pretty quickly, and Dooku and Vader can stall much longer than Savage could ever hope for. good find! Maul is the fastest, Vader is the strongest, and Dooku has... lightning? Boarding his shuttle, he ordered the pilot to lift off. It is clearly stated by Filoni, and Witwer iirc, that Maul is not an Imperial. Darth Vader had plenty of experience with surviving horrific wounds and injuries. Dooku, Maul and Vader's TK is definitely enough to make Sidious strain, but his lightning at this point is so powerful that if he pushes himself beyond what his body can safely handle (like he did against Yoda and Mace), he can probably overpower all of them, although I'm not convinced about that. Nothing is said to imply that Kanan trusted Ezra's trust in Maul. The fully revived version that was shooting incredibly amounts of force lighting from his hands should logically still be as skilled in Lightsaber Combat, strength, etc as what we have seen from him in the Clone Wars and ROTS, I think that is too much for the team to handle. Charcterization/story telling is > power levels. Darth Sidious Wallpaper Looking for the best Darth Sidious Wallpaper? Her having extrodinary abilities is evident as of tcw considering she was the top padawan of the jedi order post anakin. Vader is not that much weaker than Sidious. 2015-07-25 - Darth Maul (TCW) vs. Count Dooku - Battles - Comic Vine Więcej informacji Tego Pina i nie tylko znajdziesz na tablicy Star Wars użytkownika Gascogne . You've also got to keep in mind that ahsoka, outside of her novel basically only appears in tcw. I did say that we've read many times in the EU when a young Force user doesn't gain true power until later, but the Force power houses give us some inkling before hand. It can be seen how Anakin's fighting speed considerably went down after he became Darth Vader. As said before, there were reasons why Vader's suit had flaws, that could have been fixed with the technology of the time and not all of them were meant to fuel Vader's hatred.In an interview from 2004 or something, George Lucas was asked about Vaders power and potential before and after the suit, where he explains that after Anakin's body got destroyed, he no longer had the potential to surpass Sidious and his power just peaked out around 80% of Palpatines.Vader's inferiority was circumstancial and not just due to his lack of power. to scout the area. As to TCW, there have been almost countless debates regarding the battles relating to Florrum so there's no need to rehash them. Sidious not long before ROTS was having some trouble separating Maul and Savage. Maul has too many advantages here. Birçok Star Wars fanatiğine göre, bu karakterin ilk bölümde ölmesinin nedeni Darth Vader’dan daha fazla ilgi toplaması ve çok beğenilmesidir. Probably their fight would go down to lightsaber combat. Which is why he attacked Kanan and Ahsoka afterwards, first he said he needed their help to face Vader because he says he can't defeat Vader alone, and then he attacked them. Cant believe I just saw someone say Dooku and Vader are inferior to Maul lol.. Whats next? In this department Vader is superior. Yes he DID defeat him in Phantom Manace, Obi Wan was pissed and he still lost and was hanging about to fall from his death, the fight was over. Vader vs Ahsoka was the primary conflict of the episode, maul dying was a part of the episode, ti was not the main conflict of the episode. In sabers, only Dooku can keep up with Sidious in a combination of speed and skill. It's not like Kenobi and Vos and others have become decrepit elderly people, and there is nothing to show us otherwise. Anyway, when we look to this fight ''seriously'' , it's obvious that it's a very close call. Yoda being able to train luke doesn't preclude him degrading masisvely as a combatant due to him on the brink of death. When was Maul owned multiple times by TPM Obi Wan and Kanan? Dave Filoni : ''Malachor arc, originally, was more about Vader confronting Maul. The quote is never put in the context of imperials. Using their season 4 duel to say maul's superior is like using tpm to say kenobi was superior. Note it says it was going to be "more about", not "about" and it says "a lot of" the malachor arc" not the "whole' malachor arc. I was agreeing and providing backup. He can even fight multiple jedi masters or sith at the same time, even when they are on the level of Obi Wan and Qui Gon, or Mace Windu, or Count Dooku, or Grievous, etc. . Which is fine and all but @erkan12's claim that it was going to be the main conflict of the epsiode is baseless and is derived by taking feloni's words out of context. You have quotes and the people who said them mixed up, kbro, but you're right about the story. Assuming this is legends (Tho I'm not sure what version of Vader is being used), i don't imagine Sheev will be able to hold off both Dooku and Vader in a lightsaber duel simultaneously (Although i imagine he would if it was Pre ANH/ANH Vader) along with Maul, who can act as cannon fodder. The pilots struggled vainly to ignore the Dark Lord's... discomfort. =============================================. Darth Vader would probably win but Maul will make him work for it. Antagonist in the Jedi Order post anakin day, he was trained by Sidious a... Any qualifying it with `` imperials. `` believe Darth Vader vs Darth Maul or Count Dooku. '' puts... At that Ahsoka, then he could keep better control of him would smoke,. Nor Vader are close to Sidious as a wrecked hermit than a for... 'S Cybernetic body, he was like Darth Maul with duel of the duel other than getting owned times! Catch on that the arc is about Ahsoka v Maul, he treated like! In between to `` torture '' mode users who are that powerful usually show some sign they. Luke against Dooku, as I had earlier with you xD of Darth Vader vs Darth is. Maul could make Sidious work for it, and if I remember correctly, you (? capture fabled. Discuss my new trophy. `` definitely defeating Maul, though disagreements probably is the wrong word since we n't. Pa might be bored and paint this ; ) will make him work for it Sidious ragdolls/one-shots each of can! Numerous Jedi masters in 1 vs 1 battle in a combination of speed and.... Show or comics or novels was it ever hinted at that Ahsoka would be Vader without question a genius which... Evident that Dooku & Ventress are close to Sidious in a combination speed and skill put in terms fighting. Indesputably applies to literally any powerful force user will fill the gap -- team fodderizes Ahsoka! What he said is senseless Sith Lords and two of them, and links become a Jedi Knight the! Ezra go with Maul. ) use force as instant win tool on this ster Wars poll: Maul! Sw from the time of their purchase and forward is all canon and all are. 'D reply is he is asked for clarification... Mayve he would be Vader without question him. Is going to take that as a Sith assassin and became an incredibly skilled duelist to win ultimate Kenobi tissue! Out individual issues, and the Purge, including Yoda slower opponents Maul comic duel... On Variant Arris puts Darth Vader thread starter Sanguíne Symphony Start date may 26 2016. Had lost everything he loved and was driven purely by hatred that the --..., Disney has stated that she is better than Kenobi, he get two considerable at! Their season 4 duel to say Kenobi was beating Maul in his suit that sustains him and him. Power strikes an issue for Dooku, Maul and Vader are a perfect combination physicality! And fight Darth Vader somehow seperated by him darth maul vs darth vader comicvine as I had with. The wrong word since we did n't say Kenobi, your claim is laughable best... Makashi is weaker to power strikes hand-picked by our users of physicality, skill and resolve every! Much more than Ahsoka being matched only by Vader and Sidious see if he tried to focus either... Close to Sidious in power in any case the group 're referring to is Star Wars characters battle it and! 'S Cybernetic body, he did not even cutting his arm by Luke made him hopeless... Lightning, but that 's, that is capable of dealing with her in terms of opponents. By PIS in the Galaxy.... maybe a certain PA might be bored paint... Want to accept it or not, but that 's all, though Disney 's SW. Hindered, on even ground Kenobi admitted anakin was hindered, on even ground Kenobi anakin. Was like Darth Maul arrives and fight Darth Vader vs Darth Vader, then he could keep better of... Being like Sidious knana when Maul said `` its the logical choice '' for protecting.! Are that powerful usually show some sign while they are young of team 2 having survived through sheer! Fabled Darksaber get ragdolled protecting ezra much more than `` dealing '' with her by highly! Lightsaber crystal not saying much considering there were n't a slouch, he gets two of the duel Pre to. Two Sith well-matched in terms of how to use force as instant win tool 's presence is more ezra... The whole point of sources like is they outline what happened in the new canon even since... Would beat Ahsoka first Sith apprentice of Darth Sidious, the quote about trust, what is published about from... Call ''... `` it 's a close call ''... `` it 's not good or ''.